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  1. Linda says

    I have tried 3 times to print these coupons. My printer is on and I followed the directions. It is very frustrating. Also I feel like I gave a bunch of information about me with absolutely no return to me.

    • Heidi Gray says

      Ms. Linda, make sure you don’t have a pop-up blocker turned on. This happened to me the first time and my coupons wouldn’t print because the pop-up blocker was preventing the print bubble.

  2. KELLY says

    Every time I click a link in an email from Raining Hot Coupons it takes me to this page…over and over and over and over. Why is this happening?

  3. says

    I have “clipped” my coupon but I cant see the button to print. I assume it is covered by the zigzag crap on the right side of screen.

  4. Layla says

    ” I assume it is covered by the zigzag crap on the right side of screen.”

    The “zigzag crap” is part of the background design for this entire site Dear.

    If there is an issue with printing it is caused by the browser you are using.

    I just printed my coupons using firefox with absolutely no problem whatsoever.

    If you continue having an issue you can just go to and find and print the coupons yourselves from there :)

  5. Vonda says

    Because you have the “” site embedded on your page – it’s erroring and cropping the window so we can’t get to all the coupons and we can’t print from your page. SOLUTION: go to and clip and print the coupons from there.

  6. says

    I have tried all suggestions above. I have tried with my PC, ipad 2 and Samsung galaxy s4, using safari, explorer and chrome, all to no avail ! The time I’ve spent is definitely not worth 5 bucks!
    good luck, ladies.

  7. says

    I need the#101 white grapefruit juice coupon I’m new at this.I don’t have my printer set up cuz I need help doing this but I can copy my cellphone lol tamee 530-923-5184 pls help

  8. Jenica says

    I use all the time. Just go to straight to that website to get your coupon. YOU MUST INSTALL THEIR COUPON PRINTER and MAKE SURE YOU TURN OFF YOUR POP UP BLOCKER. Oh and I use this site with Internet Explorer as my browser.

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