Personalized Letter from Santa ONLY $0.01 Shipped!

Wow, if you’re patient (their site is running very slow), you can get a personalized letter from Santa for just one penny! Yep, only $0.01!

  1. Go here
  2. Fill out the information for your child’s letter
  3. Add to your cart
  4. Use the FREE shipping code 41878
  5. Checkout and total will be $0.01!


Thanks, One Frugal Chick


  1. Service Unavailable

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.
    Reference #6.2df50f17.1322505968.7443c91

  2. Right now the site is being REALLY slow, I’m sure it’s overloaded. Keep getting site and server errors. Will try again later. Thanks for the great tip, my daughter would LOVE it!!

  3. How do you pay the cent and can you do more than one?

    • It says you can do up to three. But its very the site is down for maintanence.

    • You just click “continue shopping” and it will bring you back to the personalizing page. Then, when you’re done, enter the free shipping code and it’s a total of 2 cents.

  4. just keep hitting refresh! its slow, but working for me:)

  5. kathie raymond says

    stephanie.. keep refreshing, it comes back : )

  6. at what part do you enter the free shipping zipcode, it keeps telling me that the address does not match. And if i enter it to where it will ship, it will go there instead of my house

  7. PayPal gateway has rejected request. A match of the Shipping Address City, State, and Postal Code failed (#10736: Shipping Address Invalid City State Postal Code).
    :((, Its ok, I guess, 2.98 for 2 is a good price

  8. not working for me. neither is the ecomom site. and i am QUITE nerdy… i’ve tried everything. been trying to call ecomom all day. they don’t answer the phone. so now i am stuck with a $50 voucher i can’t use. plus, the item i had in my cart is all of a sudden “sold out”

  9. Just got two for my children. It did take a while, but I was able to do other things while waiting. Everything went through fine, but I did not use Paypal.

  10. Dawn Holgersen says

    Thank you so much! I didn’t think I’d be getting ones for the kids this year because money is tight. This is great!!!!

  11. Yes I got one it did take a long time to process but I did get it to work with paypal:)

  12. took forever – multiple tries, reloads, refreshes, even starting from scratch on the personalizing, but I just got it! first time I made it to payment info, tried paypal and it didn’t work. multiple attempts to get through order steps later tried it with a visa and it worked. don’t know if that made the difference or just a lull in traffic.

  13. kristyl galli says

    They must of been fixing their site, I tried for a long time and the site was down. It came up just now and they are $9.99

  14. it’s telling me that it’s going to be 9.99???

  15. well even with the code it is now 9.99 total

  16. What a disappointment and a pretty shady company! I ordered this and today my $.01 was refunded because the item was “out of stock”. However, on the webpage it says that it is very much in stock if I want to pay $9.99. It’s safe to say that I will never order anything from this company with these kinds of business practices.

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