How To Quickly Clean Your Blender

How To Quickly Clean Your Blender


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How To Quickly Clean Your Blender

Being an avid smoothie drinker, I know first hand blenders are not the easiest appliances to clean. Food and liquids get stuck in the small corners and it can make washing a real pain! But there is a better way to clean your blender and get it done in half the time it would normally take…

After you have finished blending, hold the blender container upside down over the sink and give it a good rinse.  After it looks mostly clean on the inside fill the blender 1/5th of water and add some dish soap. Put the lid on and blend as normal, the water will start to bubble quite quickly. Once it is full to the top with bubbles, rinse and you will have a sparkling clean blender.

This is such an easy and fast way to clean your blender, you will save so much time! If you find your blender needs a better scrub, add ice with your soap and water to get a deeper clean.


  1. I’m not sure what type of blender you own, but every one I’ve ever had comes apart. When you take the pitcher off the motor, unscrew the plastic part that is at the bottom. This will release the blade component, gasket and the seal. All these parts can go in the top rack of the dish washer, but I usually hand wash the rubber seal because I’m afraid the heat in the dishwasher will damage it. But the rest goes in the dishwasher.

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