Mail Time: My Mailbox Goods Today!

My mailbox goodies….

FREE Pack of UP2U gum…about to gobble these down now!

FREE SOYJOY Bar – my dogs must have smelled this one because I came back in the room and the box was in the beginning stages of being torn to pieces. Must be some good stuff in that bar!

FREE Pull-Ups wipes….again (yes they had this offer more than one time and I was able to get it again). I especially like the $2/1 coupon it came with. These are priced around $2.18 at Walmart so only $0.18 for a nice thing of wipes and container!

FREE Shape magazine – see, these really do come without a bill. 😉


  1. Anna Crane says

    I received my Shape magazine also without a bill! I also got a Shout to go wipe and coupon. Its been a quite few days for the mail so I was happy to get this! Thanks for everything that you do!

  2. I really cant wait to get my freebies…im still in the waiting stage altough i should be gettng something soon.

  3. Tori Watson says

    This is a GREAT deal!! :o)

  4. Janell Harrill says

    Where do you get the Raining Hot Coupons magnets? I would love to get one!

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