Save Money with Diapers…Cloth Diapers?!

This wonderful post was submitted by a “Raining Hot Writer” (read more about how you can write a frugal and helpful article and get paid for it here). Thanks, Colleen….I’ve always been “afraid” to use cloth diapers but seeing that picture of all those diapers…that’s pretty scary!


As a family, my husband and I save money with diapers.

 How is that? Diapers are expensive after all.  1 easy fix. We only use cloth diapers.  We decided, well I mostly decided to cloth diaper while I was pregnant with my son.  I began searching and scouring the Internet, online forum websites and cloth diaper stores.

There are many sites comparing the cost of disposable diapers to cloth, and a varying range in the cost difference. Being that I use cloth, I have no idea how much we would have spent on disposable diapers.  From the cost comparison websites, they claimed disposables for the first year of your babies life you could spend approximately 1,000 all the way up to 2,500.  Obviously that is a big gap, and that cost varies greatly on where you live, tax, the diapers you buy, and if you are using coupons and buying on sale.

With that being said. I have spent a little over 500 dollars purchasing all of the diapers I have, and that includes me having enough diapers to actively diaper 2 children, even though I only have one. Darn compulsive shopping and cute diapers! (Side note: Have you seen how cute new cloth diapers are?!) They have ones that go on  just like a disposable, but with lots of colors, patterns, and velcro-type tabs.  So easy and very frugal!

My top positives of cloth diapers:
1- You can use them for subsequent children. I will not need to spend any more money buying diapers when we have another baby.
2- It is good for the environment.  I saw the picture above and thought, wow.  That is a lot of diapers.
3- No trips to the store when you need diapers. Just some laundry!
4- No chemicals on your babies skin.

I own a lot of diapers, I have varying sizes, types, brands. I have never used a pin, it’s not needed.  When people look at modern cloth diapers, they see the cost of 15 a diaper (there are more expensive, and less expensive) and think no way, I could buy a whole jumbo box for that. But eventually those diapers are gone. I have my diaper forever, well not forever but it can and will last through several children, and eventually it pays for itself. The second thing I hear all the time is dealing with the poop. Let’s face it, babies poop regardless, you still have to deal with the poop. And I have never had poop anywhere but in my son’s diaper. We don’t have extra garbage. I do need to buy detergent, I wash them every 2-3 days, use a bit extra water, electric for washing, but I hang them out to dry, so there is not a lot of extra that I noticed a difference.

Bottom line: I know it’s not for everyone, but if your looking to be frugal it is amazing for that. We even use homemade cloth wipes out of flannel. They are very soft and my husband and I both agree they work better.  I suggest to you to take a look if your expecting, have children or want to in the future. There are amazing new products out there to make it affordable and easy. And a lot of the diaper stores do rewards programs, giving you points for every purchase; and not to mention the sales and online giveaways! I just ordered 90 dollars worth of products and didn’t have to pay for any of it!


  1. Yes! I love cloth diapers. All you really need are a few all in ones that are one size fits all (12 if thats all you want) or 6 and then supplement them with 12 prefolds and 6 covers. Will end up costing $300 bucks to diaper ALL of your children…so long as you do not have them all in diapers at the same time, of course.

    Great article, you did a fantastic job!

  2. My husband and I just decided to start using cloth diapers on my 2 year old (he keeps getting bad rashes from disposable diapers). We have been talking about trying to have another baby in the next few months this way we will have the cloth diapers when we do have another.

  3. Maybe this is a stupid question…but doesn’t the softer poop get in your washing machine? I’ve tossed around the idea of cloth diapers, but I just can’t get past that part of it…

    • Maribeth Drinkard says

      To answer you question, NO if you do it the right way 🙂 Of course you need to scoop off the solid poop into the tolit, but for smalelr babies and diaherra days I bought a shower sprayer that is hand held and I wash it out in my tub, then spray the tub with some bleach adn rinse with hot water to get the germs out. Then the diaper is just about clean, so I stick it in the diaper genie 🙂 I love cloth diapering, I done it with 2 in them and now just one, with another baby on the way who will be clothed as well! 🙂

    • Becky Knepp says

      I have a diaper sprayer and spray right into the toilet. No bleaching the tub that way!

      Most diapers get a hot rinse, hot wash, and cold rinse so everything washes out. You can also bleach the washer if needed.

  4. stephanie says

    Jenni, you use a sprayer that is attached to your toilet to rinse all poop from the diaper. it’s pretty cool, u might need some vicks vaporub sometimes tho, for under ur nose cause of the stinky poops LOL.. i use Best Bottom Diapers and I have Huggies Slip Ons (that i couponed down to super cheap) for emergencies and trips where the cloth isn’t feasible…etc…

  5. I barely have time to brush my teeth everyday. Dealing with the hassle of cloth is unrealistic to most moms.

    • Well, we certainly all have different challenges, but that’s like saying it’s unrealistic to clip coupons or hunt for bargains, and obviously we’re all here making time to do that, right?

      I have 4 children, ages 6 months – 8 years. The youngest 2 are in diapers. I work part-time and have CDed all 4 of my children. It’s been plenty realistic for me!

  6. We adore our cloth diapers! We started when my son was 2 months old and our daughter has been in cloth from the start. We have mostly one-size diapers, but I did invest in some sized diapers (newborn and small) for the first few months to ensure a better/more trim fit. For the poop, they also have flushable liners, now. They allow the liquid to pass through and catch the solids. Some are even safe for septics! I will add, though, that your diapers are not necessarily going to last you through all your children. The condition of your water (hard/soft), your rotation cycle (how often the diaper is used/washed), and wash/dry routine can all affect the life of your diaper. Even still, I KNOW I’ve spent less than $1,000 (I have some of the super expensive ones in my stash) and I have more diapers than I could need and am certain these will last me through at least this second child.

  7. michael wrotny says

    Bought 12 cases of size 3 and 12 cases of wipes for 16 bucks on sale. So no thank you I will just throw my poop away.

    • A couple points come to mind:

      1. are you certain you’ll be able to secure that kind of deal for ALL the diapers your child will need and for all the children you’ll ever have in the future? … didn’t think so…

      2. Read the package of disposables – they very clearly state solid waste is intended to be flushed and NOT thrown away. Disposing of fecal matter in the trash not only contributes to our landfill problem (which disposables do no matter what), but now you’re creating a public health issue and contaminating water supply as well. If you’re going to use disposables, please at least try to use them as directed.

  8. Kirsten H. says

    this is a great post. Two more important points I’d like to make

    1) You are in NO WAY

  9. Kirsten H. says

    This is a great post. Two more important points I’d like to make

    1) You are in NO WAY supposed to throw away poop in disposables even though most people do. Every package I’ve ever seen tells you not to. Look around at the small print, and I’ll bet you’ll see it. You are supposed to dump it out in the toilet before you trash anyway. This is the same reason you are not supposed to leave your pets poop laying around. It can get bacteria into the water supply, and enough poop can cause issues in water bodies (like algal blooms). This stuff leaches out of landfills.

    2) If you buy new diapers, you can also recoup a big chunk of money back when you are done with them (provided you took good care of them).

  10. I loved cd’ing my two. BUT, with two in diapers, it was difficult and I’ve found myself falling off the wagon. I applaud the parents that can successfully cd full time.

  11. Has anyone personally used the flushable or disposable liners? We are talking abouth having a baby soon and should be set so I can stay home. I am really good with a sewing maching so I can make the diapers myself. I would like to use cloth diapers but don’t really want to deal with the spraying and soaking.

    • I don’t spray or soak anything. Breastfed poo goes directly into the pail. Solid poo gets shaken or wiped off into the toilet. Everything else comes out in the wash. I put stained diapers in the sun to dry and they get ‘bleached’ out that way. Sometimes very faint stains remain, but it’s not a big deal to me. Some of the diapers I’m using now on baby #4 are the same ones I started using with baby #1 8 years ago!

  12. You forgot one important thing: the RESALE value! Once you are done diapering all your kids you can easily sell all your cloth diapers to other moms for at least HALF the retail value! <3

  13. I have triplet 2 1/2 year olds and twin 1 year olds and we have been cloth diapering for a couple of months now and LOVE it! I love it most when I think about the couple of times that we ran out of disposables and needed to make a special trip to the store. Believe me, if we can do it, anybody can 🙂 the other plus is that cloth babies tend to train faster (anecdotally at least)

  14. I never had poop trapped in my washer. And I never used a sprayer either. I would dump the solids in the toilet (which by the way you are SUPPOSED to do with disposables, I bet you didn’t know that) and then just put them in the washer. I always did a pre-rinse then a regular wash then another rinse to get out all the soap. Never had poop in there 😉

  15. I’ve used the liners, to be honest I wasn’t all that impressed with them… they bunched up and got all squished in but some people swear by them. I guess they might help with dumping solids.

  16. Technically there is chemicals in cloth diapers.
    It’s called Urine and HELLO Ammonia.

    Unfortunately my son gets the absolute WORST rashes with CDing so we stopped.
    (Please don’t give me “tips” on stripping diapers etc. Believe me I’ve tried.)

    I am exclusively cding my daughter though. So I guess I’m saving half my moeny by that. I definitely plan on reselling mine when done though!

    • Urine is sterile… I wouldn’t exactly call it a chemical. A bodily fluid? Yes. Can it react with fibers and detergents? Yes. Will those pose a problem for some babies skin more than others? Yes, but it’s no where near the same thing as the chemicals in disposables and. I promise you if you go in your backyard and bury a disposable diaper and a cloth diaper and check on them in 20 years, only 1 of them will look the same… the sposie. If that isn’t chemicals, I don’t know what is!

      • Hmm.
        Well it definitely poses a problem with my son.
        So chemical filled disposable diapers it is! HUZZAH!

  17. Carrie Forbish says

    For those who think there isn’t enough time… I am a FULL time working mother and diaper laundry is the EASIEST chore I have. It is NO way a time suck!! 🙂

  18. Hi,

    I am a mother of 5, and currently cding 2! Believe its worth a try, the $$$ saved is enormous, not to mention what your doing to mother earth! For those of you on the fence, my best advice…try it part-time! Do it @ home in the daytime, youll see its not as hard as you think! I have 3 little ones @ home & i pump full time! You can do it…buy inexpensive cloth diapers (kawaii diapers) & give it a try! My kids are rash free thanks to cloth diapers 🙂

  19. We love are cloth diapers too. Have saved a ton of money using them, and plan to use the diapers from baby #1 for baby #2.

  20. I nannied several years ago for a little girl in cloth diapers, and they used the disposable liners, that you could flush. The little girl was 10 months at the time, so the solids were easier to maintain this way, since she was eating baby food….I didn’t know her as an infant, so I can’t say what it was like when it was messier. 🙂

  21. alright you ladies have convinced me. JUST found out (as in an hour ago?) that im carrying number three. So. Any tips on the best price for CD and coverups??

    • Try pre-loved diapers or a trial program! This is the best way to see what will work for your little one before making a major investment!

  22. Let me start by saying my mom cloth diapered me, but she had a service that would boil the diapers. I’ve been lucky for disposables so far. By the time I used up my stash that I bought while pregnant and gifts, I discovered amazon moms. For that whole year I stock piled the slip ons and jean diapers like crazy in sizes 3 and 4. I have spent less than 400 on diapers and wipes total for at least a 2 year supply. I’ve seen the super cute cloth diapers they have in the amazon warehouse deals and I’ve considered buying them for when my stock pile runs out and start potty training with them. Has anyone ever used a more specific cloth diaper for potty training? Are there better ones than others when it comes to potty training?

    • hollie n. says

      the ones that have side snaps (like babykicks is just one example) are easy for them to pull up and down. there are also cloth training pants, but i haven’t had much luck with them. my son can just unsnap his diapers on his own and he removes them when he is ready to go.

  23. I have decided to cloth diaper my new little one due in August. There are SO many reasons I chose to go cloth. Not only is it better for the environment and your baby, but a lot of studies have shown that cloth babies potty train faster. I am all for that 🙂 Plus, the cloth diapers are ADORABLE and so much fun!

  24. Liz Cherie says

    My husband and I are considering CDing. We are having our second child, and I have been researching.. FB, blogs, websites, etc. Our child is due in August, and I just do not know what all to go for. A friend did tell me about this site ( It sounds like a great deal… Again, researching. CDing sounds cheaper, just as “simple” as any other diapering. Thank you for this post- great timing for me.

  25. hollie n. says

    i have been cloth diapering my son since he was 4 mo old. i have been so lucky because i have won about 8 diapers in giveaways, i bought a blind box for $30 with 11 $20 diapers in it (i did have to do minor repairs on 3) and then in the auto department of all places i found birdseye prefolds 6 for $3 and i spent $9 on those. so i have spent about $50 including flannel for wipes, for 2 years of diapers. and then i can sell them used for more than that. i don’t judge people who use sposies, but for my situation, cloth is what works.
    there are a lot of people out there who can’t afford diapers for their babies, and for them, i would suggest looking up a cloth diaper bank in their area.

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