Olive Garden: Dinner Today & Dinner Tomorrow (2 Meals for $12.95!)

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Olive Garden has a new offer called “Dinner Today & Dinner Tomorrow“! It will cost just $12.95 for Dinner, soup and salad, then you will also get a delicious meal to take home for tomorrow!

Here are the entrees included:

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  1. Deb G says

    Restaurants USED TO offer deals like this for the people who didn’t have a companion to take advantage of the BOGO for 2 offers. They also USED TO offer 1/2 off 1 meal for single diners instead of the current BOGo offers for 2 people. It would be nice if the restaurants gave a break to the single diners…they lose by being so restrictive.

  2. Gina says

    Me and my husband went to Olive Garden Sunday and took advatage of this. You don’t need a coupon or anything. We had our second meal last night and it was great!

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