Raining Hot Coupons New Feature….(Updates Via Text Message!)

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I am so excited to announce this fun, new feature! For those of you that don’t want to miss a HOT deal, I’ve got a great announcement for you (you can still get updates immediately via Facebook here too)! You can now get the HOTTEST, time sensitive deals from Raining Hot Coupons sent right to your cell phone via text message!

It’s very easy to sign up for…All you need to do is send a text message to 40404 saying “Follow RainingCoupon” (note: there is no “S” at the end). You will then get a text message back letting you know you are signed up (this can take a few minutes)! You do not need to have a Twitter account to use the service and it is completely FREE!

Just so you know, this will NOT send you all the deals….only the HOTTEST, time sensitive ones and will be used sparingly. You can also cancel at anytime.

Standard text messaging cell phone rates apply, but this service is 100% FREE!

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  1. Sandra says

    Yeah…..two things I love, my iphone and Raining hot coupons….now together !!!!!!!! Thanks What a great idea !!!!!

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Nope! =) It’s free, but standard text messaging rates do apply. It seems like most people have unlimited texting these days so then it wouldn’t cost a thing.

  2. DANA says

    i did the text and it said welcome to twitter reply w/ sign up to begin? does that mean i will receive them now since you stated we did not need twitter?

      • Jordan says

        What do I do now? Got the reply saying “welcome to twitter. Follow people for great content. Already on Twitter? Reply with Yes to sign in.

        So, will I automatically get the hot deal updates or what? I’m really confused. I dno’t want a twitter.

  3. Beth says

    that was easy. Got it within seconds. Using G2 android. Missed the cleaner but I get it at the Dollar Tree here for $1.

  4. angela says

    tried to send message it came back saying that they had no one by that name and asked if i spelled it right. did it again same thing? not sure what i am doing wrong.

  5. Crystal says

    I have signed up twice – I get the reply message along with the most recent messages but then I never get the new ones . . anyone else have this problem??

  6. Nichelle says

    got an instant response saying “welcome to twitter! reply w/ signup to begin. Already on twitter? Reply with your username.”
    do i need to respond to any of this? i’m not on twitter and don’t want to sign up for it. if i just don’t reply, do i still get the texts?

  7. Lizzie says

    I keep signing up and get it once – right after I sign up. Then I never get it again. Maybe I should sign up for a Twitter account?

  8. says

    Yesterday I didn’t receive a text for the Gillette Razor. Did you announce via text? If so: in order for me to receive text again. Do I need to send another text to 40404?

  9. Tammy says

    Yea, you do need Twitter. Basically, what you are doing is following them on Twitter and receiving the tweets via text message. Easy to set up a Twitter account tho- and if RHC are the only ones you follow, you won’t be loaded down with spam. It’s a great thing!! Thanks so much guys!! :)

  10. Heather Patterson says

    I got my first day of texts and then none since. Does any one else have this problem?

  11. Sgt's Wife says

    Yeah!! I am now following Raining Hot Coupons=) Cant wait to receive the hottest deal alerts!

  12. Teresa says

    I signed up for this a few days ago and I got the confirmation msg but haven’t gotten any further txt alerts. . .what’s up w/ that? lol Oh well, trying again. . .

  13. Tina says

    Along with several other people on this thread, I’m wondering why we get texts the first day or two and then never again? Can we get an answer? Does anyone else consistently get texts after signing up once?

  14. Mechelle says

    Unfortunately I need to know how to stop the text messages. Had to change my text package and don’t have as many to spare. :( thanks…

  15. Nicole says

    Hi! Everytime I do this, I will receive alerts for a few days, but then they will stop coming and I will have to re text. Any idea why this happens?

  16. Jessica says

    I don’t understand why it says that you don’t need a Twitter account, if you do??? AND I also don’t understand why noone will answer our questions??? I just read through all the comments, and there are some that date back to Feb. and they have yet to be answered…

  17. Maria Herpin says

    I just signed up, got my confirmation text right away, and also within the first minute got my first deal alert. Don’t understand why it’s not working for you guys??? Worked great for me!!!

  18. Doreen says

    I’ve been receiving msg’s for a while now but I need to cancel because I don’t get the msg’s till the end of my work day so it doesn’t do me good then. Sadly, I need to cancel.

  19. Doreen says

    I tried to cancel by sending a text: stop rainingcoupon to 40404. Is that right? If not, please let me know how to cancel. Thanks! Of course, I still enjoy reading your site on the web! One of my fav’s. :)

  20. Deborah says

    It said I had to have a Twitter account which I already had. When I texted my twitter info back it said it’s been a while, let’s start over, create a new account. I don’t want to create a new Twitter account. Help! Is there suppose to be quotes around “Raining HotCoupons” and is there suppose to be a space between

    • Jody Hardy says

      No quotes and no hot, just…….. Follow RainingCoupon (no space between raining & coupon). Hope that helps! :)

      • Karen Waters says

        Wrong, yep it is definitely Raining Hotcoupon, exactly as spelled. I had to resign up with Twitter, but I don’t care as I hadn’t used it before anyway.. So I resigned up with a new twitter account name, submitted it and sent words Raining Hotcoupon and now nothing, but at least no error messages etc.

  21. Cami says

    I tried to sign up for the text deals and it told me “Hi there, you were signing up for Twitter, but it’s been a while since we heard from you, so let’s start over. reply w/signup or username to begin

  22. says

    I did it wrong the first time and got the Twitter message too. You have to type it in exactly like this:
    Follow RainingCoupon
    I did that again and got a confirmation right away.

  23. LINDA says

    Yay!!! I don’t always get updates from fb, now I’ll get everything again…thank you..I got confirmation right away ;)

  24. Jennie says

    I messed up so many times I at first put the “s” at the end of coupon, then I finally got it because I wasn’t putting a space after “Follow”! I entered Follow RainingCoupon And finally was correct! You need to turn on and activate text notifications in your twitter account first! If you haven’t used this function in awhile they make you turn it on and activate it all over again which I had to do! So after you do that all again then type who you want to follow even if you tried before re-activating it! then it should work! If not idk ask twitter why!? Lol

  25. Brianna says

    I have tried this twice and still no text reply. I have a twitter account so I am not sure what the hold up is. All this did was tweet the text. Please notify us if this issue is ever resolved.

  26. Mistee says

    Just signed up and will being waiting for HOT deals. Thank you for providing this service! It will be so much better getting the HOT deals right away instead of finding them too late on FB and everything being sold out. RHC ROCKS!!

  27. Megan says

    I had to unsubscribe… just too many texts! I know they are great deals, but I can’t have that many blowing up my phone daily! Thanks!

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