How To Waterproof Canvas Shoes

How To Waterproof Canvas Shoes

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How To Waterproof Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes such as Tom’s or Bob’s are great for almost anytime of the year or activity. However, they don’t always hold up when it comes to fighting against rain or snow. The good news is there is a super easy way to keep your canvas shoes protected and it won’t break the bank! It may take a little elbow grease, but the process is well worth it as your shoes will be weatherproof!

The one product that makes this possible is beeswax!  The best way to apply the wax, is to rub it over the entire canvas area of the shoe. Once the canvas is looking nice and waxy, grab a hair dryer! Use the hair dryer to go over the wax, this will help the wax form into the shoe and produce a protective layer against rain and snow. Once you have dried the wax on to the canvas, you should see no beeswax residue on the shoe. Your canvas shoes are now ready for any kind of weather!


  1. Where can beeswax be purchased for a reasonable price

  2. Could you be up to your ankles in water and they will still be water proof?

    • Hey my boyfriend has dread locks and we use beeswax for maintenance on his dreads, is that the same kinda wax? Murray’s beeswax, I think….But I’m not certain whether there’s other hair stuff in it to keep it in a pliable, hair gel-y consistency….But on the front it does say something along the lines of :”100% pure African beeswax” but if that’s the stuff I need for our shoes then I can totally see me doing this and just having 2 greasy shoes covered in dirt like beautiful katamari only not so beautiful…and I’m homeless so I only have one pair….so if you’re lying and this doesn’t really work, you are the one responsible (yes, YOU) for a 21 yr-old homeless girl and a 24 yr-old homeless boy walking around with ugly katamari shoes or barefoot and lemme tell you, it’s snowing purrrrrty heavily hurr in the mitten alllll just so you could pretend to know a cool diy on your stupid instagram, bet you’re one of those douche tards that get off on how many followers you have and hashtags your every #shit. Just kidding haha xD oh wait…. JK lolol <that one's for you internet people! Anyways, back to the beeswax issue, would you recommend the 100% African beeswax hair shit or should I do things the ole fashioned way and just melt a beeswax candle? Murray's is only $4.3246784, or pretty much just 5 bucks, at Wal-Mart which is pretty convenient compared to hunting down a specifically beeswax candle at some yuppie candle sore that I would have to actually make a friggin effort to go out of my way to the yuppie mall where the yuppie Yankee candle store dwells… I dunno, what did you use? (I guess that question just changed the game! a lot easier huh? ….I coulda just asked that to begin with….) I'm not good at this internet shit. If you answer my question, I'll risk my feet for the sake of potential warm, dry happy toes. I'll even give the coveted "good review" and add myself to the ranks of your followers (Bet one lonely happy tear just rolled down your little blue-light illuminated face at the thought of your follower number going up by one permanent solid follower that will completely forget I even have an instagram which guarantees that I'll never "unfollow" you, just made yo day ^_^) BUT if you lied to me, then I hope you know in your heart of hearts that 2 little homeless kids are barefoot in the snow because of you. Have a wonderful evening sir/ma'am u_u

      • white yankee says

        African beeswax eh? So that must be the kind from the killer bee strain? Wow, must be one brave beeswax collector in Africa. Or do you think they just put that on the label (that it’s from Africa) to sucker in young black homeless kids? Well, good luck getting your shit together and getting off the street. Last thing we need is more people expecting hand out.

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