How To Clean Wood Furniture With Beer

How To Clean Wood Furniture With Beer


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How To Clean Wood Furniture With Beer

Most of us have wood furniture somewhere in the house and sometimes it can be really tricky to get clean. Well, there is one product out there that you might not consider when you are cleaning wood furniture but surprisingly it works well. What is that ingredient? Beer! That’s right, beer is the magic cleaning ¬†ingredient that works amazing on wood furniture! Check out how to use beer to clean wood furniture below:

If you find yourself with leftover beer or find some beer that is no longer drinkable, use it to clean around the house. Flat beer works best, but a regular beer will work as well. Simply, pour a bit of beer onto a soft cloth and start wiping down your wood furniture. Once you have gone over it once, take a dry cloth and go over it again to shine it up. This not only will leave your furniture looking new and shiny it will also help preserve the woods coloring.

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