Important – Quick and Easy Facebook Tip to See Raining Hot Coupons in your NEWSFEED!

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Important and quick Facebook tip….

I know a lot of you aren’t seeing all my deals on Facebook and I found a *NEW* tip to help you see them. :-)

  1. Hover your mouse over the “LIKE” button on the Raining Hot Coupons’ Facebook page here (top right corner, see in pic above).
  2. A drop down box will appear and you will see where it says “Get Notifications” AND “Show in New Feed” – Make sure they both have a check mark next to them, if they don’t, then click on BOTH of these and you will then see a check mark next to them!
  3. That’s it…that should help!

*Also, be SURE to continually go onto the Raining Hot Coupons page (this page you’re on now) – bookmark or whatever you need to do that way you don’t miss any of the HOT, time sensitive deals I post due to Facebook not showing me in your newsfeed.

Don’t forget to “LIKE” Raining Hot Coupons on Facebook to join over 163,000 other deal lovers and to get all the freebies!

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  1. belinda runyon says

    Just an FYI if a person doesn’t view the page often the feed stops on it’s own with facebook letting a person know at the bottom of their notifications thread. I hope this isn’t to confusing. Love your page!

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