How to Easily Clean your Washing Machine!


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You can easily clean your washing machine with this great recipe! I hate when washers start smelling and I recommend doing this at least once a month to keep your washer smelling fresh and clean.

Just run an empty load (in the hottest setting) with 3 cups of Lemon juice!

You can also use bleach or white vinegar but if you use bleach I recommend doing a quick rinse cycle afterwards.


  1. LOL..I just bought washing machine cleaner tablets too. It was a 3 pack for like $3 something.

  2. I already knew about that, what about if you use a washing machine that costs money, how do you avoid paying and easily cleaning the washing machine?

  3. I use baking soda in my wash to make the detergent stretch and to kill of any unwanted smells. I also use vinegar instead of softener. Clothes come out super soft and really clean and the added bonus is the washer stays clean because there is no buildup. My husband thought I was nuts but after he had worn some of the vinegar rinsed clothes (about a week) I finally told him. Great for people with sensitive skin or allergies to all the junk they put in everything now and the clothes do not smell like vinegar either, just clean and fresh without all the perfume smell.

    • I recently began using my own homemade laundry soap in my front load washer. Plus I use white vinegar rather than fabric softener. No more bad smells. I save loads of money too! The laundry soap (borax, washing soda, grated ivory bar) is better for the washer (no sudsing, no buildup) works so much better than anything else I’ve used. It surprisingly removes many old stains from things, for instance it took out sharpie marker the first time I used it! Amazing. Now am making dishwasher soap as well, and replacing the jet dry w/white vinegar.

  4. Just be aware that using Vinegar instead of Jet Dry is not the best thing for automatic dishwashers’ jet dry dispenser. The acid in the vinegar will eat away at the metal and rubber gaskets. Better to put it in a cup in the bottom rack of your dishwasher (says the DW Repair Guy). That way, it doesn’t directly contact the rubber gaskets in your dishwasher and gets diluted throughout the cycle. Not sure why he says bottom, but I guess that is where the brunt of all that water spraying around is greater.

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