New: Raining Hot Coupons Topic Tuesday!

We have Monday Fun-day, Recipe Wednesday and now starting tomorrow (4/12) will be Topic Tuesday! So, every Tuesday I will post a topic about random things…such as, How others organize, daily routines, saving money on certain items, vacation planning, how to make home cleaners, lunch ideas for kids, coupon questions answered, ETC!

Here’s how it will work:

  • I will post the topic of choice for that Tuesday with my opinion about it and advice/tips.
  • Then, it will be your turn! Your turn to express your opinions, see others opinions, chat about it, learn new ideas and tell others your ideas and tips on that topic!

**I would love to get ideas from YOU about what topics you’d like to see on here and what tips you may have to offer. So, for those of you that want to “Start a topic”, please send me an email to Raininghotcoupons@hotmail(dot)com with your idea and thoughts about it!

Tomorrow, Tuesday (4/12) will be the first topic of discussion. 😉


  1. Ok what’s our topic for today?

  2. I am new.
    This is my first

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