MEGA SWAGBUCKS DAY! Earn Amazon Gift Cards, CASH + 30 FREE!

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WooHoo! Today is MEGA SWAGBUCKS day which means instead of the normal 5-10+for searches, you could earn much more, possibly 25, 50, 75, 100…and some people will even get lucky and get 1000+ today! (Which could mean 2 amazon gift cards with leftover swagbucks)!!

GO HERE to sign up and you will get 30 bonus bucks!

Here’s a big plus that I love…if you look under the “Gift Card” section when shopping for rewards, you can choose Paypal as an option and you can see they really do come:

Do you want to earn Cash, gift cards and more?! If so you will want to join Swagbucks!

If you are not familiar with Swagbucks, here is some information:

Basically, you get paid to search! Seriously….when you search through “Swagbucks” search engine, you could win Swagbucks that can be redeemed for cash through Paypal, git cards, etc. My FAVORITE thing to get is the $5 Amazon gift cards. I have already received several gift cards and paid for a lot of my Christmas last year and I have a lot of blogger friends that actually paid for their entire Christmas with Swagbucks! Here are some ways you can earn Swagbucks:

Search the web:
I use my swagbucks toolbar instead of Google and anytime I go to a site or search something I use it. Each time you win with a search it is usually around 10 swagbucks and believe it or not, they add up FAST!

Daily Polls:
You can also do daily polls for which you will win 1 swagbuck automatically so that’s a guaranteed 30 a month.

Watch Videos:
You can watch short videos and possibly get awarded Swagbucks.

Mega Swagbucks Day:
Also, every Friday is Mega Swagbucks day and you could win a ton of swagbucks in one search (depending on if you’re lucky or not ;-) )! One Friday I won 250 swagbucks in one search!

Refer People:
For every person you refer, you will earn whatever Swagbucks they earn through searches!

Play Games:
Just find a game and play for free, you may win between 1-5 Swagbucks after you play.

Taking Surveys
Another way to earn Swagbucks is by taking surveys online through Swagbucks. Each one is worth a different amount.

Now go get your “swag” on and come back and let me know if anyone gets some MEGA SWAGBUCKS!

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  1. Melissa says

    I dont understand how they know we redeemed it though? How long does it take to go through? (to get the points once you have redeemed it?)

    • Jacquelin says

      It says on the site “*Coupons are only valid for redemption in the United States. Swag Bucks are only awarded for redeemed coupons.
      Will take up to 8 to 12 weeks after redemption for Swag Bucks to show in your account.
      **Registration to is necessary to use the Savings Card feature on” Not sure how they know they’ve been redeemed.

      • mary ellen says

        I’m assuming they track the bar-code number off each coupon you print. Then when it shows that the barcode has been redeemed they give you points.

  2. cyndi says

    I’ve been having difficulty earning Swagbucks by doing searches lately, I search everything through my Swagbucks toolbar or firefox add on for Swagbucks searches…problem is I never get points for my searches anymore. The only way I’ve been able to earn points lately is by watching the Swagbucks tv. Any suggestions?

    • cyndi says

      Well, I just figured it out. For some reason my toolbar had been mislabeled as Swagbucks & wasn’t the actual Swagbucks search box. Got it fixed now. :)

  3. Katey says

    Hmm…I just put in about 10 different searches…including raining hot coupons. I have not gotten any. It has been seeming slow for me lately for some reason..

    • Taylor Duncan says

      Mine is the same Katey. I just started doing this, and it has slowed my computer way down and I haven’t won any swagbucks for my searches.

  4. nikki says

    confused about how you turn your points in for giftcards and also confused about the paypal thing… they really send you FREE CASH???

    • Catrina David says

      Nikki when you earn swagbucks you can go to “REDEAM” at the top of page click on “Swagstore” and then you can redeam (trade) your swagbucks for whatever you want! the best deal i have found so far is the $5 gift cards they are only 450 swagbucks! to find giftcards just look on the leftside of the page that comes up after clicking the swagstore and about half way down is “Gift & Reward cards” i hope this helps you in your swag journey. oh and yes it is like free money!!!

    • Danielle Williamson says

      another fun way to earn points & win money$$$ is through “checkpoints” (it has been featured on CNN)
      what it is: a app for your smartphone that you can use to check-in everywhere you shop, earn points for scanning specific products & redeem points for great prizes [my favorite are the gift cards :] there are also games you can play to earn extra points & a search engine you can download as well.
      you can use my BONUS CODE: daniellew21 to register :)

  5. rachelle vance says

    Love swag bucks! I’ve been on swag bucks for about a week, and have already scored 2 $5 amazon gift cards!

  6. Serena says

    Just searched superstition and got 10 swagbucks! Got 28 swagbucks for searching something I was looking for right before!

    • Taylor Duncan says

      I have searched a ton of things today and only won 10 swagbucks on one thing. What am I doing wrong???? It seems so easy for people to get these, I am having a heck of a time. Please help!

  7. Kara says

    Would love to win on searches today like I do EVERY day but I got the dreaded IFrame message today when I tried to search and had to contact customer support. I hope my acct. doesn’t get deactivated. Ugh.

  8. Tana says

    this site is just like, the good offers for high points require a credit card for some kind of membership and a purchase. it will take a long time to earn enough points to reedeem with just doing the free offers….disapointed

  9. jen says

    Yes, you can earn things like gift cards and prizes, but basic day to day users don’t earn enough to get cash. I have been a regular member, doing surveys, special offers and searches for 2 years now, and been able to redeem six $5 Amazon gift cards. Not bad for free, but nothing like getting $50 in cash, sorry.
    You have to have people join through your referral link (as RHC has done) to really earn the big rewards as she will now get extra swagbucks for everyone who joins under her, along with a portion of what everyone under her earns.

    It’s still a great deal, since you can get stuff for free, but don’t expect to be getting big bucks in cash as the photo represents.

  10. Metalmommaa says

    I just counted my used gift cards from swagbucks last night and I have made 105 bucks with them. Plus 10 I put in last night and the 20 more to come. I love that site!

  11. Erica Apple says

    Is anyone else having issues with it making every lag on their computer? Because I feel like ever since i installed it my computer has been lagging… and there is no way to get rid of it?

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