New VIDEO: My Mailbox Freebies Haul! (TONS of them)


Once again, I’ve accumulated a huge amount of freebies and samples in the mail and I wanted to show all of you in this video!

I know a lot of you worry about what you’re signing up for but I strive to only post legitimate deals on my site. I am very careful about what I post and weed through all the bad ones to find the good ones!

Enjoy and maybe checking your mailbox now will be more of a treat…. 😉


  1. how do you get the coupons for free items?

    • Kim T. one of the best ways to get coupons is to contact the company and share your experience…good or bad it doesn’t matter, the companies like the feedback. I contacted Tide about the Boost product and they sent me 3-$1/1 product coupons which were helpful because the P&G coupons for Tide at the time were less valuable than at other times (like the most recent $1.50/1 is good, the others were $1/2 or less value). You can contact most companies through their web page.

  2. I just started getting my freebies in the mail. It takes awhile to start but, you’re right, its fun. I don’t do all of them because I am picky but am suprised at how many there are that DO intrest me. THANKS!

  3. I get lots of magazines for free. All of my friends are amazed at the amount of magazines I get. Once I’m done with them I pass them on to the assisted living facility where my mom is living. They are very happy to get them.

  4. Thank you so much for all your hard work! I know it takes a lot of your time. My daughter & I love your website.

  5. i’m sure it’s old, but when was there a signup to get a sample from wen? i’ve been interested in trying it, but don’t see samples for it. Thanks!

  6. I only got like 4 out of all the samples you showed in the video. It is fun to get freebies! I love it!

  7. Thank-you! I got a lot of the offers you posted. I just wonder how you have time to do your blog and have a baby! AND you look so pretty.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  8. i have all but like maybe 5 of those samples…love freebies =) ur awesome sarah thanks for all you do! 🙂 oh btw lovee your hair <3

  9. Are there any of them still current? I think you said the airborne, but did anyone else try to get others?

  10. i have been photographing my freebies in sets when I get them; sometime I will have to post the pictures (I cannot believe how much I have gotten in a few short months). I LOVE looking in the mail and finding all the free stuff and coupons and then finding new products I love that way. Thanks Sarah.

  11. I was too distracted by your bazillion carat wedding ring set. 🙂

  12. Jessica Willetts says

    Wow! I joined your blog in Oct and I have received almost every sample, freebie, or giv-a-way that you just showed in the video. Super excited to see what comes up this year! Thanks for all you do!!! Your hair looks too cute btw! <3

  13. I just started following your blog about a month ago – I can’t wait to start getting all these freebies! Thank you soooo much for all the work you put into this!

  14. I appreciate all the hard work you do to get us these great deals. I pass these along to my local couponing group and hope they start getting all the great freebies I do.
    The only worry I have is with the magazines. I don’t want to commit to a subscription when I’m done, do they get harassing at all when you do the free 6 mo subscription etc?

  15. Hi Sara,

    You get a TON of freebies! I feel like I only get maybe 1/2 of the stuff I sign up for! I noticed some of the stuff you showed I signed up for but never got! Like the “THIT” shirt! I know I signed up for that freebie at least 2 times and still nothing. Any advice?
    Thanks for all you do! I have been following your site for well over a year now! You do a great job!!

  16. Christi Reid says

    You are just adorable! I’ve been following your blog for I think 1 1/2 years & have several friends who now follow you! Thank you for all that you do for us!

  17. Love your ring 🙂

  18. Saw a link to this post over on Digg. Thanks for posting it. Im sure Ill be back one day.

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