Mail Time: My Mailbox Goodies Today!

Mail time, mail time! It was a HOT mailbox day today! I got some great FREEBIES! ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is what I got:

  • FREE Full Size Crest Complete Toothpaste
  • FREE Crest Complete Toothbrush
  • FREE Muscle & Fitness magazine for hubs
  • Coupon for a FREE Jif To Go Full Size product from Target
  • and a $10 Walmart gift card from Recyclebank!

What did you score in your mailbox today?!

Just so you all know, if you are not familiar with RecycleBank, you can start earning points immediately by clicking on the โ€œEarn Pointsโ€ tab and taking quizzes. Your points can then be used to purchase gift cards (for places like Walmart, Home Depot and more), awesome coupons for groceries, discounts at stores, etc!


  1. i got 1 cellphone charger, 2 cellphone cases, (would have had another one but the bundle got separated in the mail ๐Ÿ™

  2. I got a coupon for a free JIF To Go product from Target and a $5 check for a Nielsen Telecom Panel Survey!

  3. I got a glad trash bag with 6 coupons from Vocalpoint.

  4. Doreen Hayes says

    How did you guys get the Jif 2 go? I think I might’ve signed up for that….just want to make sure!

    • What are the Free Crest and OralB products from? Is it the walmart free samples because I was assuming the free samples would come in the travel sizes.

    • The Jiff is from a target promo for a free sample. I havent looked too closely, but I think it might only be redeemable at target, which isn’t a problem!

  5. I signed up for stuff at the beginning of june and have only gotten one thing in the mail since ive been doing it. hopefully they start rolling in soon.

  6. I got the Jif to-go coupon and I have already used it while I was out on errands today. Funny enough, my Target did not carry it but my Publix did (which accepts Target coupons) so I still got my peanut butter!

  7. I went to Target today to use my free Jif to go coupon, and they didn’t carry the product…grrr!

  8. Allison K. says

    I got my coupon for a free jif too and I already redeemed it at Target. my 2 little girls love the peanut butter I tasted it and it was really yummy and smooth.

  9. I got my sinus rinse.. love getting free stuff..

  10. i havent recieved anything yet i’m a newbee lol

  11. This week I recieved
    Glad Force Flex with Fabreeze (1 bag)
    Free Jiff to go
    Free Bloomberg Bussiness Mag
    Free Mosquito Repellant
    Sample of Aveeno Shampoo and Conditioner
    Wohoo! I have been at it since May 1st and I already see the results.
    Thanks to Raining Hot Coupons

  12. Oh Wow! I forgot the $3 check from Pine Cone research! I was so excited about that.” See Honey I do have income.” hehe

  13. I got the,
    FREE Full Size Crest Complete Toothpaste
    FREE Crest Complete Toothbrush
    I’ve been so excited about everything coming in the mail everyday. Thank you RHC

  14. I received my JIF coupon at the beginning of the week.. It has the Target symbol, but it says Manufacturer’s Coupon.. So doesn’t that mean we can use it anywhere?

  15. I got a my Parents magazine in the mail yesterday! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Where do I sign up? I want a man like that delivered to my mailbox ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Got my Jif coupon freebie in the mail the other day!! Yah! Also, I too got the Rachel Ray dog food and a few other cool things!

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