How to Save Money on Tires (My Tips + Your Help Needed!)

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I received this email this morning from reader Stephanie who needs some help in getting some good tires for a GREAT deal! Here’s her email, anyone have any ideas to help a fellow RHC reader out?!

“I love your site and utilize it daily.  One question I have is if you know or if anyone knows a way to coupon tires?  I know it is wierd but I am sending my daughter off to college and we are in the construction industry so we don’t have much money to help her and I DO NOT want to pay full price for a good set of tires for her.  If you or anyone could direct me in my quest, I would very much appreciate your time.”

Here are some tips of mine…

Usually tire stores hold sales/events AND rebates during holidays! For example just recently I had to purchase tires and did it during the Labor Day weekend. By doing this I was able to snatch up a $100.00 rebate!

Another thing I did was had them match a competitors price. Here’s how I did just that:

1 – Went to the tire shop, had them give me some opinions of good tires for my specific vehicle.

2 – Went home researched those 2 specific tires (which forums out there also agreed were good) and then found them for the very least expensive I could. You can also call around to other stores in the area (some may be less or more).

3 – Now here’s the thing….you don’t generally want to purchase them online yourself because then you have to pay to have them installed and they don’t warranty out flats, nails in tire, etc.

4 – Take that price (a print out will usually work) to the store and have them price match it! This will save you a lot usually.

Now it’s YOUR turn, what are some tips you have to help Stephanie out?!

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  1. Christi says

    Don’t forget that some places (like Pepboys, for instance) do deals on tires regularly. Pepboys almost always has buy three get the fourth free deal. Also, and I know this sounds crazy, at the end of the day, check tire shops for the tires they threw out. A lot of time people will get a flat and just change all four tires, whether they needed to or not. My boyfriend and I have got a ton of good tires that lasted for a long time by just checking to see what the tire shops threw out. This is not anything you can get in trouble for either! All you need to know is what size tire fits on your vehicle.

    • mitz says

      Yes, we’ve done this too! Some of the tires look barely worn at all. You can check them for flats by having them aired up and most shops will rim a tire for 30 or so dollars. Also, Discount Tire offers free, balance, rotation, and flat repair. Would be good since she’s going off to college and you may not be around if she gets a flat!

  2. says

    Find a used tire store. I buy pull offs for my Mustang. They have about 95% of the tread left and cost about 50% of the original price. Ask them to let you see (and approve) the tires before they put them on if it makes you feel better about the process. Normally tires for my car would run $500, but I can get all four done with pull offs in great condition for about $200-$250.

  3. Megan says

    There is always room to negotiate in any service industry!!! You’re in construction. When a bid is submitted for a job, its a negotiation. You have to hit the magic number or you don’t get the work, right!?! This is the same thing.
    Call the shop on a Monday or Tuesday – the two slowest days of the week – and get their rates. That will give you a starting point to say “That’s more than I want to spend. I budgeted $XXX. What can we do to get me closer to that number.” As long as what you’re offering is reasonable, they’ll often be able to find some solutions. Also, offer to be flexible on the day you’re bringing the car in. They make money on the tires and if they’re paying guys sitting around because its slow, it’s better for them to cut some of the labor off your price so they get the profit off the tires. I’ve done this successfully and saved a lot.

    • Erin says

      This does depend on the type of shop. My husband was a service writer for a major dealership for years and the guys in his shop got paid PER hour per JOB done. (ie; no work, no pay) So there was not a lot of wiggle room on tires….even for us when he worked there.

  4. Carol Pool says

    May be able to check with a local dealership for tires that are upgraded by customers buying new cars and wanting different tires.Someone I worked with told me that this is the way they get all their tires.They said the tires are all brand new at alot cheaper price than buying at other stores.

  5. Darcy says

    Hi, look on Craigslist. Found a place that sold us 4 tires that had 90% tread left for 120.00. That was mounted and balanced! They are awesome tires. Never pay full price! =)

  6. Samantha says

    I use Belle Tire…if you buy their extra coverage warrenty and ANYTHING happens to the tire within 3years they replace it free…I live in MI (aka pothole hell) and have hit potholes and litterely shredded a tire…took it back to Belle and got a brand new one for nothing. They fix all my holes I get in them…I have the WORST luck with tires and being a single mom, it makes me SUPER happy to just take it in and know that it’s not gonna cost me anything, cause I already paid for it with that warrenty.

  7. says

    If you have a membership to a warehouse store like Sam’s, Costco or BJ’s, it could be your ticket to affordable tires. Shop in store, or look on their website for a bigger selection.

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