*HOT* Tub of Twizzlers Strawberry Flavored Twists Candies $3.74 + FREE Shipping (Perfect for Halloween)

You can get a great deal on this Tub of Twizzlers Strawberry Flavored Twists Candies, 105 Pieces! It will be just $3.74 + FREE shipping! These are individually wrapped so they would be great to hand out for Halloween! That’s what I”m getting mine for.

Here’s how to score:

  • Just GO HERE to ShopAtHome.com and click on the “Buy Now” button.
  • Add the Twizzlers to your cart
  • You will just have to pay $7.49 + FREE shipping at checkout BUT you will get back a $3.74 Wild Cash Back Rebate from ShopAtHome.com making these treats only $3.74 shipped!


  1. mariam mansour says

    Crazya abt straubery flav, thx a lot 🙂

  2. Great deal!! We give our neighbors little gifts with a clever saying for Christmas. My daughter loves to go from house to house giving the gifts out. These twizzlers will be perfect for this!!! I am thinking… “Twiz the Night Before Christmas!”

  3. I may be blind…but I don’t see a ‘buy now’ button.

  4. NVM….got it….youhave to click on the shop at staples link…

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