Santa’s Phone Number! (Call Santa!)

Santa’s Phone Number

santa Santas Phone Number! (Call Santa!)


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Did you know you can actually call Santa?! Yep! The kiddos love doing this because they can also leave him a message at the end of his message to them. He asks for their wish list and tells them to be good to their parents and listed… icon wink Santas Phone Number! (Call Santa!) Just call – (951)-262-3062 and have fun!


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Thanks, Megan

Santa’s Phone Number

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  1. Bonnie says

    I live in 961 and yet this asked me to use a long distance carrier—where the heck is this being rerouted to–and 951 is NOT free

  2. ashley says

    most ppl use cell phones. if you don’t want to all long distance, don’t all it… why do ppl always have to complain about something.

  3. Rose says

    I understand the concern about the charges. I’m all for trying something cool for my kids. Ie. the letters and reindeer food and the such but ya I think this is just another scam for the phone comany to make a little money. You can go on a website and have santa say their name with their picture and it is free of coxt. Why not make it a toll free number?

  4. says

    The number is a normal toll number and should fall under normal long distance billing. If you have an unlimited long distance plan then this number should have no additional cost.

    • diana says

      Mike the 1 855 34 SANTA number is answered by Santa who thanks the child for leaving cookies and carrots for the reindeer from the night before, so it is not for the child to TELL Santa what they wish for Christmas, so Maddie is right about it being different. It is. besides, the call is not a long call but maybe 30 seconds if not less. I have a land line, so am not worried about charges. I don’t think it is chargeable. I think it is a free call.

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