Send 2 FREE Postcards of Your Facebook Photos! (While Supplies Last)


Poastagram and Coppertone are offering a really neat freebie! You can send FREE postcards of your Facebook photos! You can send out 2 FREE postcards of your profile pics….super easy too, just select a photo and enter your message and then your friends address!



  1. Liz Cherie says

    Thank you for sharing this! I sent a postcard of my daughter to my brother (ha) who is serving a mission for our church in Brazil. I sent the other to my sister who is currently in Utah preparing for her mission to Utah. I hope they enjoy these!

  2. Donna Graves says

    Thanks so much RHC and Coppertone! AWESOME! I sent one to my cousin for her birthday and my daughter whose out of state. 🙂

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