How to Save Money on Baby Expenses (Online)

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How to Save Money on Baby Expenses    

Are you interested in getting the most for your money when it comes to baby expenses such as diapers, wipes, etc?  I have searched everywhere for the best deals and it just so happens that they are only a click away.  You don’t have to leave your house and can get diapers and wipes shipped directly to your house in 2 days!


Amazon Mom is a offering a FREE 3 month membership program that helps families save money (you can earn more free months, see below).

What are the benefits?

You receive 20% off diapers, wipes, and other items when you click the subscribe and save button on the right hand side of the screen.  Then, you get to pick how often you want to item delivered directly to your home.  Don’t worry if you only want a one time delivery, you can subscribe for a month or two later and then cancel the subscription right away so you only receive the initial purchase.  You still get the discount!

As a member of Amazon Mom you also qualify for free two-day shipping for THREE months!!  Just wait… it gets even BETTER!!!  As long as you are using your account Amazon usually will extend your free shipping period.  I have had my account for over 7 months and they keep extending my free shipping benefits.  You will also get free shipping on all your other Amazon purchases as long as the item states that it is “prime eligible”.

How can you stack coupons with the 20% discount?

Each week Amazon Mom will email you a list of upcoming Amazon Mom deals and you simply click on the email and are directed to a whole list of coupons that you can click to “clip”.  The coupons change every week so I simply wait for the brand of diapers and baby items I use to have a coupon available and then I stack the coupon with the subscribe and save discount, as well as free shipping!

What are you waiting for?  Click here to sign up today!

Read more about this amazing program by clicking here.


  1. I was going to do this but the one thing that I do not like is that it says after your 3 months you will be charged 79.00 to do this and asks for a credit card. It says you can cancell at any time but I still do not want it risk it. I do not like to give my card info.

    • me too, it’s not that I don’t trust Amazon, it’s just that I will FORGET…I am a busy Mom with a lot on my plate, that happened to me with Amazon Prime once, they never sent me a reminder email or anything, the charge just appeared…

      • I was charged the 79.00 because I forgot to cancel my membership, Amazon removed the charges for me after I called them and explained what happened. I have never had a problem with Amazon I actually purchased prime after receiving several months of great customer service from them.

  2. You can always get a prepaid credit card

  3. Amazon Mom was a good deal before they change the prime shipping deal to three months. It use to be one year! I loved it for the year I had it now I just wait until I find stock up prices on diapers and think ahead. If you do use Amazon mom, the best deal is the Warehouse Deal’s for diapers. Warehouse deals is part of Amazon and will extend the free shipping for Amazon mom.

  4. I LOVE this article! Great writing and good tips!!

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