*Smokin’ Hot!* Amazon: DEWALT Cordless Compact Lithium-Ion Drill Driver Kit $9.95 Shipped (Reg. $220!)

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UPDATE – These are just $19.95 shipped for the Multi-Cutter Saw!

Please note – these orders may indeed get canceled because this may be a price mistake as it’s a SMOKIN’ HOT deal! I’m willing to try it though…

Wow!!! Hurry over to Amazon where you can get this DEWALT DCD760KL 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Cordless Compact Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit for just $2.00 + $7.95 shipping to $9.95 total shipped (reg. $220!)!!

As a price comparison – this is priced at Home Depot for $219.00!!

Thanks, Sianna!

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  1. Cynthia Sommer says

    No, it says in stock but when you do the final checkout, it says there’s a problem and they’re no longer available. :)

  2. jessica says

    I ordered 2! Hope it doesn’t get cancelled.. could really use these while we are fixing out basement from flood damage.

  3. Jill Farmer says

    They need to pay attention to this stuff because if they cancel it, it’s considered false advertising isn’t it? I used to work for a newspaper and when the screwed up, they had to honor it!

  4. says

    ya…didn’t let me do it…it says its in stock but when i got thru the order process it says its no longer available from the seller when it says it is before ordering…boo! LOL

  5. Charlene says

    We’re sorry. The item DEWALT DCD760KL 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Cordless Compact Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit is no longer available from the seller you selected. To see if it’s available from another seller, click here to return to the item’s product detail page.

  6. jessica says

    Item(s) Subtotal: $4.00
    Shipping & Handling: $7.95
    Total Before Tax: $11.95
    Estimated Tax To Be Collected: $0.00
    Grand Total: $11.95

    • Jill Farmer says

      I guess the difference between that and advertising in a newspaper is different. Thanks anon for clarifying on your end.

  7. Tammy G says

    I was able to order one before they were gone/updated. Its still showing as an open order in my amazon account, so we’ll see what happens…

  8. Kristen says

    Jill, it wouldn’t be considered false advertising. About 18 months ago Target mistakenly listed a Britax car seat for $29.99 instead of $299, and they ultimately canceled all of the orders placed before they caught their price mistake. However, because of the backlash I believe they honored a number of the orders placed for $29.99 though.

    • Jill Farmer says

      Thanks for clarifying kristen. Used to work for a newspaper awhile back and when they made a mistake it was to be honored, no questions asked. Thanks for clarifying on your end. ;)

  9. says

    No itLs called bait and switch just like at a supermarket if the price is listed they must honor that price. Thats why if they do make an error as soon as it`s found they print a retraction and post the correction Asap. so it is not legal for them to do that they should honor all orders placed until error was found then a notice should have been posted.

  10. Elizabeth N says

    I just purchased the dewalt 14 inch multi cutter saw for 19.95 shipped and then decided to order another one. I printed off the page showing the price so we will see if it comes or not…

  11. vanessa martynse houk says

    I ordered two other items from the same seller (a drill and a wet/dry vac for $6… crazy discounted prices) and sure enough they were both cancelled. Oh well, it was fun to think that one of them might have gone through. A couple weeks ago there was a pricing error on Oakley sunglasses and that one was honored, so you just never know! They were $200 sunglasses too, which made my Christmas! :)

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