New $1/1 Package of KRAFT Fresh Take Cheese & Breadcrumb Mix Coupon!

Here’s a new coupon that should make for a nice dinner! Save $1.00 on any One package of KRAFT Fresh Take Cheese & Breadcrumb Mix.

Anyone ever tried this stuff? It sure sounds delicious!


  1. My family loves these! Thanks

  2. We had the bacon/ cheese this week. It was pretty yummy, doesn’t coat the chicken the way shake and bake does. But this makes the chicken so much more moist.

  3. We have had the one with cheddar and bacon and it is really good! The chicken is really moist when you use this on it.

  4. I tried it. Kroger’s had it on sale last week for $2.50 and then the ‘coupon machine’ had a $1 coupon. I tried the Southwest Three Cheese and it was pretty good. My Hub enjoyed and so did my 3 year old son. It’s worth it with a coupon and on sale, but if not, its cheaper to use cheese and bread crumbs you might already have and add seasoning. Tip… depending on how many people you want to feed you might want to seperate and save half of crumbs/seasoning and cheese in seperate bags, because I think I wasted too much.

  5. yes i paid yesterday 1.85 so with this coupon i can get this for just .85 great

  6. Yes I agree it dont coat the chicken to well. I used extra seasoning because I dont think it has enough flavor. It did keep the chicken moist.

  7. I had the Southwest and my family and I loved it!! With four girls, a husband, my mom it’s hard for everyone to like the same thing. Here with coupon it would be $1.09. TIP**** CUT THE CHICKEN IN HALF, IT WILL STILL BE MOIST AND COMPLETELY COVERED. I do that and serve w/ veggie, and mashed potatoes, (gravy) to make it go further. Also there was a coupon on chicken breast package (geneic I think, has no name and it’s not Tyson) to get a $1 off of cheese mix.

  8. We have had the Southwest Three Cheese and the Colby Jack and Bacon. I buy the Tyson chicken tenderloins and dip them in egg before coating the chicken with the mix. Makes it alot easier and moist. Also, sometimes Tyson will post a $1.00 off chicken with the purchase of a Freshtake and it can be combined.

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