How To Soften Hard Brown Sugar

How To Soften Hard Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar

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How To Soften Hard Brown Sugar

Ever been halfway through baking and as you went to grab the brown sugar you realize it’s nothing but a block of sugar? I know I have experienced this more then once while baking, but there is a way to fix it! Simply take a piece of bread (I like to use the end pieces) and place them in the brown sugar container. Make sure the top surface of your brown sugar is covered by bread, this will bring the moisture back into your brown sugar. After the bread is placed, make sure to seal your container as air tight as possible or it won’t work properly. For extra assurance you can put a layer of saran wrap down before putting the lid on. Leave it to sit overnight and by the time you wake up your brown sugar will be look like new and ready to use!


  1. I do this when I bake my Christmas cookies! It keeps them nice and fresh ! I buy cheap bread and change it daily!

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