*HOT* Wendy’s: FREE Frosty Treats ALL Year Long Through December 2013 Only $1

wendys frosty key tag

Wowie!! Hurry on over to Wendy’s (or call your local store) to see if your store is offering up the Wendy’s Frosty Keychains!  These fabulous keychains will allow you to get a FREE Jr. Frosty with any purchase every single time you visit Wendy’s through December 2013!! You will just need to donate $1 which will go to  St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and you will score your keychain and tons of FREE Frosty treats! YUM!


Thanks, Mojosavings



  1. Wendys in Racine, Wisconsin on Washington said they did this last month and have no more

  2. Tina Herzing says

    Our Wendy’s has them for $2 this year instead of $1 but still a good deal!

  3. Our store will take them but don’t sell them! {{sigh}} I had bought one last year on a trip.

  4. Lauren Gollnick says

    I love this idea and going to see if any of the Wendy’s around me are doing this and have any.

  5. Brianna Marie says

    My son loves these yay

  6. Denise Moats says

    I emailed the company and asked where can I get one of these because I called 3 Wendy’s near me and they don’t have any. It says it takes 2 days for them to reply.

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