Similac Moms: 2 FREE Tubs of Formula, Baby Bottle, FREE Pregnancy Journal ($30 Value!)

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Look what showed up!! This is such an awesome freebie from Similac Strong Moms! similacJoin StrongMoms to receive guidance and support for pregnancy and beyond, plus up to $329* in savings. Whether you plan to breastfeed, supplement, or exclusively formula feed, StrongMoms can help you. Join today for your 1st gift a Shutterfly Pregnancy Photo Journal!

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    • krystian says

      Not true at all.

      I signed up, and had my newborn twins, and have yet to get anything. And my twins use the similiac formula.

      • Jennifer says

        I signed up once when I was pregnant with my daughter and again when I found out I was pregnant with my son…I haven’t seen a single coupon or tub of formula…but my friends who signed up with Similac Strong Moms YEARS ago and are done having babies still get them

        • Jena says

          Have you tried calling the toll free number? I just did and spoke directly with someone who confirmed all my info that I signed up with. I explained due to my son’s medical needs he must be on Alimentum and will be staying on it for an extended amt of time. The man I spoke to claims he is sending the coupons immediately and an additional tub of formula. We will see if it shows up, but it would be worth a try! 1-800-986-8800

  1. Carrie says

    yes i got this also. when i signed up it didnt tell me either but they do send it to you. and they will send you checks for formula periodically. =)

  2. Brittany says

    I signed up for this last year when I was expecting and I have never once received a coupon or formula from it. I do receive emails but none of the *offers* they advertise.

  3. Jennee H says

    I signed up for this a couple of months ago, and received FOUR boxes! All on different days? I’m thinking they messed up, but I’ll take it!

  4. anna says

    I got mine, it also came with a similac simply smart 4 oz bottle… I I love the baby bottle because it has the little mixing spout in it.

  5. kita w says

    My daughter was born a month early (due in November she was born in October) I signed up for strong moms in august. I have received a can of neosure powder and ready to feed bottles. She changed formulas to similac sensitive for fussiness gas they sent me a sample can and coupons. Her milk was switched again today to similac alimentum, I called the 800 number my free sample can and coupons are on the way. If you call and talk to them they’ll send you out coupons and samples.

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