Mary Kay Satin Hands Copy Cat Recipe (Only 2 Ingredients!)

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If you’ve never done Mary Kat Satin hands then you are missing out! It is my favorite hand moisturizing, exfoliating, skin softening scrub and I love it even more because you can make it at home! This is a copy cat way of making Mary Kat Satin hands which will cost you  just a few bucks. Also, these are PERFECT for gifts! Just grab a cute jar from the dollar store and a ribbon to decorate it!

Enjoy…..your hands are going to LOVE you after this!  ;-)



  • 1 bottle of Dawn Olay Beauty Hand renewal soap
  • Lots of sugar
  • 1-2 tablespoons Coconut oil (optional)


  1. Fill your jar 3/4 full with sugar step 1
  2. Slowly add in the dish soap and stir softly until it is all combined. Do not add too much soap because you want this to be the consistency of paste. step 2
  3. (Optional Step) Add coconut oil and mix well (this needs to be room temperature so it is oil but very important, do not add hot coconut oil to the sugar mixture or it will melt the sugar and not be considered a scrub anymore).
  4. Store with a lid and use whenever your hands need some TLC.  ;-)

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Adapted from here

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  1. Jennifer S. says

    I have been making this scrub for years (without the coconut oil)- I have used it in gift baskets for the ladies in our family and they all loved it. Take that scrub, a bottle or bar of lotion, a scrubber, some nice nail polish, and cheap spa socks/ gloves and you have a fairly reasonably priced and thoughtful gift. Especially thoughtful for winter hands or for summer flip flop feet.

  2. Katy says

    Can you use the pink Palmolive version with vitamin e? I that. When doing dishes, the dawn takes forever to rinse clean.

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  4. Vonda Loudermilk says

    This is just not Mary Kay. So disappointing. The sugar all goes to the bottom. Mary Kay is the best. Mary Kay smells much better too.
    This is a thumbs down for me! :(

  5. Marccie says

    This is what I use on my hands in the summer when my hands are full of dirt etc. from gardening and in the winter to remove that dead dry skin from your hands. If you don’t like the smell add some essential oils.

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