How to Cut a Watermelon for Little Fingers

How to Cut a Watermelon

how to cut watermelon

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 Watermelon is a perfect Summer snack and what I love about it is how inexpensive it is! There are many things you can make with it (check out my Watermelon Smoothie Recipe here) but it’s fun to just eat and almost every kid out there loves it.

This is my favorite way to cut up a watermelon and guess’s perfect for kiddos little fingers! They can easily pull out a piece and still get a good amount of fruit with a little part to hold onto!

See my pics below to see how to cut it:


First cut the watermelon in half.


Then flip it on its side and cut slices into it.

watermelon 3

Turn it the other way and cut more slices the opposite direction. You will then be able to pull out pieces to eat and enjoy!

how to cut a watermelon

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How to Cut a Watermelon

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