How To Remove Sharpie From Almost Anywhere

How To Remove Sharpie From Almost Anywhere


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How To Remove Sharpie From Almost Anywhere

We have all been through it, using a Sharpie and it slips out of our hands only to land on the desk or the floor leaving a nice black mark in it’s wake.  Luckily, there is a super easy way to remove sharpie from hard surfaces and it doesn’t take too much time!

Next time you have a mishap with your Sharpie, grab some nail polish remover or acetone. Using a paper towel or cloth, rub the remover into your sharpie mark. You should notice it starting  to lift right away without any vigorous scrubbing. Before you know your sharpie marks will be a thing of the past! Now keep in mind this will work on most surfaces, but it is not suggested for fabrics or upholstery.


  1. Rubbing alcohol works well too, and it won’t dissolve some of the softer surfaces that nail polish remover will.

  2. I got it to work on my daughters varnished bedroom door but it wouldn’t work on porous armoire tv stand nor on my linoleum floor nor on my aluminum front door.

  3. Sunscreen works too!

    • What kind of sunscreen?
      It’s all over a canvas Vera Bradley backpack I bought off eBay in “”””EUC””””

  4. A Dry Erase marker almost always works for me! Color on top of the sharpie mark and let it just a few seconds, wipe off. Repeat a few times if need. Really works well on hard, smooth, non-porous surfaces.

  5. Dry erase board cleaner also works. Very rarely have I seen it not remove permanent maker.

  6. you can also take the sharpie and go over the spot with it and then wipe it off

  7. I got blue sharpie all over my white chef’s jacket. I have tried hand sanitizer, shout, spray n wash, and amazing to try to get it out. Any other suggestions?

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