How To Clean Toothbrushes Naturally

How To Clean Toothbrushes Naturally


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How To Clean Toothbrushes Naturally

When you think of cleaning the bathroom, does sanitizing your toothbrushes rank high on the list? For most it doesn’t when it most likely should! Toothbrushes can pick up different bacteria’s that fly around the bathroom and can hang on to germs from a cold or flu, so why wouldn’t we want squeaky clean toothbrushes? Well there is an easy way to clean and sanitize our toothbrushes and it can be done before you finish cleaning the bathroom. Check out the instructions below for how to clean your toothbrush naturally:

Items Needed:

  • Toothbrushes
  • Vinegar
  • Tall Cup


  1. Fill your cup with vinegar, enough to completely cover the bristles. Add a small amount of warm water to dilute the mixture.
  2. Rinse your toothbrushes with warm water making sure there is no debris within the bristles.
  3. Place the toothbrush, bristle side down in the vinegar and let it soak for at least 10 minutes if not longer. The vinegar will sanitize the germs and bacteria that may be existing on the brush.
  4. Once the brushes have soaked, rinse them several times under hot water to rinse out the vinegar.
  5. Repeat this process when toothbrushes are halfway through their lifespan to keep germs out! For daily sanitizing, mix equal parts of baking soda with warm water and stir in mixture for 30 seconds or until clean.


  1. You can also use mouth wash the same way, for killing germs on toothbrushes. I love to use vinegar, so prefer your method, but if some one hates the smell, they can use mouthwash

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