How To Make Swiffer Wet Jet Solution (Refill)

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How To Make Swiffer Wet Jet Solution (Refill) 


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How To Make Swiffer Wet Jet Solution (Refill) 

Most of us have heard of or used a Swiffer product. The products from Swiffer make it super easy to clean the house between the dusters, Swiffer sweepers and Swiffer WetJet products.  However, sometimes these products can be pricey and you don’t always know what ingredients are in them. Luckily, you can make your own version of Swiffer Wet Jet’s solution inexpensively and with non-toxic ingredients. Check out the easy instructions below for making your own Swiffer Wet Jet Solution:


  • 2 Cups of Water
  • 1/4 Cup Of Vinegar
  • 1 Tablespoon Of Dish Soap (Any kind or Castile)


Simply mix all ingredients together in SWJ bottle and shake vigorously. Solution is then ready to be used right away! When you run out simply recreate the recipe again and you will never have to buy it in store!

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  1. Char says

    Do you have an easy way to get off the lid of the SWJ bottle to refill it? I have tried to refill them and the worst part is getting the lid off. It has to be pried off and then leaks when filled and put back in the wet jet.

  2. tamara says

    you can put the lid only in a cup of very hot water it will allow the rubber to soften, and with a hand mitten remove the lid. hope it works for you it worked for me.

    • Raymond says

      I got the cap off in about 2 seconds without running it under water. I used a 12″ pipe wrench with the jaws set just snug and used slow torque to unscrew it. Tuck a little plumbers putty on the threads when you replace the cap and no leaks every time.

  3. RuthAnn says

    Refilling the Swiffer bottle usually causes it to leak, if not the first time than eventually. The best thing to do is buy a mopping system that is made to be refilled. I got mine at Walmart in the aisle where other mops and brooms are sold. It is made by OCedar, but there are a lot of brands out there. The bottles are easy to remove and refill and you can use disposable (GASP!) pads, or washable microfiber pads, or your own clothes. Also, they use a trigger spray system (no batteries to buy and dispose of)! Works great! Easily refilled! Doesn’t leak! No waste!

  4. NIgel says

    Getting the wetjet bottle open is easy, heat water in the microwave, put the bottle lid in the hot water for a bit and twist it off with pliers or a glove. The problem as mention (and I realized the hard way) is that when you put the refill bottle back in it will probably leak. Before you take the cap off take a permanent marker and mark the caps position. When you put it back together lining it up may help. The WetJet uses 2 needles to puncture the cap and if you don’t line up with the originals you will have a very slow leak, but one that is directly above the pump motor. My vinegar cleaning solution turned the pump into a rusty corroded mess in a about a months time thanks to the leak. Removing the bottle between cleaning may also help, but each time you put it back in you risk puncturing the cap at a slightly different point. My next wet spray mop will be the O’cedar refillable.

  5. Kathleen August says

    Got the cap off, refilled the bottle with this recipe – now the WetJet doesn’t work.
    Pressing trigger button. – nothing. Silent – and no spray.

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