(New Zip Codes Added – More Getting Accepted!) National Consumer Panel Openings = Cash & More!

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MORE zip codes were added and MORE people who got denied previously are now getting accepted so you may want to apply now!!

Nielson HomeScan has limited new openings for your opinions. Join the National Consumer Panel today! They give you a scanner and you scan your purchases each week and then electronically send them the information from your scanner.

It’s an awesome opportunity to earn cash, and gift points which can be redeemed for Electronics, household items, toys and much more and you are giving your valuable opinion to help companies!

The openings for sign ups usually doesn’t last long so hurry on over.

Wow! Here are some comments from 2 members of Nielson National Consumer Panel:

“I got a phone call from Nielson TV Ratings, they are sending me a TV watching diaries to fill out for one week and in return, I get $30!”

“Love this program, it does take a little time but SO worth it. I have received cash, gift cards, and have fun doing it.”

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  1. Maggie Johnson says

    I just got my scanner but I didn’t recieve any money? When does it come? I heard from you that you got $30 dollars right?

  2. kelly says

    I actually go the scanner… and I sent it back- once I watched the video I realized that it was going to be a crazy amount of work and since I have a very large family- I would be hours in doing this each week and answering all the questions- and I wasn’t really getting rewarded for my time- you get the same amount of reward regardless if you scan in $100 of stuff or $1000. I had been trying to get on this panel for years so I was really excited to be accepted- It just wasn’t for me (not to mention the scanner they sent me was of questionable condition).

  3. rachel says

    I signed up for it awhile ago. filled everything out and never got an email. I just signed my husband up in hopes they chose him. how soon after you fill the info out do they send the scanner? thanks

  4. Theresa H. says

    I’m bummed…. I actually have the time, but, for some reason they aren’t conducting in my area! Go figure, those who really want to do the work get the shaft!

  5. Tia says

    i been doing this for 6 months and at ony 9,000 points. i record everything and answer serverys and havent recieved anything! i checked out the rewards, no cash only objects and gift cards to jeffy lub and services for your car! but since i hit my 6mth mark i earn 200 points per transaction instead 150 what i was gettin! i think its just a slow start at least i hope!

  6. Kim says

    I did this earlier and hated it. They want you to scan everything!!! I would go to the store and just get produce and had no way to scan it. I got one reward, which was fine but never any cash reward and it takes forever to earn anything. I also had a new baby during my time with them and really didn’t go to the store for a month except for produce as I had a large stockpile and people brought me food and groceries, since I hadn’t scanned for 3 weeks I started to get postcards saying I needed to scan or consider withdrawing from the program. Seriously, I was a new mom…give me a break…This program may be for you, it just wasn’t for me.

  7. Brenda says

    I’ve been scanning for about 2mnths and I scan what I remember to scan since I buy something just about everyday. Last week I received a survey in the mail I had to fill out and send back. Inside were $5 crips, brand new dollar bills..LOL I was so excited my husband was laughing at me.. For now I’ll just continue scanning with no pressure and see what else comes my way…

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