How To Clean Red Wine Stains With White Wine

How To Clean Red Wine Stains With White Wine


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How To Clean Red Wine Stains With White Wine

When you spill red wine on your favorite article of clothing, it can feel like there is no solution to getting the stain out. But surprisingly there are a ton of options for removing wine stains, one of the better solutions is to clean with more wine! That’s right,a  red wine stain can be treated with white wine and a little baking soda. The method is easy and effective and doesn’t take much elbow grease. Check out the instructions below to remove red wine stains with white wine:

Items Needed:

  • White Wine
  • Baking Soda


  1. This method will work best on clothing that has a red wine stain that has dried. Start by covering the stain in white wine and letting it soak for a few minutes.
  2. Apply baking soda to the stain, until a paste starts to form over the stain.
  3. For best results let the item and stain sit for 2 hours or longer. The longer it sits the more the stain will lift.
  4. Once it has sat, wash in the washing machine as normal. Repeat as needed, although one cycle should lift the stain right away.

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