Plant Magical Jelly Beans and Wake up to a Surprise! Happy Easter!

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Did you know that on Easter Eve you can plant jelly beans and they will actually grow into special lollipops overnight?!

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This is something so fun to do with the kiddos…It’s kind of late tonight and they may be in bed by now but if they are, you can always do it in the morning (Easter morning). We are up late tonight because we were at the river a lot of the day but we had to make time for our “plants” tonight!

You plant magical jelly beans in dirt although we chose to do it in smashed up Oreo Cookies! Then, in the morning they wake up (or later that afternoon if you’re doing this on Easter) to a “Surprise”! The surprise we are putting in it is a Chocolate bunny lollipop. ;-)

Have fun and be creative…the kiddos love seeing what grows in their magical jelly bean garden!

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I’ve also heard of people making cake pops as the surprise and sticking the jelly beans to the outside of them with frosting. Love that idea too!

Note – you may want to remove the jelly beans so they know it grew into a surprise!

Now, anyone know how to make a dollar bill grow?! The closest I’ve come is by using coupons. :lol:

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  1. Heather says

    Such a good idea to plant the beans in a mug! I’ve planted jelly beans outside and then “grown” the lollipops early in the morning before the kids wake up. I had a problem with the dew settling on the lollipops, turning them into gooey messes :( It was still neat to see our yard covered in a lollipop garden! Going to do some indoor planting next year :)

  2. Christy Allan says

    I did this for my 3 yr old niece–I actually found flower suckers at CVS–she woke the whole house up Easter morning she was so excited–I used crumpled up brownies for the dirt–It was very cute–

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