MEGA SWAGBUCKS DAY! Earn $5 Amazon Gift Card, CASH & more! + 30 FREE Swagbucks!

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Today is MEGA SWAGBUCKS day which means instead of the normal 5-10+for searches, you could earn much more, possibly 25, 50, 75, 100…and some people will even get lucky and get 1000+ today! (Which could mean 2 amazon gift cards with leftover swagbucks)!!

GO HERE to sign up and you will get 30 Swagbucks just for signing up!

I chose to get Swagbuck payments made to my Paypal account and you can see that in the picture below:

Do you want to earn Cash, gift cards and more?! If so you will want to join Swagbucks!

If you are not familiar with Swagbucks, here is some information:

Basically, you get paid to search! Seriously….when you search through “Swagbucks” search engine, you could win Swagbucks that can be redeemed for cash through Paypal, git cards, etc. My FAVORITE thing to get is the $5 Amazon gift cards. I have already received several gift cards and paid for a lot of my Christmas last year and I have a lot of blogger friends that actually paid for their entire Christmas with Swagbucks! Here are some ways you can earn Swagbucks:

Search the web:
I use my swagbucks toolbar instead of Google and anytime I go to a site or search something I use it. Each time you win with a search it is usually around 10 swagbucks and believe it or not, they add up FAST!

Daily Polls:
You can also do daily polls for which you will win 1 swagbuck automatically so that’s a guaranteed 30 a month.

Watch Videos:
You can watch short videos and possibly get awarded Swagbucks.

Mega Swagbucks Day:
Also, every Friday is Mega Swagbucks day and you could win a ton of swagbucks in one search (depending on if you’re lucky or not ;-) )! One Friday I won 250 swagbucks in one search!

Refer People:
For every person you refer, you will earn whatever Swagbucks they earn through searches!

Play Games:
Just find a game and play for free, you may win between 1-5 Swagbucks after you play.

Taking Surveys
Another way to earn Swagbucks is by taking surveys online through Swagbucks. Each one is worth a different amount.

Now go get your “swag” on and come back and let me know if anyone gets some MEGA SWAGBUCKS!

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  1. nikki says

    II have made so much SwagBucks just from searching ur page everyday! Thanks for sharing this awesome thing!

  2. Claire Reed says

    can you please tell us how to get around in swag bucks. I logged in and I don’t understand all the things. I don’t want to sign up for all kinds of crap and get millions of emails. I don’t want see if they can get me better car insurance to register for online school. Please help

  3. Robina Galford says

    I signed up yesterday because of one of your articles on here, and I already have 61! Got frustrated with the Survey though because it stopped 1/2 way through after I had already spend 10 minutes on it! But I am going to try and remember to use it every day and I’ll let you know if I win big bucks today!

    • nikki says

      if you have a paypal acct you just follow the directions when purchasing your gift card on swagbucks and its pops into your acct after a week or two..

  4. says

    Hey Sarah , U R my rollmodel and I want 2 let u know u are awesome and that one day when I grow up I want 2 be just like u .I am already saving my family 100 percent and I am just saying thank u for making this blog hopefully I will get big get my own house and have a huge stockpile thanks

  5. D'vorah says

    I signed up after I created a “temporary” email through Yahoo (under ‘options’ – 50 available) and set it to send all email for that address to a folder of the same name. I have one for surveys, misc. coupons, etc. (DB-surveys at yahoo, DB-coupons at yahoo, etc.) Now I don’t have to see all the Spam on my Blackberry and in my Inbox. Since it sorts the emails automatically into folders, it’s much easier to go through them.

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