*HOT* Victoria’s Secret: 2 FREE Rewards Cards Worth at Least $20 and 4 Lotions Only $15.99 Shipped!!

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Update – You can choose body mist or bubble bath too as part of your 4 items!!

WOW!! Right now for Cyber Monday at Victoria’s Secret, you can score 2 FREE Secret Reward Cards (worth at LEAST $10 each) with any $1o purchase (that’s an automatic $10 money maker!!)! These are worth at least $10 each but could be $50, $100, or $500!! Last time they did this there were quite a few readers who won $50 and a few even won $500!

You will be able to use the Secret Reward cards 11/29-12/20 in-stores or online.

So, how about a deal plan for 4 Travel Size Body lotions and 2 Secret Rewards cards (worth at least $10 each so $20 in gift cards  guaranteed) all for just $15.99 shipped!! That’s like getting the lotions for FREE and making at LEAST $3.41!!! Wouldn’t those lotions make the BEST stocking stuffers?! ;-)

Here’s a deal plan to get ya thinkin':

  1. Go here and search “Victoria’s Secret” – click “Shop Now” and you will get 4% cash back (plus if you are new to Ebates, you will also get a $10 gift card but this is not part calculated into the deal, just an added bonus).
  2. The search “Travel Size Lotion” and add 4 of them to your cart (they are priced 2 for $5)
  3. Then checkout (you will need to check the box in the top right corner indicating that you have promo codes – see image below)
  4. Use the code MONDAY at checkout (you will already get 1 card with your purchase and this code will get you an extra card so 2 total)
  5. = Only $10.00 + tax and $5.99 shipping so just $15.99 total for 4 Lotions AND 2 reward cards worth at least $20! That’s like a $4.01 money maker!!

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  1. sara montgomery says

    Love these lotions! I bought them in the store in a gift set, and got the reward card, I can’t wait until the 29th to see what it is!

  2. Heather Johnson says

    Thanks for posting this! There some stuff I need that is being clearanced out and I was hoping for a 2nd rewards card.

  3. ashley s says

    you can get a pair of PINK panties and a free PINK spotted dog for the $17.00 also. im not a fan of their lotions so this works better for me :) use code pinkspot for the free dog

    • Christina Gutierrez says

      Thank you! I did the same! I’m sensitive to smelly stuff so I opted for the panties and free dog :) Although the shipping kills the mood for ONE pair of underwear, if you’ve worn them before you’d be ok with paying 20$ a pair! thanx again!

  4. Jill says

    Thanks for posting! I did the deal twice – once with the dog and panties and once with the lotion and body spray… so it should be 4 total gift cards!

  5. Shawndra Manning says

    anyone know how we get the giftcards? I just placed my order with 4 lotions totaling $10 and used code MONDAY the order confirmation said 2 giftcards but didn’t have an amount or anything. When I click on the deal on the website it says the amounts would be revealed at checkout…

  6. Dyn says

    The reward card value will be revealed once you check out and input the code. If you’re going to the store, they will find out once they input the code into the POS machine.

  7. Lynn says

    mine came up to $16.95 but i get a $5.00 cash back from e-bates.How do you know about the 2 secret rewards cards it is showing 1 in the checkout box but how do you get & use them?

    • Sara Munoz says

      You automatically get one when you place an order. (Not sure how long that offer runs.) Today only that code gets you an *extra* card. That is what you see in your order. Assuming you use that code.

  8. jennifer says

    u get the giftcards in the mail with your order, its not instant when u place the order, they will be good on your next purchase.

  9. sheena says

    I have a ton of lotion, but go through a TON of hand sanitizer, they had an awesome deal for the hand sanitizers, 3/$6!! so i got 6 of them for $12, and still used the code to get the rewards cards!! still a money maker! ;o) you may be able to get 5 instead of 6, i honestly didnt try, but they rang up $2 each.

  10. Alysa says

    I used the ebates way…got all excited to get another gift card since I am new to that…i spent $22 on victorias secret..but turns out you have to spend $25 to get the ebates gift card. grrrrr. just to warn you that get excited easily like i did! haha

  11. jessica says

    I did this last time (want to saw 2 wks ago maybe) with the code secrets10 i think it was and i only got one card. It was supposed to be a 2 card deal but didnt come in the box which sucked. Today was last day to get a rewards so I did some travel lotions :)

  12. Kelly Brittain says

    I made 2 separate orders. Both for 10.00. Both my orders came in and I finally checked my rewards cards today…4 of them (2 from each order). 3 are worth 10.00 and 1 of the cards is worth 100.00!!! yeahhh! I love victoria secret!

  13. chantal cooper says

    for the others that only got one card- I emailed them and it took a few days, but they finally emailed me my 2nd card…

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