Where to Send Expired Coupons

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How to Send Expired Coupons To Military Overseas

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UPDATE – We have a new address for the expired coupons:

Army Community Services
U.S. Army Garrison Vicenza
CMR 427 Box 80

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Most people don’t know this but overseas military members can use expired coupons for up to six months past expiration! Please don’t get intimidated as this is a very detailed explanation about how to do it and it is actually very easy to send your expired coupons out….I just wanted to make sure I covered everything about this great program!

I’ve received some emails from readers requesting some more information on it so I’ve done some research and here is some more info about it:

Eligible Coupons:

  • Make sure and send only Manufacturer Coupons, not store specific or internet printed coupons.
  • Make sure the coupons you are sending are not more than 30-60 days past the expiration (closer to 30 if possible especially if you will be sending them parcel post).
  • You will need to clip the coupons and separate them into 2 different categories: Food and Non-Food items.


Label your Baggies

I use a baggie to separate the coupons and label them food and non food. Avoid using rubber bands or paper clips.

Tip on separating them…

Dog & cat food would be “Non-Food” because these cannot be consumed by humans. Something like Vitamins would be considered non-food as well because you would not eat these. Now things like candy, mints, gum, etc would be considered food. Just ask yourself, would you eat these?

Mailing Coupons

The cheapest way to ship your coupons is just through Parcel Post but if you are going to send them this way please make sure and send them within a month after they expire since it does take longer to get there. Shipping will cost the same as it does to send it to your neighbor since the bases are U.S. Territory.

How to mail them:

  • Choose your way of shipping (parcel post is the cheapest) but there are priority FLAT RATE boxes so keep that in mind.
  • Put the base address and your return address on the form.
  • Fill out customs form 2976-A. This is easier than it sounds but you can just ask the post office worker what form this is and they will hand it to you. Then these are the numbers you will need to fill out and exactly what you’ll need to write in the boxes:

#1 write- “Manufacturer’s Coupons”
#2 choose – “Pkg”
# 4 write “$0.00″
#5 choose “Gift”
#9 write “$0.00″
#10 write “Return to Sender”
#13 sign & date

Where to mail them:

You can go here to choose a base that has “open adoptions”. Write down the information of the base you choose to adopt and then go here and fill out the “adoption form” (make sure and press tab not enter while filling out the form). Hit the enter key after filling out the form and then you can start sending your coupons to the base you chose!

Adopting makes it easier so you can send to the same base you adopted every time. They like to do it this way because they divvy up the coupons sent to each base so this way every base is getting coupons. Once you have your base adopted, you will be able to send your coupons there every month making it easier.

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      • Carlton family says

        How do we send them in a regular stamped envelope? I have adopted a base already what do i do next? Can I just write the base info and my info on it and mail it out? Or do I still have to print a customs form and go to the post office in order to mail it?

  1. Kristy Anderson says

    I was a military spouse overseas at RAF Mildenhall in England. The amount of coupons sent in were a lifesaver! Since the selection was rare at the commissary, I would have to go through a TON of coupons to get the products I needed. The fact that you are advertising to send coupons overseas is FANTASTIC! Thank you for your support!

  2. Carrie Beziat says

    Two questions…….can I send non expired coupons? This one is silly but I have to ask……would baby formula be considered a food or non food item?

    • heather egan says

      Yes you can!!! Formula coupons would probably be considered a food item. My husband is a Marine and we were recently stationed in Okinawa, Japan. The coupons were so helpful! Thank you so much for sending them!

  3. Trisha says

    Thank you so much for this, I have been looking for this information for over a year! I’m adopting now and cant wait to get my first mailing to them!!!

  4. Jessica says

    This is fabulous! I didn’t know we could do this! No more throwing mine away…I’ll be teaming up with a girlfriend who also coupons and we will send out all of ours! Feels good to not only save money for my family but also to help others! Thanks so much!!

  5. lana says

    Thank you for the information.

    I would like send my coupons overseas to these families.
    This is my first time. Forgive me if my question sounds silly, but could you let me know about the adoption form ( I have looked it over, just need to be certain before it’s emailed off) …

    It appears to me that the “Organization”, “Comment”, and “Base Name” are the only questions not requiring my personal info… the rest are for me??

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  6. Carla says

    So glad to find the info. Many friends and I have started a coupon club in our area. All of our expired ones will be sent each month !

  7. Apryl says

    My husband is in the Navy and we are stationed in Guam. I see you posted NO internet printed coupons. We CAN used internet printed coupons, so PLEASE sent those too! We do not have access to coupons like you do in the states. No weekly inserts in the local newspaper. A lot of manufacturers will not send their coupons here either. :( So, anything you can send is greatly appreciated! You can also send them to “Coups for Troops”, they send the coupons directly to a person overseas who has requested them. Instead of having to dig through the box at the commissary or at the Fleet and Family Service Center. Thank you!!

        • Apryl says

          Please remove this comment if you can. I am not longer stationed overseas and I’m still getting emails about them. It’s been over 3 years since I posted this comment. We do not stay stationed in one place for that long. I cannot figure out how to remove it myself or I would.

    • jnet says

      i too have the same problem with a family of five and only one is working i really need your help. just arrived here in guam last month, we are in the navy and station here for 3 years and came to find out the cost of living here is high. i search for coupon and found this sight that can use expired coupon for certain time as long as in overseas…any help that you can do is really appreciated..

  8. Jamie says

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I am still new to all this coupon stuff and always have expired coupons that I hate to through out. Love that I can use them to help out the military and their families!!!!

  9. Kelli says

    Thank you guys so much for sending them to us overseas!! We are stationed in Ramstein and I can say it helps alot. We can’t get the great deals like most in the states but when we get coupons it really helps us. @ Apryl ye send them to the coups for troops or someone directly I hate standing in the commasary sifting though them.

  10. Denise says

    I see that several of you mentioned sending coupons to “the coups for troops”. I am not military but would love to help in anyway possible as a thanks for what you do for us. Could you give more information so I can send my coupons there?

  11. Shelly says

    Glad I looked here. I have some enfamil and similac formula coupons I won’t be using. Lots of $5 off checks and coupons. I’ll be sending them to coups for troops. Thanks to everyone who’s serving our country.

  12. Michelle M. says

    If we are wanting & willing to share our expired coupons w/those overseas, do we have to personally pay to ship them to the overseas base? I have “ALOT” of expired coupons & can even send non-expired ones also but it defeats the purpose of my trying to save money if I have to pay for them to go to someone else. Thanks for your help!

    • vicki says

      If I sent you a prepaid envelope or money via paypal would you send them to me so I could ship them to others in need

  13. Tina Jenkins says


    Is there any way that I could possible recieve coupons that have expired and those that are not being used.

    Tina Jenkins
    PSC 558 BOX 3666
    FPO AP 96375

    Thanks a Bunch!

    • Penny Hale says

      Hi Tina, first and foremost thanks for serving our country. I just recently started couponing and would like to my part for you since your giving up so much more than me. Is there any one thing that you are searching for, I’m willing to do my best to find as many coupons as I can..

      • Penny Hale says

        Hi Tina,
        I’m mailing off the coupons today, since you indicate what type of items you utilize, I put a little bit of everything that I had collected. I hope this helps you and your family.

  14. len says

    id be honored to accept your coupons
    i accept any manufacturer coupons
    i also donate the rest of the coupons to the airforce family readiness


    we are a family of 5 and we are stationed in GUAM

    my address is
    Len Fedele
    PMB 274
    111 Chalan Balako St.
    Dededo , GUAM 96929

  15. Penny Hale says

    For those of you requesting the coupons are there any particular items that are needed more than others?

  16. Jemlyn Gass says

    I would also like to recieve expired coupons!!

    Jemlyn Gass
    7 Catamaran Ct.
    Santa Rita, GU 96915

    I have a 15 month old lil girl so it would be nice to get some diaper, baby wipes, and other random baby related coupons. I accept any kind of coupons from food, drinks, cleaning supplies, office supplies, toiletries, garden, magazines, dog food , etc. The coupons I cannot use I drop off either at the Airman’s Attic or the Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society so all the coupons will be put in good use.

    Thank you and trully appreciate this!!!

    • Shelley Prescott says

      My child is 11 now, but clip everything I get every week regardless of if I use it or not. I will start sending them to you if you’d like. I’ll “adopt” you :) My father was a Marine and spent a lot of time overseas before I came along. Anything I can do to help, and thank you for your family’s sacrifice.

  17. Colleen says

    My husband is in the military and we are currently stationed overseas and I would be VERY grateful if you would be willing to add my name and address, along with Crystals! Everything over here is SO expensive, coupons really make a HUGE difference to families like mine :-)

    Colleen Fogarty
    PSC 103 BOX 3886
    APO, AE 09603

    • Nina Stanley says

      I am new at this ..so can you let me know what type of coupons that you need, I have some expired coupons and will save more, can you also use coupons that are not expired? I know that question sounds strange but like I said “I am new to this”
      Can I send them to you instead of adopting a base? Please let me know what you need and then I can start saving them and finding more that you need. you can e-mail me if you like , and tell me some of the basic stuff I need to know to get started …I would really love to help any way I can and thank you for what you are doing for all of us..


  18. Audi says

    I have one question. Do they have to be over seas bases or does this work on base in the US also. I have several friends that are either enlisted or married to an enlisted person and would love to be able to use my unused coupons.

  19. Chelsea Bonner says

    Hi Colleen, I’m mailing you some today. They aren’t separated, so I apologize. Hope they help you out and thank you for what you and your family are doing for me and mine! :)

  20. jnet says

    i too have the same problem with a family of five and only one is working i really need your help. just arrived here in guam last month, we are in the navy and station here for 3 years and came to find out the cost of living here is high. i search for coupon and found this sight that can use expired coupon for certain time as long as in overseas…any help that you can do is really appreciated..

    address is:
    1133 Ginger lane
    Yigo Guam 96929

    • Nina Stanley says

      I would like to help out some of the family’s, I am really new at this so I have a lot of printed coupons that have expired and wasted a lot of ink, trying to figure out how to coupon, so if anyone would like for me to send some coupons to them please e-mail me or leave me a comment letting me know how to send them straight to you, instead of a sending them to a base, let me know what kind you need and I will start saving them and sending them out, Just need to know what I should do or how to do it.



  21. says

    I was completely unaware of this! I will definitely be doing it from now on as my husband and I are avid supporters of our troops. My husband is a retired Marine whom was shot in Iraq and then medically retired back in 2004.

  22. Leslie Y says

    Im new to sending coupons to troops. I really just want to help out any way that i can. I was wondering if i got someone’s address directly if i had to print out one of those forms. If anyone can answer me i would appreciate it

  23. Angela B. says

    I just recieved this website. I would love to adopt a family. I fully support our military and want to help in a ny way that I can.

  24. Stacey J. says

    Okay strange question but is the only information that I put on the adoption sheet all mine except the name of the base I’m choosing to adopt? It asks for stuff like organization, then there is the options for the comments box. Whose address do they want? I think they could have been a little more specific when they are asking for our information and the bases.

  25. Amanda Lim says

    Can someone please send me some expired coupons? I will take ANY kind. I am new to couponing and I am trying to save my family some money while living out here in expensive Germany. My husband is in the Army and we have been here for quite a while and I did not realize the savings you could get from coupons until recently! My address is

    Amanda and John Lim
    CMR 454 BOX 2292
    APO AE 09250

    Thank you guys for all your help!!!!!

  26. Brandi Addison says

    I’m currently living in Germany & I’d appreciate any expired coupons people are willing to offer :) Please email me if you’d like to send some & I will give you my address . Thanks .

    • katrina reavis says

      Hi my name is katrina im from philadelphia i saw u were looking for coupons i wouldnt mind sending u some get back to me if u want them. Ive been wanting to help for the longest but i wasnt sure how i always have extra nd i hate throwing them away. Get back to me wen u can

        • Debbie says


          Our coupon club would love to send you coupons. Please email me your address and we will send them right out!!


            • Kara says

              Hi Lorena, If I send coupons directly to you do I still need to separate them into catagories? The reason I ask is I have a coupon club and we don’t use all the inserts every week. I have been throwing the inserts away and would love to send them to you. I just don’t have time to cut them all out. Let me know.

          • Mary Ann Zorn says

            Our family have Military & we save coupons,but the person that was sending them quit,so we would like to find a place or someone to send them to ?

  27. chris says

    I would like to send coupons to help you. I cannot spend alot to mail. Please give me a mailing address & I will send them.

  28. RHAMA POOLE says

    I am stationed in Okinawa Japan,and if anyone has any expired coupons they want to send, just let me know, and I will give you my address. They have “sharing” bins in the entrance at each of the commissaries here, and I love to be able to help keep them stocked :)

        • Kayla says

          Rhama Poole,

          I have a lot of coupons. Some have expired within the past month or less, and some haven’t expired yet, or wont until months out!! :) I would love to send all different kinds of coupons to you. One question: Are you allowed to use printed manufacturer coupons? If so, I will send those ones too. Please let me know.


    • Marcie Powell says

      Our church collects coupons to send to military families. We would like the name of a family to send to or anyway our military families can be helped by our coupons. Thanks

      • Kristen Moroz says

        We would love to receive coupons if still you’re still wanting to send. Our address is
        Jon and Kristen Moroz
        PSC 9 box 2129
        APO AE 09123

        We’d appreciate it very much! Unused coupons will go to someone who could make use of them.

              • Kristen says

                We’ll be happy with anything you’re willing to send. We don’t need diaper or formula coupons, but my husband will take whatever we can’t use to work and share. :) thank you so much!

                • Glenda Love says

                  I am sorry that I haven’t sent the coupons yet. It has been a hecked several months. Is this address still good and are you still in need of coupons of any kind? Thank you for all that you do to keep us safe.

  29. Alexandria Buford says

    HI! Were stationed At RAF Lakenheath In England. If anyone has expired coupons, we would gratefully accept them. Especially coupons for diapers, wipes and formula.

    • Tina says

      I get alot of coupons for luvs and pamper products which just don’t work on our lil ones. Also baby food and formula coupons. I would love to help. Also our schools in the small town i live in want to sponser a family to give coupons to, are you interested in receiving them. Please let me know and I will send you any baby coupons i get. Thanks Tina

      • dary says

        hello i am a single mom airman, station in germany, i would really appreciate if you could send me some of those coupons, my address is PSC 1 box 278 Apo AE 09009
        Darimelie Diaz-Sanchez.

        It would be a big help. thank you

  30. Sabrina Allen says

    Hello Rhama & Alexandria,
    I would be more than happy to send both of you my coupons. Please send me both of your addresses and I will get them out.

    Rhama: my mother in law is from from Okinawa… .. :)
    Alexandria, my babies are teenagers now and I see tons of coupons for baby items. I hate throwing them away…

    • Rhama Poole says

      You can tell your mother in law where she is from is BEAUTIFUL, and the Okinawan people are amazing!!

      My address is PSC 80 Box 21824
      APO AP 96367

      • Sabrina says

        Hi Rhama

        Thank you for the comment. I will definitely tell my mother in law! :)
        I wanted to let you know I am sending out the coupons this week. I am sending a little bit of everything since I wasn’t sure what exactly you used. Take care!!

    • Alexandria says

      i will gladly take the coupons off your hands!!
      Im sorry it took me so long to reply. I dont really know how this website works!! its taking a while to get use to. lol!!
      our address is
      PSC 41 Box 3489
      APO AE 09464

      • Sabrina says

        Hi Alexandria!!

        No worries about the response time. I couldn’t figure out how to get back to this site!! LOL

        I am sending out the coupons to you this week. There’s a little bit of everything in the pack since I wasn’t sure what you could and couldn’t use.

  31. Crystal says

    Hi, Im stationed in Vicenza Italyand I’d appreciate any expired coupons people are willing to offer Please email me if you’d like to send some & I will give you my address . Thanks .

  32. Sherri says

    Overseas military families can also request to be “adopted” by local organizations like Expired Coupons for Overseas Military (on Facebook). There are also stateside drop boxes managed by group members that ship in bulk to base coordinator.

  33. Sylisa says

    I would love to send coupons but don’t know where to send….if u want coupons please email me @mrslandonpowell@gmail.com with your address.

  34. Amy says

    My family is stationed in Italy and we would love to get expired coupons as well if there is anyone that could help us out too.

    Best wishes,

  35. Caroline Nance says

    My husband and I are stationed in Ramstein Germany. And I’ll be happy to receive any expired coupons. Please email me if you’d like to send some & I will give you my address . Thank you very much.

  36. Danelle Shepherd says

    I have tons of expired and non expired coupons to send out. Anyone that would like some please email me and type coupons in the subject line so I don’t overlook them. Thanks a bunch and God Bless you all!!

    • Caroline Nance says

      I would appreciate the coupons. I can’t find your email address. My address is :

      Caroline Nance
      PSC 2 BOX 13068
      APO,AE 09012

      Thank you very much.

  37. heather says

    I’m a military mom currently living in the UK. I’ve been looking for a way to get old coupons! If anyone wants to send me some-that would be AWESOME!
    And if anyone in the vicinity wants to do a coupons swap, that would be great too!

  38. heather says

    I’m a military mom currently living in the UK. I’ve been looking for a way to get old coupons! If anyone wants to send me some-that would be AWESOME!
    And if anyone in the vicinity wants to do a coupons swap, that would be great too!

    PSC 41 Box 1195
    APO AE 09464

  39. Mel says

    I am beginning to be an extreme couponer and am saving every coupon I can possibly find. So when they become expired and I do not use them, I would be MORE than happy to send all that I have. PLease send me an address so I can begin sending the end of January.

    • Caroline Nance says

      I would love to have the coupons you can’t use. My address is:

      Caroline Nance
      PSC 2 BOX 13068
      APO, AE 09012

      Thank you.

  40. Lauren says

    I have plenty of coupons that never get used or don’t need so I can send them to whoever wants them. Send me an address and I will get them sent out asap!!

    • Colleen Fowler says

      Hi Lauren,
      I am stationed at RAF Mildenhall in England and would love coupons if nobody has gotten to you already!
      My address is

      Colleen Fowler
      PSC 37 BOX 1206
      APO AE 09459

      thanks!! If you send me your email address I can let you know when I receive them. my email is starbirdfan at hotmail dot com

  41. Alexandria says

    Colleen, we are stationed at RAF Lakenheath. The loan locker on lakenheath has a ton of coupons. I also have a bunch of coupons that i have already gone through if you would like them. I also believe the airman and family readiness center on mildenhall has coupons.

  42. Brandy says

    I have been collecting expired coupons from work and would like to send them along to someone overseas who is in need of these. Tons of food, cleaning products, toiletries, medicine coupons, etc… Thank you, Brandy

    • dary says

      hello, i would really appreciate if i could get some of those coupons, I am single mom airman trying to save every dollar that i can. my info is psc 1 box 278 apo ae 09009 darimelie diaz-sanchez

  43. Renee says

    Hello from California, I have alot of coupons I would love to pass on. I’ve sent some off to one family and would love to share with others. Please let me know who else I can help SAVE MONEY. I get 6 Sunday papers every week, so I have alot..

  44. Brandy says

    I just mailed a package full of coupons to Guam. My next shipment will go out the end of March. If you would like me to send you the next bunch of coupons please let me know along with a mailing address. Glad I’m able to help.

  45. hanna says

    Hi, I’m Hanna and we’re currently stationed in Germany. I just recently got into the coupon thing and fell in love with it. The coupons which are offered here aren’t the greatest and usually go with a price increase so you would be better off not buying them until the coupons are expired.
    So if there is anyone who is willing to sent some expired coupons my way I would really be thankful for that person. Coupons I don’t have a use for will be shared with the community here!!!

    Thanks in advance.

      • Denise says

        Hi Hanna, I run an extreme coupon club and we were looking to adopt a family overseas that would be willing to share coupons. I would like to give your address to my team at my meeting tomorrow. I will most likely be sending all of the coupons to you but hopefully it will help.

          • Hanna says

            Hi Denise, thank you so much. I’m still pretty new to the couponing and am not sure how old they can be. I think the website said they shouldn’t be any older than two months after they expired. We will bring the coupons to the acs building here on base and they will be shared with the community. Thanks again!

  46. Lisa says

    I am just getting starting on sending coupons to a base. I’m very glad to help any way I can. I have a good amount and have chosen the base in Vincenza, Italy, CAFAP, ACS. I hope people there are in need. A batch is on the way! :)

  47. kENYA WILSON says

    Hi! I am currently stationed in South Korea and would love to receive expired coupons it would surely help me out alot. I am a single mother of two twin boys serving in the Armed Forces

  48. Sarena watts says

    Hello. I have a lot of coupons. I clip every coupon available so please contact me of you would like me to send directly to you. Also let me know if you want baby coupons, diapers formula and such!

  49. Wendy Amundsen says

    Hi Sarena
    Thanks for replying
    Actually I was looking for a family in England to send my coupons to But thanks for getting back to me
    Happy couponing

  50. Chassity Beisner says

    I would love some coupons :)

    Chassity Beisner
    CMR 480 BOX 2926
    APO, AE 09128

    Thanks so much for all of your support!

  51. says

    hello, i am a single mom airman and i am looking for coupons if any one could send some please let me know and i will give you my address thanks.

  52. Wendy Amundsen says

    Hello to the person requestioning coupons if you email me with info name , address email etc will get back to you right away
    Many thanks

  53. Alexis says

    I have some expired formula coupons/checks

    $5 off Similac (x2) void after 3/24/12
    $5 off Enfamil (x2) void after 3/31/12

    I am sure I also have some other random coupons around the house. If you or anyone you know of could use these please let me know and I will send them to you. I would hate for any of these to go to waste!

  54. Caroline Nance says

    I would love to have them. Thank you so much.

    Caroline Nance
    PSC 2 BOX 13068
    APO, AE 09012

  55. Sandi says

    Hi, I have collected a bunch of coupons from the local American Legion and I am looking for a military family to send them to. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

    • JEANETTE says

      hi im really interested on couponing please send me some, we’re station here in guam until 2014 with only one income..thanks address is:
      P.O. BOX 290253
      YIGO GUAM 96929

      • Bob McGuire says

        I’d be glad to send you our extra and expired coupons if you still have a need for them and/or if you can share them with other families there. Just let me know.

  56. says

    Ive already acquired a number of expired coupons in learning about couponing. thanks for the info on how I can help others to benefit from the expired one…TY =)

  57. Addi says

    Hi, I would like some families to send coupons to. I would love to be send tons to alot of different families!

    • nancy says

      If you are still interested in sending military coupons below is my address

      nancy kearney
      p o box 153218
      santa rita Guam 96915

      • sarah o'neal says

        HI Nancy, i was wondering if you would wont my old or unused coupons i dont need or wont or haven’t used? I no how this world has gotten and tiems are hard for us all and how people dont let the ones of thire families who fight for us is not loved or thanked for it all and for going out fighting for us. I am also sending my email address hopig you will email me and maybe become pin pals thanks alot ps this is the first time i have went on this website so if talk to me please email me at the above adress

        • Brittany Womack says

          Hi Sarah!! If you are still interested in sending coupons to overseas families, I have several families and friends here on Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, including my family of 5, that would love to have them!! They help so much in our budget planning. My address is PO Box 290439 Yigo, Guam 96929. Thank you for your support and patriotism!!

      • says

        I’d love to share coupons with you and not have mine that are expired go to waste. Would love to hear from you my email and also tell me what type of things you use. Also, you could share some with your friends there and I’d be happy to send extras as I have a number of papers each week. I rarely use them all anyway unless it is a hot item that I really need a supply of. Let me know by email and I’ll start sending you some. I just saw this and I can offer to several families and have wanted to since I heard about the program. It is a small way I can help in all of your sacrifices and efforts for our country. I’m pleased to begin doing that! Hope to hear from you!
        Sincerely, Valerie from Arkansas

        • Brittany Womack says

          Hi Valerie!! My family and I are currently stationed on Andersen Air Force Base, Guam. Many of my friends and I are looking to receive coupons from the states. We all have families of different sizes and every little bit helps. If you have any extra, please send to PO Box 290439 Yigo, Guam 96929. Thank you for your care and help!

          • KAREN STEPP says

            HI Brittany, I am an avid couponer and would love to be able to donate my extra coupons for the families at the base. Do you have any idea how expensive it would be to mail a box occasionally or maybe monthly. I have never mailed anything overseas so not quite sure how to do it. Thanks for your help.

            • Brittany Womack says

              A friend of mine received a box of coupons in a Flat Rate Box, and the dollar amount on the package said $16, and that was a very heavy box. So I would imagine that to be the most it would be to send if you are sending about 2,000 coupons or so. lol!

      • Nancy says

        Update I was sent back to va because my husband got sick but would like to thank everyone that sent me coupons it really helped out alot. Being that I am back in the states if you would like coupons send me your address.

        • Brittany Womack says

          I would love to receive coupons. My family and I are stationed in Guam, we have three children 10 and under. I also have several friends and acquaintences who I am also sharing the coupons with, so they will be put to good use, as many of us have little ones. Thank you Nancy for your generosity!!

          • Brittany Womack says

            My address is PO Box 290439 Yigo, Guam 96929. We really appreciate it!! As you know how much every little bit helps!! Thanks!!

  58. nancy says

    i am overseas and would love any coupons someone can send to me. I can use up to 6 months expired. Email me and i will send you my address. Thanks

    • teresa garza says

      i am looking for familys to send coupons to help them out so anybody need coupons let me know i will send them to you.

  59. Janelle Hoffman says

    I have been collecting for another group Girl Scout leaders in AZ was saving for, but I missed the meeting when the sent them. I am sending them to you today or tomorrow.

  60. heather says

    I had no idea!! What a great idea! I would happily donate my expired coupons!
    Can you send some a little at a time and just use stamps so you don’t have to go to the Post office?

  61. Ashley Terrell says

    We are a military family of 5 living in Germany, and I love your site! I saw your link for expired coupons, and if anyone would like to send some our way, it would be really appreciated! Thank you.

    • Cherryl Martin says

      Hi Ashley, I had two children stationed in Germany many years ago and would like to help you now. Please send your mailing address. Thanks.

    • teresa garza says

      just give me your address i would send you some i have alot just lookin for familys to send them to

    • says

      I’d love to help you out. Please contact me with your address by email. I check it most often. Also, love to hear your needs such as dog, cat, diapers, like coffee, hate coffee, lol… Basically, so I send things that you can use. I have been really into couponing this past few years and I have lots of them because I get lots of extra papers. Love to hear from you….. Valerie

  62. Isabel says

    I have a stash of coupons that recently expired and instead of throwing them away im looking to see if anyone is interested in them? If so let me know and I’ll mail them out asap!

    • says

      Hi! Italy sounds wonderful. We have always wanted to go there and we may one of these day!
      I’d love to send you coupons as I have really been into couponing this past year and have learned a lot about it. I get lots of copies and would love to send you some.
      Please email me as I may not check this post in a timely manner. Also, describe what your family usually buys ie: dog, cat, diapers, no meat, yes, meat, and other stuff like this. .Valerie in Arkansas

  63. LeQuetta Randall says

    I would like to send coupons to a family over seas. If you like, just send me your address and name. Let me know if you need more coupons of any items you use most. Thank you all and God Bless.

  64. Hayley says

    Hi, can the millitary families also use expired formula checks? I have some expired coupons and sometimes have an expired formula check or two.

  65. Mary says

    Hi, We are a Marine family in California. I am just starting out with these coupons and would love to give another militarty family what I dont need and also the recently expired ones. Let me know I you could use them!

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    I have a variety of coupons that are waiting to be mailed. If there is a family interested in receiving these coupons, please email me with your address.

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  73. Catina Kupke says

    I just signed up to send my expired coupons to a base in Schweinfurt Germany, But how do you know that the base is still open or not?

  74. Lisa-Marie says

    I use coupons and have bags full which I tried to send to a base as advertised on your blog.
    The package was sent in return because there was no one there to accept it.
    When you give us an adress please make sure it’s up to date. I wasted 6$ I really didn’t need to waste.
    Thank you.

  75. Michelle Pena says

    This is great as we used to be stationed overseas in Japan. I will definitely hold on to coupons and get them mailed.

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  78. Brittany Womack says

    Hello, or Hafa Dai in the local language here in Guam!! My family of 5 are currently living in Guam on Andersen Air Force base. Many friends with families of different sizes could really use any extra coupons that you may have. It can be anything from shampoo, dog treats, food, and especially diaper coupons. We could use a little bit of everything. If you are interested in sending any coupons to us, please send them to
    PO Box 290439
    Yigo, Guam 96929.
    Thank you for your help and support!

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  80. Lisa-Marie says

    I have loads of coupons and would love to send them but I need an adress that is on a base and a real name to have them sent o
    As I tried this once before and my package came in return.
    Please let me know so I can contact you with e-mail so I can verify the adress before I send them out.

    • Brittany Womack says

      I would love to receive these coupons. I also share them with many more families here on Andersen Air Force Base in Guam. My address is PO Box 290439 Yigo, Guam 96929, and my name is Brittany Womack. Thank you for your generosity!!

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  89. Lamar says

    Hello Im a AF wife serving overseas with my husband and I was wondering in you could have some coupons sent to my APO mail box and I could share them with other families! Thxs a bunch!
    PSC 76 BOX 492
    APO, AE 09720

    • maria says

      I would love to send you some coupons! E-mail me at m_aguirre52@yahoo.com so I can look for things you need. For some reason I never germ notified about comments I post when there is a reply. I only clip 8 papers a week but hopefully that will help you and a few others. I know other ppl who coupon. Maybe this could be girl scout troop project?

    • Cheryl Repash says

      Is address still ok? Is there a first and last name?
      where are you stationed? are there children in family? What ages?
      I only ask so I can properly send coupon types
      Look forward to hearing back so that I can get a package into the post for you

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  95. Jill says

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  97. Cheryl Repash says

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    Best regards,

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  100. eve gutierrez says

    Hi, I’m a military spouse and we’re stationed overseas. I came across your site as I try to look for expired/unwanted coupons donation. I’d like to know if you do donate to families? Thanks. Hope to get some feedback.

    Thank you very much,
    Eve Gutierrez

    • carolina says

      hey i have some coupons that haven’t expired , if you would like them just leave your address & i’ll get them right to you. hops all is we’ll..

  101. Jennifer Thomas says

    Stationed in Germany and have a large coupon swap group. WE NEED COUPONS TO STRETCH OUR BUDGETS!!! We are very enthusiastic and appreciative couponers here!!

    CMR 480 BOX 3219
    APO, AE 09128


  102. Connie McGill says

    I have a TON of current as well as expired coupons… I’m more than happy to share but also not all about spending what I’ve saved in mailing them… IF you would like to help with shipping…I’d love to send them out…Let me know…Connie

    • Jeffellyn says

      Hey Connie i’m interested in expired coupons please email me if you have time..we are stationed in Belgium currently. I could send you a self addressed envelope if that would work?? let me know TIA

  103. carolina says

    I have current and expired coupons, I don’t like tossing them, If anybody needs them leave me your address 7 i will mail them out to you. Also thank you for your bravery & the service you provide our country. Happy new year’s & get back at me , sincerely Caroline C.

  104. Kelly Hall says

    Hi- I would love to receive coupons. Not sure how to sign up to be on the mailing list but my husband is active duty Air Force. We are currently a family of 4, soon to be family of 5, stationed in Okinawa, Japan. Our address is PSC 80 Box 10361, APO, AP 96367. Thank you! Kelly Hall

    • Glenda Love says

      I would like to send you some coupons. If you could email me what kind of coupons that you are in need of & your full mailing address. Please let your husband know that I appreciate his service.

      • Kelly Hall says

        Thank you! Right now I really need diaper coupons and other baby items coupons (wipes, lotions etc) . The hygiene coupons also always come in handy, razors, shaving cream, tooth paste etc.

        My full mailing address is
        Kelly Hall
        PSC 80 Box 10361
        APO, AP


        • Glenda Love says

          I am sorry that I haven’t had a chance to send you coupon. These last several months have been hecked. Is the address still good and what kind of coupons are you need of?

        • Chelsie Vrontisis says

          Hello kelly :)
          I will be sending you coupons here within the next few days so be expecting them :)
          I really hope these help. Ive included baby coupons as well!!!

        • ShariYS says

          Kelly, I will send you some coupons also. I have quite a few of the hygiene ones and also some baby coupons.

    • carolina says

      I will get those coupons out to you this week, they’re not expired and there’s a lots of them.. God bless …… & one quick question do I need tout your name on the envelope or just the straight address.?

      • Kelly Hall says

        I thnk it will get to me with just the address but a name is probably ideal. I will put it below how it should look on an envelope since its kind of a funky address.

        Kelly Hal
        PSC 80 Box 10361
        APO, AP

  105. Glenda Love says

    I am interested in sending a couple different military families in a couple different countries my expired and non expired unused coupons to you. If anyone could email your info and on how many months expired they can be. I would really love to help our military families any way that I can.

    Thank you for all that you do to protect our country!!!

    • Kelly Hall says

      The coupons can be used up to 6 months past the expiration date at overseas military base commissaries and exchanges.

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  107. Chelsea says

    Hi! I generally print my coupons from the internet, but I know that not all locations accept these. They are manufacturer coupons. If anyone could use these coupons, please let me know and I will mail them out to you! I have always thrown away expired coupons, so I am so happy to be able to donate them to such a worthy cause. Thanks to everyone for their service, and to the families that support our troops!

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  109. Erika Rubi says

    So I understand that we have to fill out the adoption form before we send the coupons. But what address do I send the coupons to? The one on the site which is:
    Army Community Services
    U.S. Army Garrison Vicenza
    CMR 427 Box 80
    APO Ae 09630
    OR to the base mailing address that we adpot?

  110. Julie S. says

    I currently use ocpnet.org (Overseas Coupon Program) to coordinate my shipments. I have an extremely large shipment to send and the last time I was on their website I swore I saw a formula to calculate approximate coupon amount and value (for reporting purposes). I have been over the website several times and can’t find it. Does anyone know what the formula is???

  111. Jennifer says

    My mom and I coupon and we would love to send all of our expired coupons to a family. How would I go about “adopting” a family?

    • Vera Bozzi says

      Hi I’d love to be adopted. I am overseas airforce spouse in RAF Mildenhall. Would love some coupons for my family of four.
      Vera Bozzi
      PSC 37 Box 416
      APO AE 09459

      Food, Baby, pet, cleaning, and household categorised Coupons would be wonderful !

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  113. Katie B says

    I was wondering how you adopt a base? I have been seeing post on people adopting a base. Curious as to what this is and how it works. Thanks guys!

  114. Babylyn Graves says

    Hello everyone my husband and I currently live at Osan Base South Korea.. Any coupons will be greatly appreciated . We don’t have kids and pets … Thanks

    • Glenda Love says

      What is your address and I will get some out to you as soon as I am able to? Also what kind of coupons would you need?

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  117. KeAsha says

    Hello All,
    I have sooo many coupons that I can mail to an overseas Military Family in need of them. They expired around 08/16/2014. I read they can be used up to 6 months later. Email me and I will send them all to whomever needs them. Shampoo, household, toothbrushes, etc etc Thanks!

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  119. Billi says

    I have a ton of expired coupons that I would Love to send to the troops families. Anyone in need. All I need is an address..

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  122. eva says

    I have coupons where can I send them too ?…my son is in the military but he is not overseas ..I send him some already but I have alot .please send me the ad to send them. .

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  125. says

    I just wanted to update everyone , Coups for Troops is now a 501c3 non-profit organization.

    We do not require coupons to be sorted or added up.


  126. Karri says

    PS – For those military families overseas and looking for expired coupon connections, there is a section on the website to register to be matched with coupon donors.

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