*HOT* Pinecone Research: Looking for New Panel Members ($3 per survey)!

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Yay! I’m so excited to tell you that Pinecone Research is looking for new survey takers! They do not have open registration (you can only sign up via an invitation from a current member)! Hurry on over here to sign up, I can almost guarantee the spots will be filled up quickly.

(As you can see above, you do get paid and quite often – they will send you a check every single time you complete a survey)

Pinecone Research is one my absolute favorite and BEST survey companies out there!

  • You get paid $3.00 on every survey and you don’t have to worry about qualifying for it because if they send you a survey, and you take it, you will get the $3.00!
  • You can be paid either through Paypal or via check which usually happens within a few days of taking the survey.
  • And sometimes you will get the new product which you are doing the survey about at your front doorstep to test out, keep, and then take another survey about it (earning another $3.00)! So $6 and a FREE product – I told you, I love Pinecone.


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    • Pablo Gonzalez says

      Yes it’s true. I JUST got done doing an application and stated that I was White. Guess what? Just wait and see the page refresh and them change the variables. They make SURE you DO NOT qualify if you are a White Male. Guaranteed. How do I know? Because I went back again with a different browser and IP address, did the application under that as “Pablo Gonzalez” and stated I was “Spanish” and suddenly, the cultural marxist pieces of shyte approved it. Apparently, they are racist pieces of idiotic spanish trash who hate white people and do not want them to apply. Well guess what spics? You can go phuck yourself. You just did I think. My lawyers will be contacting you shortly for discrimination. That’s what you get here in AMERICA when you think being racist against whites is “ok” but against other races is not. See you soon.

  1. Rebecca says

    Even if you are of Mexican descent, still must be difficult to qualify. I suppose a college-educated background isn’t of need. Ah well…

  2. Sherry says

    Woops….I forgot that they are the ones who discriminate against white folks. I was stupid enough to apply again….of course, don’t qualify.

  3. anita says

    WOW really I don’t qualify to take their survey’s. I do think that is discrimination to me, I think WE all should be qualified to take surveys.. That is so messed up.. and so wrong..

  4. kristina Jambrone says

    I love this research company.. Just did a study about laundry detergent and got paid to my paypal :)

  5. Jackie says

    I did qualify, but opted out after it asked me to list the birth dates of every member living in my house…including children under 13. :/ Too risky in my opinion.

  6. Angie says

    I didnt qualify but how are they gonna know im not of mexican decent? Imma put I’m mexican and see if I qualify LOL

  7. Angie says

    Ok yes it is discrimanation because when I put I was NOT of mexican decent I did not qualify but when I put I was mexican I qualified haha

    • Jess Johnson says

      I qualified a few months back and I am caucasian. They must have those spots filled and are now looking for those of hispanic decent. Wait until the next time and you may fit the group they need to fill! :)

  8. Cay says

    They don’t discriminate against anyone, it’s all about the demographic they’re most interested in hearing from. I qualified.

    • Pablo Gonzalez says

      Unfortunately, that’s a lie. Because I was referred from a company who knows my demographics, and that company providers other companies such as Pinecone Research the same demographics before they send out requests for applicants. So yes, Pinecone Research is racially discriminating against White Males and will not let them sign up, along with some White females (except for specific criteria). They are so busted, and the hammer is going to fall hard on these cultural marxist anti-white pieces of trash. Just wait.

  9. Brenda says

    Love them.. Last month they sent a new product for my kids to try…that’s why they ask for everyone’s age…and this month they sent a product for the grownups to try…and I paid instantly after taking the surveys…

  10. kelsey maier says

    Wow what a group of stupid people. Just like any other research company they look for specific demographic at certain times. I qualified a while back and i’m not mexican or spanish and i marked the White box. I have received 5+ checks since.

    • Pablo Gonzalez says

      You are one of the STUPID PEOPLE to not realize that the only reason you qualified is because you are FEMALE. They only want mexicans and spanish, which IS RACIST, RACIALLY PROFILING, AND ABSOLUTELY ILLEGAL AND DISCRIMINATORY. Being female negates being “white” on their categories, and you would still be denied even being female if you filled out one or two of the other criteria honestly and were not what they can “use” like a cheap whore. You’re the one who is stupid, along with your MEXICAN friend who commented below you.

  11. COURTNEY says

    I’m just curious as to what are the qualifications. I’ve tried different times and have never qualified.

  12. says

    Some people should really stop and think before they open up their fat mouths. They really don’t realize how stupid they look.
    Im 100% Cuban and didn’t qualify. Husband is 100% white and didn’t qualify either. Grow up!

  13. Lyndsi Williamson says

    How do you know if you qualified? I had to fill out a form of my name addresses etc. does that mean you qualified? Bc I haven’t gotten an email.

  14. Andrea says

    I qualified over a month ago and have already taken 4 surveys. Again, it’s the DEMOGRAPHIC requirements, not discrimination. I got my first check like 3 days after I took the first survey. And yup, I’m white.

  15. Sherri Q says

    I kept trying to see…it worked for the youngest age, college and not hispanic. But I don’t know what happens when you fill out the form.

  16. tk says

    There must have been some other reason why you a white folk as you put it, did not qualify. As I, myself am white and qualified months ago and have received numerous checks and products to test. Maybe they caught on to your attitude

    • Misty says

      They only take a certain number of people from each age group. Your negativity and attitude are not appreciated. Just saying!

    • Pablo Gonzalez says

      When I signed up as a “mexican” it approved me because I said I had 10 people living in my house! I’m serious.

  17. Tabi says

    How do you know if you qualified or not? Does it tell you if you don’t haha. I think I did? idk we will see I guess.

  18. Chrissy says

    I love this survey company. The best by far. Synovate is good as well. I’ve been with Pinecone for several months now, and have done several different surveys. $3 every survey is awesome! If be check, you normally see it within a week in the mail. If by paypal, it’s usually same day or next day you receive it. Very quick! Haven’t received any product tests though. :( But, like I’ve said, by far the best!

  19. Katie says

    It’s basically if you’re white, you’re not qualified, lol. Every single survey I do says not qualified. Once, I hit the other button and voila! I was. HAHA.

    • Pablo Gonzalez says

      You should sue them with me for racial discrimination. It’s 100% illegal for them to discriminate like this.

  20. Carlund says

    I use to be a member then got very sick for a long time and i guess my account was deactivated. Been trying to get back in with no lock. But I’m just wondering why all the racial slurs. Why be ugly about it. White people aren’t racist. It’s the rest of you that are!

  21. Kim says

    I was able to sign up and do the interview survey. I’m 18-24, college, white, do all shopping, with animals. We will see if I get selected… I already do the NCP as well.

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