*HOT* Planters NUT-rition Peanut Butter Only $0.25 a Jar!

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Wow! You may want to hop in your car and head to Dollar Tree where a lot of people are finding Planters NUT-rition Peanut Butter for just $1.00 and there is a new coupon for  $0.75 off one PLANTERS NUT-rition Peanut Butter which will make these just $0.25!
Planters NUT-rition Peanut Butter $1.00
Use  $0.75 off one PLANTERS NUT-rition Peanut Butter
= Only $0.25 per jar of Peanut Butter!


Photo Credit, Grocery Shop for Free

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  1. Tonya says

    Hey, I found this at Walmart the beginning of the week. Alongside of Skippy Spiderman peanut butter for 1.00 a jar. So, you might want to check out the peanut butter aisle to see if they have any skippy for sale and therefore, you could score a good deal if you have skippy coupons. just thought id share

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