RESET?! *HOT* Walmart: FREE Jif Hazelnut Spread

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I’ve heard from quite a few people, this may have reset!

Wow! You may be able to score a super fantastic deal on Jif Hazelnut spread at Walmart! Hurry and print this $1.00 off any Jif Hazelnut Spread which may make these FREE at Walmart! People have been able to find these in the back to school food aisle for $1.00 (reg. $3.94)!

Jif Hazelnut Spread $1.00 (Reg $3.94)
$1.00 off any Jif Hazelnut Spread


Thanks, My Litter

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  1. malika says

    How is that Free if its 3.94 i saw this at walmart tonight but with my dollar off coupons i still wouldnt get it for FREE….

  2. Chastity E. says

    Just watch your local stores. She said MAY make them free. That’s not a guarantee. I didn’t see this til after I returned from Wal-Mart so not sure what the price is here. But I am also curious to know, which store this photo was taken at??

  3. Sandy says

    Guys, read the post! It MAY make it free, IF your walmart has it priced at $1! If it’s still $3.94 it won’t be free, which is why she said “may”. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll have to take a look!

  4. Ann says

    My Walmart in Texas said they were a 1.00 but now back up, keep watching they could go back down after the school shopping is done.

  5. Medinamomof2 says

    Still full price here in Ohio. But check your walmart for planters peanuts priced at $2.00 with $1 coupon( dont remember which paper & date its from) u can get the can for only $1.00 & some of the can has a $1.00/1 planters peanut butter on it. I thought ill let everyone know.

  6. tracey says

    Still full price in Yakima, WA but I bought it anyway. My oldest daughter is loving it! So even though I paid $2.94 it was still a good purchase. :)

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