Pineapple Cake (Only 2 Ingredients!)

2 Ingredient Pineapple Cake

Pineapple Cake (Only 2 Ingredients!) This is by far, one of my favorite recipes to make because it's super easy and full of flavor!

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This is by far, one of my favorite recipes to make because it’s super easy and full of flavor! In fact, when I’m at the store, I try to always pick up these 2 ingredients in case I crave this cake or need to make a dessert quick! This Pineapple Cake only takes 2 ingredients and is extremely moist. Enjoy…

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2 Ingredient Pineapple Cake

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  • 1 box Angel Food Cake mix
  • 20 oz Crushed Pineapple with Juice 4.jpg


  1. Move rack to lowest level in oven.
  2. Preheat oven to 350.
  3. Combine the ingredients in a bowl (do not over mix). 3.jpg
  4. Grease a bundt pan.
  5. Pour into prepared bundt pan. 2.jpg
  6. Bake for 45 minutes.
  7. Allow to cool 10 mins in pan.
  8. You may need to use a spatula to loosen from bundt pan before inverting.
  9. Allow to finish cooling after removing from pan.

pineapple cake collage.png


  1. I’ve also made this with a can of blueberry pie filling….. turns the cake a lovely purple/blue color. I’ve never made in a bundt pan, mine has always been in a 13×9 pan and I notice the center always drops after it comes out of the oven, will have to try bundt pan next time.

    • Try baking this cake in an ‘Angel Food’ cake pan. It will be much easier to cut around the pan with a sparula or a butter knife, rather than if you used a ‘Bundt Pan’. The “Angel Food’ pan worked well for me. I’ll also try making it with blueberry pie filling as you did. That sounds very delish to me! Happy baking!

      • Cheri Fiorilli says

        I was wondering if I can (although for “fat” sake know I shouldn’t lol) add any butter like I have in dump cake recipes that have also had pie filling included. Do you know if I can? My Dad is a pineapple upside down cake FREAK and I’d love to try this out for him, but I have a sneaking suspicion he’ll want some of that “buttery” flavor in it too.

      • I served it with fresh blueberries and a little whipped cream to tone down the sweetness of the angel food cake. Very nice with a cuppa.

      • I just made this & it was wonderful!!
        I baked it in a bundt pan, however I greased & floured my pan & the cake came out without any problems. I took it to our Sunday night potluck grilling party. Everyone loved it!!! I only have a slice leftover for lunch tomorrow. Thank you!!!
        P.S. I ignored the rude comment from “Lola Says”, but I did read & enjoyed all the suggestions & good comments!

      • I’ve always been told you cannot and should not grease a angel food cake pan!

        • Oh good I’m reading this freaking out that I didn’t Greece or flour because I never have with an angel food cake! So my cake is finished and it has deflated and I have not tried to turn it upside down yet! It’s for Easter and I’m afraid very afraid

    • Is Angel Food cake a must? Can you use white or yellow cake mix instead?

  2. That’s not baking. That’s bunging together a box of cake mix, which is cheating not baking, and a tin of pineapple. Not exactly healthy, and not 2 ingredients either. You’re not cooking, you’re assembling. Come back when you’ve learned to bake a cake from scratch, any idiot can make a packet cake.

    • Lola, I am an old, old woman. I love to read recipes online, and the comments to see if the recipes have been tweaked or if the people who tried them liked them. I don’t like to see criticism, it hurts my heart. No one needs to be mean. If you are on Pinterest or Facebook and see a recipe, but you disagree with it in anyway, please, please just ignore it and go on. That’s what a polite person does.

      • sometime people don’t have time to bake I like this one don’t let people her hurt your feeling we are enjoying it very much I bake from scratch but cant do it all the time thank u again

      • I agree

      • Do you have to add eggs or anything and have you tried it with any frosting or glaze. It’s a great idea I love baking but don’t always have the time to do it home made from scratch. 🙂 thank you

      • I to am an older retired lady and enjoy these recipes and not having to bake the “old school” way. If I crack an egg and/or turn on my oven .. I baked! Keep it up…

      • nice to see reminders of etiquette and common sense and politeness are still around. I love to truly create and bake and cook from scratch for so many reasons. But quick and tasty “recipes” are also nice to be able to use from time to time. I’m making this “dump” cake right now, because I don’t have all of the ingredients or time to make a dessert for my guests, soon to arrive. I think all will enjoy the light pineapple cake.

      • Social media etiquette.
        If you have nothing nice to say keep it to yourself.
        I’ve tried many recipes from this site and Facebook. Some turned out ok and some not so much.
        It is up to you to try them. Nobody forced you to make them so just please keep those not so nice comments to yourself. Peace!

      • Rhonda,
        To me i loved the new recipe for angel food with pineapple and that makes it yours. I am so sorry that some people have no respect for other peoples feelings and if they can’t say anything nice then don’t say it at all.

      • I’m a bit older, my mother was not much of a cook (The joke always was”the only thing domesticated about my mother is that she lives in a house” LOL) So, whenever possible I make everything from scratch, real mashed potatoes, homemade soups etc. But, sometimes everyone wants something quick and easy to fix and this sounds wonderful. I only read the comments to see if it could be make with other fruits, or even fresh fruit. Life is too short to have to personally make all the mistakes myself. LOL It made me happy that so many people were shocked by such a rude comment. Thank you for the recipe

      • Way to go Rhonda! I feel the same way, my mother always said if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all! Mamma’s know best!

        • some people just like to cause problems, there is always going to be one bad apple in the bunch… myself I like easy and this is a very god cake, I have made it several times…

      • I agree with you! No one has to be mean…. If you don’t like the recipe…. Move on.

      • Well put Ma’am. I can’t think of many things more important to be than polite.

      • I’m also an old,old woman and I agree hurtful criticism is never productive. I have learned in life to not sweat the small stuff. I will definitely try this easy recipe.

    • wow, bitter much

    • Brenda Richardson says

      Personally, I love easy, but good “baking” items. Thank you for your opinion, and like noses, every one has one, but this one would have been better left to yourself! No reason to be rude.

      • vicky vanasperen says

        I dont agree with her criticism…there is not enough time in the day to do from scratch….the best recipes are ones whether from scratch or just a few…be kind, and if you cant, dont put down the pinner, just go on

    • I have made this cake several times too, but will try a bundt pan next time. It is nice to make when you would like something lighter and don’t have time to bake from scratch. Busy people with families, work and a life don’t always have time to do that. Great served with sliced strawberries too!

    • Obviously…u r missing something in your life like…like GOD…why make such comments…REALLY?!!!!! And this is how parents r 2b teaching their children….no wonder this country is a mess.

    • I see nothing wrong with this recipe. And how is it “cheating, not baking”? She baked it didn’t she? Any idiot can see that. I bake cakes from scratch all the time and it’s just as unhealthy. So who cares? She gave me an easy alternative. Especially for people who don’t have time or don’t know how to measure, mix, or fold. And it’s great for kids. You keep baking from scratch and stop leaving irrelevant comments under people’s recipes.

    • You should not make such negative comments. Some of us are not gifted with baking talents which obviously you are. I love this recipe. Make it all the time for the grands and they absolutely love it. I also can bake…..

    • Donna Hill says

      I am disabled and can’t stand in the kitchen hardly at all. The simplicity of this is lovely and appreciated. Why don’t you come back when you have acquired some manners Lola says!!!!!

    • What a bitch! LOL

    • Pirate Queen says

      Wow! Rude, rude, rude.

    • Don Hamilton says

      That is a pathetic message Lola

    • LOLA: You’re a REAL “PIECE OF WORK”! I’ve been baking & cooking for (probably) more years than you’ve been alive, but I (sometimes) appreciate referring to a ‘quick & easy” recipe for a dessert (or for a main meal) on very busy days…. or when I receive ‘short notice’ that we’ll be having company for dinner. I’m ABSOLUTELY sure that I can bake & cook CIRCLES around you, so don’t try to sound as if you’re such a ‘Cracker-Jack’ baker (or anything else). By doing so, it only makes you appear to be pompus, rude, & stupid (and I’m sure that you are all of these!) If you have nothing ‘constructive’ to say, please don’t make any more of your very rude & negative comments. Keep them to yourself, as no-one wants to hear your “CRAP”!

      • I agree with you on this one Anglelina, Lola needs an attitude adjustment . I am also an accomplish baker and cook and I see nothing wrong with an easy fix. All bakers and cooks start with baby steps, this a great entry into the baking world.

      • if this recipe is so insulting to the “scratch baker” that you are why are you looking it up?

      • Cheri Fiorilli says


      • Angelina, you are absolutely correct. Every once in a while, I will get ambitious and prepare something rather elaborate which requires quite a bit of time; but most times, I want something that is fast and simple. I have concocted dishes of my own original thinking, and everyone always raved about them, so I know my way around a kitchen. This recipe is something wonderful to introduce a young boy or girl to the pleasures of cooking, and to build their confidence. There are probably many young brides who have not yet gained the expertise to fully become the wonderful cooks that only time will make them. For all of those individuals, and everyone else who just wants a simple to fix dessert, this is ideal.

    • Lola,
      Kindly refrain from mean comments. Not everyone has the time to bake from scratch, nor we have the time just to post nasty remarks. Must be nice to have so much leisure time to waste!
      For those of us who have lives…
      What a great recipe! I came here to find a quick and easy recipe for a summer dessert. You nailed it!!! Recipes like this one are great when something comes up at the last minute and you want to make something simple but good. Thank you, so much!

    • Lola that is just mean,

    • Love the simple recipes! Thanks for sharing!!!
      As for Lola, someone needs more hugs in their lives….

    • Oh Lola… so sad… you must not have anything better to do than criticize… This cake is soooo good, I’ve been making it for years, and always get raves… I do a lot of other baking from scratch, but get requests for this one. Maybe you should just try it !! You probably did, secretly and just won’t admit how good it is… Smile Lola, sometimes simple is good too !

    • Hey, Lola, how about being appreciative that a quick, easy recipe was posted? I m sure 99% of people would make this and love the convenience. I m not sure why 20 ingredients and more time in the kitchen makes a better result!Lady, you need a dose of manners. To all the cake mix recipes, keep them coming!!

    • WOW, I think Lola needs some recipe anger management therapy to deal with a two ingredient recipe! A long, complicated, recipe is not always good. I think you need some American sensibilities as I detect you re a foreigner. We embeace all nationalities in the United States, however, we have little tolerance for rude, harsh tongued people. Keep the two ingredient recipes coming! I ll pray for you.

    • Lola must think she is a superior cook. We can all spend 8 hours getting a meal together or 30 minutes to whip up a 2 ingredient cake. For me, both is fine. Don’t be a hater Lola!!!!!

    • What a self satisfied jerk who died and made you the kitchen police they shouldn’t even allow your statement

    • I bake from scratch too but was very interested in a quick easy recipe. I just can’t understand why someone need to be so harsh. Thank you for sharing this yummy looking easy recipe. I love angel food cake. God Bless You and the person who is so unhappy they have to lash out to someone who is being nice and showing us a fun recipe. Thank you.

    • wow Lola, get a grip. Take some relaxation classes. Maybe take up yoga. But chill the heck out. Wow. If you are not a fan, go away.

    • Cheri Fiorilli says

      Lola , YOU are sadly INNCORRECT…
      BAKE /bāk/
      gerund or present participle: baking
      1. cook (food) by dry heat without direct exposure to a flame, typically in an oven or on a hot surface.
      “they bake their own bread and cakes”
      synonyms: cook, oven-bake, roast, dry-roast
      “bake the fish for 15–20 minutes”
      •(of food) be cooked by baking.
      “the bread was baking on hot stones”
      2. (of the sun or other agency) subject (something) to dry heat, especially so as to harden it.
      “the sun has baked the earth a dusty brown”
      synonyms: scorch, burn, sear, parch, dry (up), desiccate; broil
      “the earth was baked by the sun”

      PLEASE REFER TO YOUR DICTIONARY BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO BE SO RUDE & MEAN SPIRITED, OR BETTER YET, STAY ALONE IN A ROOM WITHOUT ABILITY TO INTERACT WITH OTHERS That way no one else need be exposed to your negativity. And PLEASE get some help. You clearly enjoy being mean spirited. Have a nice day if that is possible or you

    • Cheri Fiorilli says

      PLEASE get help. You are really being asty an is absolutely uncalled for and unfair to subject others to your nastiness.
      thank you.

    • Cheri Fiorilli says

      PS Lola, You ARE just being a bitch by posting what you did. I hope after u see all the people who are moved to response you can see that clearly that is the UNIVERSALLY arrived to conclusion. People with manners, class, tact, and any knowledge of politeness and socially acceptable behavior all seem to agree. I suppose I being admittedly less classy than most was obviously moved to just tell you directly the truth of it. You are a Bitch.

    • Cheri Fiorilli says

      P.S. Lola,
      You are also a BULLY.
      If you’re not sure how that word applies please refer to a dictionary.

    • Shame on you do you have nothing better to do with your time Than be nasty! I agree things from scratch are usually much better, but not everyone has time to bake from scratch. Some people have to work for a living and do not have the optionto be a stay at home Joan Clever!

    • You know, Lola, artists usually take their time and work on their paintings for many, many hours. But there are other times when they do quick, sloppy sketches. It doesn’t make them cheaters, and the sketches are just as important as big detailed paintings because they, too, came from the heart and were created with love. This is a little like that. Some days I like to bake from scratch and take my time, other days I just want to whip up something super quick and simple. Why? Because I can. And because it’s fun. Because my kids don’t have the patience for baking from scratch, and this recipe put smiles on their faces. But it’s clear from your comments that “fun” is not in your vocabulary. You’re a sad, cowardly little person who, I bet, would never have the guts to say something like this to this lady in real life. Do the world a favor and keep your nasty little thoughts to yourself.


    • Diana Temple says

      I feel sorry for you Lola that you have such a boring life that you find time to tacky to others offering a working mother
      a quick way to make a delicious dessert for her family.

    • I would not add anything to the cake mix.It is all egg whites and would probably not rise or bake well.

    • if you can’t say anything nice don’t say it at all. Your comment was really uncalled for!!

    • If you don’t like it dont read it. Ive tried this recipe with lemon and blueberry pie filling and it was good. Its also a good recipe for people with diabeties (from their cookbook) I enjoy reading these keep up the good work.

    • I agree with everyone about Lola …she needs to leave the negative comments to herself, maybe one day she will be too old or unable to stand for long periods of time and will appreciate the “shortcuts”

    • Vicky Menuez says

      Your comments are shameful Lola. You must be a very unhappy person to strike out so bitterly. I too love to cook from scratch, but I love to see simple, easy recipes like this when time is running short. You need to spend some time being thankful for your blessings and pray for the ability to show kindness instead of scorn.

    • Wow, Lola, that was pretty rude! Didn’t your mother ever teach you, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” ?

    • Damn Lola, it must be wonderful living in your perfect world. Some of us enjoy making something easy for our loved ones – doesn’t matter the effort – it’s the thought that counts. I love baking in all fashions – and I appreciate this recipe – you need to learn to chill, girl! Move on if the simple life is not your cup of tea, and as someone else said, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

    • It’s sad that this person has to put someone else down to make them selves feel better. I would suspect that this person is not a very good baker due to the horrible comment. You do not have to bake from scratch to be a baker, a lot of my friends that are professional bakers use boxed items and add to them to make them their own. This is a quick and easy recipe to be able to produce a nice desert when you don’t have all day to spend in the kitchen.

    • Actually, this amazing cake is on the Weight Watchers website and I made it today and it was AWESOME!!!!!!! Thank you to whomever posted! Yummy and very light…..

    • Lola,come on you can’t be that perfect,your statement was just plain RUDE

    • Delores Barnhill says

      Ouch !!! Lola, are you always this nasty ??

    • B. Francis says

      Well this idiot is a little late to this party, but very appreciative for a guickie dessert recipe. !

    • Your rude, if you don’t like it IGNORE it! I am disabled and in a wheelchair. I use to love to bake everything from scratch, and do so on a good day which is few and far between. So I appreciate others ideas.

    • Lola, get a life…. who died and made you the Queen of Baking? We live in a free world!

    • Deborah Kolda says

      Lola-This isn’t a baking contest. Not everyone has the time or money to bake from scratch, and not everyone wants to. Some people enjoy the simplicity & tastiness of easy baking. I think you should make sure you use the word “scratch” in all your searches and then maybe you won’t be so disappointed & hateful with the results.

    • How rude!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Good God, Lola! With the turmoil that our Country is in between the Joke that is our President. and the chaos of the Senate and the house and most importantly, the slaughter of children and teachers in Florida, you don’t feel inspired to keep your nasty comments to yourself? Apparently not. I sure as hell hope you don’t own a gun. Perhaps you should check yourself into a psychiatric lock down unit to address your anger issues

    • Goodness Lola, panties in a bunch??

    • What a rude thing to say, who pissed in your Cheerios this morning!! I love this recipe and so does my family. Thank you so much for what it!!

    • I’ll take the easy way any old day. I do make from scratch but sometimes I just don’t have a lot of time. Nothing wrong with a cake mix.

    • Waynette Miles says

      Just because someone uses a cake mix doesn’t make them an idiot. That was a very rude comment. Made you sound a bit like an idiot

    • Im 72 years old and I’ve been cooking & baking since I was a child. Therefore I certainly do not need your advice for anything. As long as I like what I’m making that is all that counts 🙂

    • Charlotte Hall says

      Really – do us a favor and not post your negative vibes. Putting ingredients together to make anything is baking!

  3. Lola, it’s 2 ingredients in that it only takes 2 items to assemble. And you’re talking about a “healthy” cake? Feel free to bake your own “healthy” cake from scratch. This is for those who like angel food cake and want something easy. If you don’t like it, don’t make it, but don’t troll around insulting the person who posted it. You are welcome to be a baking nazi on your own website.

    As for myself, thank you for posting this, Sarah. I was looking for this recipe and it just happened to come across the top of my Pinterest feed when I wanted it.

    An idiot who is going to make this packet cake

    • Pointing out that you’re assembling rather than baking, that you’re just making up a store bought packet, and disagreeing with you is NOT trolling. If you can’t accept other peoples’ opinions, that’s your problem. Just don’t call them trolls for pointing out your inconsistencies. If you’re going to blog about baking, at least have the decency to actually bake.

      • You’re right, Lola. Forgive me for the troll comment. I should not have been so harsh in my reply. You have the right to your opinion, but I feel that your line, “Come back when you’ve learned to bake a cake from scratch, any idiot can make a packet cake,” was very disrespectful to the blog owner. If you don’t feel she can actually bake, then perhaps you should frequent blogs that are more suited to your baking ideal. She offered a viable shortcut to those who want something fast or perhaps are not very good in the kitchen. Even those people need recipe ideas every now and again. About it not being healthy, eating healthy is up to each individual. Bravo if you are one who is health conscious, but those who aren’t won’t be swayed by anyone else’s comments. They have to figure that out on their own. And I don’t think this is actually a baking blog. From what I can tell it is an everything site that happens to include recipes. Happy baking in all your future endeavors.

        • It’s on Pinterest, finding a new cake recipe, only to discover that it’s not a recipe is incredibly annoying. It would benefit everyone if it was entitled ‘Something different for your packet cake mix’, then we’d all know just what it was about. Packet mixes are not baking, it’s very easy to make an actual cake from scratch, and labelling these as recipes is misleading, and irritating for those of us who do actually bake from scratch. Many of us have to adapt recipes, we can’t do that with packet stuff.

          • Lola, you make me ill.

            The title of “2 ingredient pineapple cake”…….hmmm, if you are really looking for a “recipe” then you probably should have passed this one up instead of clicking on it and being “annoyed”. You are rude. Plain and simple. I wish I could be as polite as Michele. I can’t. Oh well. You are rude. Very rude. Bubye! Happy baking.

            • Aww bless you.

              At least I can bake.

              And spell.

              • It’s called sarcasm.

                • Indeed it is.

                  BTW, it’s two items, not ingredients. Take a look at your lovely packet mix, there’ll be a ton of ingredients in it ;0)

                  • I actually can bake a bang up cake, and do quite often. Sometimes it is just nice to be able to throw something together. While it doesn’t hold a candle to a homemade cake, I find most people are happy to have it and aren’t judgmental of the dessert. Some days just don’t seem to have enough hours in them.

                  • Cheri Fiorilli says

                    Lola, you just can’t help yourself can you? Maybe A psychiatric disorder evaluation and medication is in order? Just sayin’.

              • usually when a person THINKS they are good at something and are rude at the same time, they actually don’t amount to spit@

              • IDIOT!!!

          • There are many mis-labeled things on Pinterest. It is done by humans, who all have flaws. What constitutes one thing for you, may constitute another for them. Just the nature of the beast. I click, and make my determination from there. I have backed out of plenty of pins as they weren’t for me, or what I thought they were going to be. Such is life.

          • Lola, I agree with Angela..If you can’t figure out by the title that says “only two ingredients” that it is not a cake from scratch then you’re just plain dumb! So be annoyed with yourself not an adorably excited elderly woman who was just excited to share something. You actually owe her an apology. But you probably won’t because you sound like a person who doesn’t own up to your mistakes. It’s a shame. P.S. my cats name is Lola but she’s a lot nicer than you.

          • Definition of Recipe:
            a set of instructions for making or preparing something, especially a food dish: a recipe for a cake.
            Items, ingredients, same thing…

          • And umm, you need to look up the word recipe. And if you can’t adapt from cake mix then you shouldn’t be commenting under box cake recipes. I mean, any idiot baker should know how to adapt from a box cake. IJS.

          • Lola- Maybe you should use your common sense before criticizing others. When I saw “2 Ingredient Cake”, I knew before I clicked on it that it would be a box mix. Anyone with a little knowledge in baking would know that, and I’m no expert, so how about you turn your attitude towards yourself for not using your brain before clicking on the link? I also do not normally bake from a box and I never save recipes that call for it. I would say 95% of the time I bake and cook from scratch. However, I was intrigued and clicked anyway. Maybe you should be a little less of snotty brat and don’t click on something you don’t want to see. I guess your momma never taught you “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.

          • Oh my gosh, why so ugly, I imagine others found this recipe and were looking for something like you did. So was not what you wanted, its ok, just look else where. I am a mostly scratch baker and an excellent one at that. But I also like fast easy desserts once in a while too. You may actually like it!

          • Lola, you are obviously a miserable person. You must not have anything better to do than spread your negativity…well maybe you have time for “real baking” LOL! Save your negative comments. Like all the other wonderful ladies that have posted on this page, I enjoy a simple and quick way to make a great desert. Please go somewhere else and keep you comments to yourself. Happy “scratch” baking!

      • Did she not bake it? I could have sworn I saw “Bake for 45 minutes”. We are not in the fifties, there is no one way to prepare a batter for cake. Cake is cake. And cake is supposed to be BAKED. Just because you cracked a few eggs and she didn’t makes you angry? Get over yourself. You are not Barefoot Contessa or Martha Stewart, honey.

      • Lola, I bake from scratch all the time,but I also see the beauty in these simple recipes. Sometimes I don’t have all the ingredients to make from scratch. You do realize that when you bake from scratch you are still just “assembling”. The oven does the actual “baking”. Negative comments aren’t necessary, if you don’t want to make this recipe don’t leave your asinine comments.

        • Rebel you are so right. I make things from scratch all the time including pizza dough and sauce from scratch. This cake is great I even made a glaze of powdered sugar milk and coconut extract. And if you look at this cake it’s healthier than other cakes. There is NO added fat. Lola is not too bright it’s plain to see.

    • Cheri Fiorilli says

      Rebel, I LIKE so much what u said and I can’t wait to try this out!

  4. I followed all the directions as written, bt when baked the top was “caved in” kinda like a tire that lost air, lol I don’t understand, it tastes great…looks bad. what could I have possibly done wrong? I used betty crocker angel food mix and safeway brand 20 oz crushed pine apple?

    • You are not suppose to bake angel food cake in a greased pan, That’s what makes it fall. I did it anyway (a few times, now) and mine all fell, too. I would stick with a 9X13 pan.

  5. Stopping by from Mouthwatering Mondays. I love this idea and thank you so much for posting it. You have a GREAT site my bloggy friend. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

  6. I saw this recipe on another website and they had made it in a 9×13 pan and many reviewers said that it had collapsed in the middle, but tasted good. It looks like cooking it in the bundt pan helped prevent that from happening. One day I’ll have to give this a try.

  7. Easy is good! Plenty of people will appreciate this fun recipe. Thanks for sharing at The Mommy Club Link Party!

  8. Well Sarah, I just feel like we all need to give you a hug!!
    I love to bake and can bake up some pretty awesome pastry, pie and cakes, bread’s etc, however there have been times in my “very long” life that I have reached for a quick cake mix. That being said, this is a great quick cake mix for Angel Food Cake lovers. The first time I made it, like some of you have said it fell in the center and was really a little undercooked. My solution was to cook the cake 8 to 10 minutes longer making it browner on top and it was cooked through and did not fall in a 9X13 baking dish. I have not tried the Bundt pan, but the next time I need that quick fix for a dessert, guess what, I will be trying the Bundt Pan!

    Hope you are having a great week and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  9. 2 ingredients, so brilliant! Thanks for linking up with What’s Cookin’ Wednesday!

  10. Wow – thanks for sharing this easy breezy cake recipe!!!

  11. Well, I have to say that I served this cake to some friends who came over for coffee. It is by far the easiest cake I’ve ever put together, and I bake quite a bit from scratch. Everyone loved it. Thanks for posting!

  12. I wonder if you invert the pan while cooling like you do for a regular angel food cake if that would stop the caving in? I have made this with the pie filling in a 9×13 & the center did cave in. I am going to try it in a Bundt or angel food pan & turn it upside down while cooling. I think it could be a nice light summer dessert served with fresh fruit & a blob of Cool Whip!
    P.S. I know how to bake from scratch too, but sometimes I would rather quilt all day so a fast dessert is always nice to have! 🙂

    • I tried that, and the cake fell out of the pan and onto my kitchen counter in a flop! I hope you were successful!

    • I read where one gal turned her 9×13 pan upside down when she removed it from the oven to avoid the caveing in. I am using a glass Angel food pan so I’ll see how it goes 🙂

  13. Cannot wait to make this! Not all of us are Betty Crocker so THANKS for this 🙂

  14. Rhonda, I want to give you a hug. People like Lola are everywhere and we should feel sorry for them. It’s just too easy to get stuck in the negative parts of life and live there. Lola, I’m sorry Pinterest disappointed you but grow up. Criticism for criticism sake does no one any good.

  15. Enough Lola! We Bakers have heard enough of your negativity. I look forward to making this cake, no matter how many ingredients the recipe calls for. I don’t always feel like making a cake from scratch every time. Thank you Sarah, for giving us this recipe to try.
    The Lola’s of the world must be very unhappy people!

    • I have pondered the ‘ingredient’ comment, that a box cake is not considered an ingredient because it contains multiple ingredients. By this very logic, all canned soups, pasta, breads, condiments, packaged dressing/seasoning mixes, and a multitude of other items are not true ‘ingredients’. A boxed cake mix is as much an ingredient as a quarter cup of ketchup.

  16. Looking for a quick cake to make when I get home tonight from a hard day at work. I will make this cake. Maybe Lola’s been having some problems lately that make her mean.

  17. jackie wilson says

    love angel food cake–can’t wait to try this and also the one with the pie filling–I bought the cake mix and pineapple today so I will be trying it soon—thank you for the recipe–I love anything easy—oh yeah, I am going to put mine in my old angel food cake pan than used to be my mom’s and turn it upside down to cool–I too, am an old lady and I appreciate you taking your time to pin this

  18. This message is for Lola. I feel sorry for you. You are a very bitter, nasty and unlovable person. You will end your life a very lonely person. Don’t bother commenting back to me, I won’t be back here to see it!

  19. My husband loves angel food cake and this sounds like such a refreshing change adding that it would be so moist. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week!!

    • Michelle says

      I used what I thought was a standard bunt pan, but it must have been a little small. As the cake was baking, it overflowed. The taste of the cake made up for the mess in the oven! Thanks for the recipe.

  20. Lola: You are an extraordinarily ill-mannered person. That is, if in fact you ARE a real person and not just a troll on this site in order to stir up trouble.
    Rhonda: Thank you for the quick, easy and delicious recipe. I am generally a ‘from scratch’ baker, but this is a wonderful dessert for those ‘running short of time and energy’ days. Love it!

  21. Oh my, Lola! Who would have thought a simple ingredient cake would cause you such unhappiness. I have taught cooking classes and for years make many cakes, breads, etc. from scratch. I always admired people that could make things from just a few ingredients. I applaud this recipe and hope to see more! No need to be a kitchen snob ! Eat more chocolate, you’ll feel much better!

  22. Thank you for the recipe! Obviously this Lola lady had a lot of time in her hands because if she knew a lot about baking from scratch she would know it does not take 2 ingredients & she would not have clicked on the recipe. She wasted more time commenting on your recipe (which btw is very popular) than searching what she wanted. You should not be so rude, this is Pinterest not the Foodnetwork site. This recipe is great when you’re limited in time & want to bake something quick.
    Thank you!!!!!!!!

  23. I am excited to make this easy fat free dessert
    For our soup kitchen!!!

  24. Leona Leahy says

    I think of this as angle food Pineapple bars rather than cake. Have always made in a 13 x 9 pan. Will try the Bundt pan next time. All the participants of my “Coffe Break” each Saturday love it! They love the lightness, fresh taste & the ease of making it.

  25. All I wish to add is that life is to wonderful and short to even give this Lola person the time out of your day. Normally I wouldn’t, but this poor girl is starving for attention. I feel sorry for her. She needs God in her heart. If she loved herself, she would not feel so much need to make herself look better than others. Lola, so you can bake. Thee are millions of people who can’t, but can do millions of things that you can’t do. Time to grow up. God bless you!

  26. Just so you know, if you typically BAKE an angel food cake mix, you are instructed to use a baking vessel that is clean of all oils or any non-stick spray. That’s why these all fall flat when you take them out of the oven, and why it works better in a regular cake pan.. I have thrown a couple of these together, and they have all fallen, regardless of what I BAKE the mixture in. I would not recommend using any bundt pan for this RECIPE. I also want to say that I don’t eat what I bake, usually. I take it to work, and share it with co-workers, and they all appreciate whatever I bring in, whether or not it is a fancy RECIPE. And that makes me happy.. 🙂

  27. Lola it’s wonderful you can bake and spell. It’s a shame you have such rotten disposition. You need to lighten up and have some compassion for others. You need to ask God for forgiveness, unless you think you’re better than he is.

  28. Good grief! It’s a simple cake! A sweet person sharing a nice recipe…and it has to warrant such ill will. A wise person once said, “Things are not as they are. Rather they are as YOU are.” If one looks for something to attack, it is a statement about themselves and not really about what they are attacking. That being said…thank you for a great recipe! I have made it once before and it’s in my oven right now! God bless!

  29. I could have made a cake from scratch in the time I just wasted reading all these comments. It was like a train wreck that I couldn’t take my eyes off of; I was hooked. Everyone have a wonderful day and Happy Baking!

    • I’m with you Carla….Train wreck indeed I couldn’t stop reading all the responses to “Lola”…. I too would rather read comments and reviews based on the results of a recipe when it’s made. If the 2 ingredients/”baking” thing un-nerves you, so be it. I personally have “other” things to work on improving in my life. Why worry about semantics?

  30. I’m with Carla….Train wreck indeed I couldn’t stop reading all the responses to “Lola”…. I too would rather read comments and reviews based on the results of a recipe when it’s made. If the 2 ingredients/”baking” thing un-nerves you, so be it. I personally have “other” things to work on improving in my life. Why worry about semantics?

  31. I’m an old woman, too, (81) and have made this cake many times. I would have loved to have this “recipe” when my kids were growing up. We all love this cake (except for one who doesn’t like pineapple), and yes, mine always fell in the middle, too. I’ve always made it in a 9×13 pan. And now, my granddaughter has a recipe for a cobbler using only 3 ingredients (cake mix, canned pie filling, and a can of soda), which was delicious. I think Lola should have kept her comments to herself. I would never run someone down the way she did — regardless of what I think.

  32. I have been making this cake for years. Everyone loves it. I top it off with lemon curd, and
    I don’t make my own lemon curd. I buy it in the grocery ! I empty the lemon curd into a small bowl and add the juice of several fresh squeezed lemons until I get the right consistency . Yumm,yummmm!

  33. I have been making this cake for years. Everyone loves it. I top it off with lemon curd, and
    I don’t make my own lemon curd. I buy it in the grocery ! I empty the lemon curd into a small bowl and add the juice of several fresh squeezed lemons until I get the right consistency . Yumm,yummmm!

    PS I use an angel food pan and do not grease the pan.

  34. I just made this cake and it’s awesome. Also another one I made is an Orange Crush Cake. 1 yellow box cake mix and 12 oz. of orange crush soda. Bake at 350 for about 40 minutes. I love recipes like this, they’re easy and taste great.

  35. Tour recipe calls for a prepared bindt pan. Any time I have used an angel food cake mix it says do not put any coating on the pan. Should your pan be prepared with anything?

  36. Bake in greased bundt pan. After 45 minutes DO NOT OPEN the oven. Turn off oven. Stay inside 10 more minutes. The cake will not fall in. Let cool 10 minutes. Invert on plate. Cake is great plain or with fruit.

  37. Sarah, so sorry Lola was mean to you. Thanks for sharing. When I was young I loved to cook from scratch & keep a spotless house. Now in my 70s I like easy meals and a clean house, not spotless. God Bless <3

  38. Has anyone tried this with icing? I was thinking about trying it with a cream cheese icing mixed with crushed pineapple.

  39. Lola,
    1. STFU
    2. I think you need to get f’d, then you wouldn’t be so uptight.
    3. Karma is one big B.
    4. Being crass, and unkind is so unattractive.


  40. charlotte rushing says

    Please people,it is just a recipe…

  41. I am baking this cake as we speak for my little grand daughter. I didn’t have crushed pineapple so I used canned fruit cocktail instead! I love the convenience and ease of this recipe and not everyone has the time, interest, or long list of ingredients to arrive at same or similar results. I apologize for getting upset with my prior posts about Lola. I just was offended by her mean spirited comments. She can continue to boycott any easy recipes and continue to make whatever she chooses! You all have a blessed day!

  42. I just baked this cake! It’s cooling on my table now and I can see the cherries and other fruit in the cake and had some juice from the can left over and poked holes in the top of hot cake and drizzled juice on. I will also take some canned cream cheese frosting and heat some up and drizzle some on for finish. I can tell it will be moist! Tip on baking: use parchment paper sprayed also with PAM. I didn’t have it, and I did have a couple pieces stick when inverted. Just put them back on. No biggie! Thanks again for this recipe!!

  43. Well, I do consider myself an expert baker, had a retail bakery for ten years, everything from simple cookies to wedding cakes. My opinion , everybody needs an Aunt Betty ( Betty Crocker) in their lives. Sometimes your just not in the mood or don’t have the time and a great quick boxed mix fills the bill. Have made this recipe many times, have served it to company, great for a last minute dessert, served with a little whipped cream, maybe some toasted coconut , delicious! And, not as fattening as most cakes.

  44. It could be worse, everyone ! We could be Lola’s family, and have to sit at the table with her, scratch cakes and all !

  45. This looks like a great alternative, to have when we go camping. I often try to make a surprise Birthday Cake, when someone we are camping with, is celebrating their birthday. They are always pleasantly surprised and appreciative.
    As for you Lola simply ” shame on you”.

  46. I make this cake all the time for my stamping up group and my husband. Everyone loves it because it’s light after a big meal. I love it because it’s easy and after cooking a meal I want something easy for dessert. As long as my husband can have something sweet he’s a happy camper!

  47. Take the personal out of the recipe. Take it or leave it how you like or don’t. Grow up and do not carry on like the behavior that you do not allow from your children of any age. The recipe is great from many standard and it does not have to be a skill war for it to taste good or bad. Good is good. Easy is nice at times.

  48. I haven’t seen so many comments on one cake my entire life! !

  49. If Lola could cook so well like she says.. Then she wouldnt be looking at everyone elses recipe.. Such criticism..

  50. Yikes. Funny people are calling her rude… and insulting her at the same time. Pot meet kettle.

  51. Question: Do you think this would work in a 6 vessel, mini bundt pan? I was wondering if the cake becomes dense at all or is the consistency more of a dump cake? Oh, re: those worried about whether or not this is ‘healthy’, i suppose that’s a matter of opinion, but if you’re on the fence, know I’ve lost over 110lbs and I have used variations of this recipe for my sweet tooth. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with an indulgence and this on (because of the lack of added fat/oils and egg yolks) actually is much lower calorie than a traditionally made cake. Thank you so much for posting! I looks like a yummy alternative to pineapple upside down cake!

  52. i, also, searched Pinterest for a “new” recipe. I came back to search other posts to see if it is recommended to refrigerate leftovers. Now that the cake is out of the oven (the sweet aroma of pineapple is driving me crazy), I doubt that there will be leftovers! FYI, I am an insulin dependant diabetic, so I do appreciate that this is a “lighter” cake. And, I baked it in a bundt pan that I sprayed with Bakers Joy. No flop, no stick!
    As for the many “Lola” posts, her opinion is not important. Cake is important!

  53. will it work too with another cake mix than angel food cake mix? your recipe seem so quick and easy and i already have a chocolate mix. I’ve been wanting a chocolate cake for some time now and too lazy to start from scratch and fail!

  54. Darcy Mouton says

    I have been a member of a gourmet cooking club in the city of Chicago for 16 years. I know my way around a kitchen. I made a cake for my own birthday the other night that required a kitchen aid mixer, cuisinart, nearly every bowl I own, folding, beating, 9 eggs, expensive chocolate, a cup of walnuts which I had to toast then grind into flour, whisking, melting, other assorted primping and pampering, and about 2 hours of time spent on my feet. It turned out, but I really didn’t care for it. Today, I am making this cake, which I have made in the past with canned peaches. I love this cake. I loved my previous version with peaches. My husband loves it. It simply rocks. Thanks, Lola. I’m so glad I won’t have to worry about you hogging up all the cans of pineapple and boxed angel food cake mix at the grocery – there will be plenty left for me and my pals here who know a good thing when it smacks them in the tastebuds and don’t feel the need to be snooty about it.

  55. I do not enjoy baking. I figure if I push the “Bake” button on my oven, I’m baking, right? But I must admit that bundt cakes are my newest ‘hobby’. I found that using PAM baking spray with flour makes all the difference in getting a bundt cake to release from the pan. I made this cake when my husband reminded me that tonight’s meeting was a potluck and we needed to bring a dessert to share. Having the ingredients for this angel-food/pineapple cake, it made sense to try it. I’m so glad I did! It’s easy and light and delicious…just what I look for in a dessert!! I’m looking forward to trying an angel-food/blueberry or angel-food/cherry version.

  56. Wow! I’ve never seen so many comments on a comment. Take a lesson, Lola. Remember life is much more pleasant when we all try to live by the “Thumper Rule” (If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all) from the movie BAMBI. That says it all.
    As for the “recipe” Love it!

  57. I’m wondering if this can be done as cupcakes. I don’t know if anyone else has tried it, but I’m hoping it will work out. Wish me luck.

  58. I bet after Lola made her dumb ass comments, she got her ass in the kitchen and baked this two ingredient cake, just out of curiosity. She was dying to taste it; I bet she is a “BLONDE”!!

  59. Hi all! I read all the posts quickly b/c I was curious if anyone tried this lovely simplified recipe using gluten free angel food cake mix? Ouch!!! I’m so sorry for the owner /author of this blog (?) site on behalf of the truly sphinctered individuals for their inappropriate venting! Soo not cool. Different strokes for different people, please.

  60. If it does not come out of the bundt pan in a perfect round — just break into pieces and make a trifle. Pretty and just a yummy.

  61. Wow…I’m amazed at how many people took the time to respond to negative posts instead commenting on the recipe. I read most of the posts hoping to find more comments on the recipe. Disappointed!…however looking forward to trying the recipe anyway. Thanks fore sharing.

  62. Dawn Collier says

    Well that poor pathetic woman has been stoned. Never mind folks just be grateful for your own good things in life and leave her alone now. Enjoy this lovely easy cake with your family.

  63. Poor Lola! Does she not realize that anyone can assemble a recipe as long as one knows basic technique? Technically, it is the oven that actually “bakes” the cake, we only put together the ingredients. People who tout themselves as superb bakers have only learned to recognize a combination of ingredients that give pleasing results. Don’t go and get the “big head”! There are plenty of cookbooks around with pictures and instructions that give excellent results and if it doesn’t turn out exactly like you like it, put it under or over some ice cream! I looked this up because I don’t have time to make something to take to work and those lovely people always expect a goodie when I come back from vacation!

  64. Ginny Harris says

    I made it and added coconut, it was good. I have also thought about adding maraschino cherries.

  65. I have made this recipe before in a 13×9” pan before then took Cool Whip and a cup of raspberry syrup and mixed those together and topped the cake with it. Yummy.


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