*HOT* New $7/1 Any TENA Product Coupon = FREE Pads and Liners at Walmart!

Wowza! All you ladies out there, I have a great deal and coupon for you (or men….maybe you can donate or give to a female in your life)! You can sign up to request a coupon for Up to $7/1 Any TENA Product. Then head on over to Walmart to score these TENA Liners or pads for FREE!! Just remember, since this coupon says “Up to”, you may not be able to get overage but FREE is still good! πŸ˜‰

TENA Liners or Pads $2.86 – $5.24
Use the new $7/1 coupon here

Thanks, I Heart the Mart


  1. Some people at I Heart the Mart are saying that there’s problems with this coupon scanning. If anyone here tries it out, let us know if it works, please! πŸ™‚

    • It worked for me. I printed 6 and was able to use them at Walgreens in Chicago. They were on sale 2/$9. I used all 6 coupons and made $15 dollars. Yipee!

  2. I had taken the $6 coupon (which was available last week), it dint scan at Rite Aid. He entered the number manually, even then beeped. Ultimately they dint take this coupon.

  3. i’ll be shocked if this one works, Walmart is so picky about coupons.

  4. I did read that someone thought Target would accept this coupon without problem based on their experience with the previous $6 coupon.

  5. I used it earlier, it wouldn’t scan properly but they entered it manually at my Wal*mart and let me do it. Hope it works for you.

  6. I went to Target earlier today and it worked just fine, my mom went to Walmart and said that it worked fine for her as well. Both stores had to manually punch in the numbers!!

  7. Mine scanned at Walmart, but no overage. Happy though to get it free!

    • Did you try using more than one coupon?

      • Yes. I used 4 in one transaction. Beware: if you’re buying multiple items with different prices, the register seems to latch on to the price of the first one scanned. For example, I bought ones that were 2.86 and 5.24. The ones that were 2.86 were scanned first in the transaction, and all four coupons only took off 2.86 for each one.

  8. Did anyone try using more than one coupon?

  9. I tried using the coupons at Wal-mart in Port Huron. They said that they were fraudulant and wouldn’t take them.


  10. I tried using the coupons at Wal-mart in Port Huron. They said that they were fraudulant and wouldn’t take them.

  11. I used them at Wal-Mart in Northern California. I was a little nervous as I usually have issues with my coupons there (employee issues not that the coupons are bad), but it worked smoothly. They didnt give me overage though. The pads were $5.24 so she scanned each one and then manually typed in the $5.24. I was able to use 3 with no problem

  12. Can we print more of the Teena coupons?

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