*HOT* Make a $0.50 Purchase at McDonald’s = a FREE $10 Amazon Gift Card!


This expires today 9/8 so be sure to make your purchase today!!

I just wanted to clarify for all of you how GOOD of a deal this truly is… You can make ANY purchase at McDonald’s…including off their $0.99 menu or even their $0.50 ice cream cone they offer for the kiddos! That means you will spend $0.50 – $0.99 and get a FREE $10 gift card to many different places of your choice including Amazon!!

Wow! Right now new Plink members can score a FREE $10 gift card to Amazon, Target, Walmart etc When they make ANY McDonald’s Purchase! That’s basically like a FREE $10 in items.


Plink Member must link a credit or debit card and make a purchase at McDonald’s by 9/8.


  1. What is Plink?

    • Another way for some company to get a hold of your credit/debit card information.

      • Lindsay S says

        It’s not a way for them to get a hold of your credit/debit information. I’ve been using them for almost a year and have gotten $60 in e-gift cards for WalMart and Amazon (the two that I love most). I have had no problems with them at all! It’s actually wonderful. If you shop regularly at the places available on their site that you have to “add to your wallet” on the site, then you will be earning money in no time! They don’t actually store your bank account log-in information, they need you sign into your bank account so that way they can verify if you are who you actually say you are and not some identity thief. You only need to sign into your bank account once and then that’s it. They never ask you for it again and they DO NOT know what your password or username for it is. SO it’s 100% safe. I actually love Plink and am happy that I can finally use my debit card as a rewards card!

  2. They want me to log in using my bank account log in? NO THANK YOU!

    • Elizabeth G says

      Paypal does the same thing, and everyone uses it…

      • Very good point…

      • True…but the point of PayPal is so some strange company doesn’t have access to your bank acct numbers and/or credit/debit card numbers. I just did a legitimate buy thru PayPal and they put a hold on it because they thought it was wasn’t legitimate – better safe than sorry.

        Requiring someone to sign-in with bank info is dangerous…the company may be legit but not all employees (and certainly not hackers) are.
        My credit card’s website got hacked once…EVERYONE had to be issued a new card and I can’t even begin to tell you what charges showed up on my account.

        I believe the company is legit – but I also believe they have better safer options out there.

  3. I didn’t see anything about Mc Donalds on there.

    • Elizabeth G says

      I didn’t, either, but it still looks like something I would use. I really would like to know about the McDonald’s thing, though.

      • It’s not a Wallet Offer. When they see the McDonald’s purchase on your linked card they will credit your account with 1,000 points automatically (7 days after purchase posts).

  4. I’ve never heard of plink, thanks for the info!

  5. Well I put the name of my credit union and it couldn’t find it. So I guess I can’t use Plink.

  6. I’ve been using Plink for about 4 months and have used $25 in Walmart gift cards to buy baby food for my daughter. I love Plink!!!

  7. The dates above are for June not July..perhaps thats why nobody can find the deal? It says Sun 6/9 and the 9th of June was a Sunday ( my b-day is 6/10). Just wondering why this was posted when the deal expired almost a month ago..it specifically says any purchases after 6/10 do not count?
    Actually I just realized the date above for this post is July 2 but most of the comments are from May and June?? Im so confused šŸ™

    • If you open the link, you’ll see this:

      This is a private offer for new members only.
      McDonald’s purchase must be made by 7/14 to qualify. Gift cards will be awarded within 7 business days of when the transaction is posted. Limit of one $10 bonus per new member account. Since this is a private offer, McDonald’s will not appear as an offer in the Plink Wallet.

  8. Lisa Koch says

    I didnt see where you can add mcdonalds!!!

  9. When I registered it showed my checking account info to link not my debit card…is that right?

  10. Plink does’t have a link for McDonalds to add to you “wallet” so existing members can’t participate. At least I haven’t found a way. šŸ™

  11. Is this another way for them to SPY ON US

  12. I am aware this offer is not a wallet offer but I made the required purchase and never got credit.

  13. GREAT

  14. Christine BW says

    Ive used Plink and never had a problem! They are great!

  15. The last time this offer was made I made the purchase and didn’t receive the credit!

  16. Carrie Lowe says

    I LOVE PLINK! Great site. =)

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