*HOT* FREE Grande Latte ($4.50 Value) – No Purchase Necessary!

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YUM! Hurry over to score a FREE Grande Latte ($4.50 Value!)! Follow the directions below:

  1. Go to Treater.com
  2. Click on “Pick a friend” in blue (By the way – you can choose to “treat” yourself! Just type your name in the search box when selecting a friend.)
  3. You can then choose one of your Facebook friends to send the freebie to
  4. Then follow the directions to send out your treat (it will post to their Facebook page and you can send it to their phone as well!).
  5. The redeemer will then need to show the cashier, their smartphone and that’s it!


Thanks, Hip2save

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  1. Stephanie says

    I cannot get the link to work:/ Maybe its just running slow and will pick up in a little bit. Anyone else getting it to work??

  2. Stacy says

    Got through and sent to myself but then got nothing but a confirmation that it was sent but haven’t received the actual “gift” yet

  3. Lisaanne says

    I was able to send it to my hubby but when it got to his phone it said the site was under construction. Maybe it’s being over run.

  4. Mini says

    Ok, if you go to treater.com and try this it will ask for credit card info. use Sarah’s link or c&p it if you want it in a different browser because the link has the promo for the free latte.. it will then straightaway say ‘free latte? pick a friend’

  5. Sydney says

    So I just tried this and it didn’t work so well, but I believe the fault lies with the barista. I told her that it needed to be entered as two forms of payment, with the $4.50 going on the Treater card. She didn’t listen and ran it at full price. It declined and the app gave me a message about how I tried to put too much on the card. I told her to put the difference on my Starbucks card. So she promptly scanned the Starbucks card for the full price. Grrrr… I hope it will let me try to use the Treater card again with better results.

  6. Valerie says

    it is a freebie however when it does that close it and then click the link again i had all those issues and it still worked just took a couple trys…. sooooo worth it

  7. Rhesa says

    So I’m honestly depressed that it wants me to enter my credit card info to charge me $4.99 because my dad is waking up at 11:30pm to leave for Miami Beach, FL from Yulee, FL (a 6-hour drive) and is going straight to work when he arrives, so I wanted to give him this treat to keep him awake.

  8. says

    Tried to use mine this morning- the barista only rang up the latte and the card number they texted me wouldn’t work. She tried it twice with no luck. Glad I didn’t pay for it to be sent to anyone else!

  9. cjmck says

    I got this yesterday, but when I tried to use it at Starbucks, the barista said she’d never seen it and wasn’t comfortable with it so wouldn’t accept it.

  10. Mary C says

    Used mine today and it went through no problems but they were extremely skeptical to run it. Manager approved it even though he said they were not notified of the promotion.

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