Melted Crayon Ornaments

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melted crayon ornament

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Want a super fun and easy craft for the kiddos…or how about a super cute ornament for your tree?! That’s exactly what you get with this next craft! These melted crayon ornaments are super easy and fun to make plus, they look even cuter in person! Enjoy..

Melted Crayon Ornament


  • Clear Glass Ornament Bulbs – you can get some HERE on Amazon!
  • Crayola Crayons
  • Microwave


  1. Pick 3 complementary color crayons and cut off 1/4″ of the end of each.
  2. Remove metal end of ornament and put 3 crayon pieces inside. cray
  3. NOTE: Ornament may get warm or even hot to the touch. Use oven mitt if necessary.
  4. Microwave 2 minutes and see if crayons are starting to melt.
  5. If they are not, continue to microwave in 45 second increments checking to se if they are melting.
  6. When they are melting, swirl ornament around to spread colors all around ornament. o
  7. If they stop moving, microwave an additional 45 seconds and continue.
  8. Allow to cool and replace metal piece.


melted crayons collage

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  1. Terrie Swanson says

    Just tried these with my kids I keep. They’re beautiful and the kids got so excited seeing their colors. Got my ornaments at AC Moore last night 6 for $3.99 on sale this week.
    I did have to use over 1/2 crayon instead of a 1/4 and used 3 colors to get total coverage.

  2. Terrie Swanson says

    Oh ,my bulbs are 80 mm so that may be why I had to use more crayon. Anyway, great way to use up broken crayons.

  3. lacey says

    u can use plastic I did and I used a hair dryer to melt crayons u put crayons in ornament then close it and turn it in front of dryer til melted and look like u want

    • Joe says

      I tried one of the cheap brands of crayons… they didn’t melt very well. I thought maybe it was something with my microwave or the ornaments I got until I tried it with crayola. the 11 I did with crayola turned out really cool. The one I did with the other brand looks like it was made for Halloween.

  4. Christine says

    I will probably use a plastic one, if I were to do this, but do you think it’d work with multiple different colors and turn out like tie dye? Or would they all blend and make a brown?

  5. Beth Sands says

    I did not find this an easy craft project at all. On our first attempt, I discovered that the ornament was so hot after coming out of the microwave that my kids couldn’t touch it. In fact, I ended up burning myself, dropping the ornament and then having it shatter. Glass and hardened melted crayon was everywhere. We then came up with a new plan and dipped the ornaments with the crayon in them into a pot of boiling water. This worked out okay but the steam was still hot and a challenge to deal with. Covering the top of the inside of the ornaments was tricky too. We did end up with beautiful ornaments, but it was way more of a project than I had expected!

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