Splurging – Why I Think It’s a GOOD Thing!


Splurging….It’s a scary yet awfully fun word.

For people who love to save money, this word can be scary. It’s scary because we spend all this time to clip coupons, watch for sales, match coupons with sales, get cash back online, research things before we buy them, etc. So when you “splurge” it can almost feel like you are throwing all that saved money away.

It’s a fun word because let’s face it, we all love to get something we really want whether it’s a $150 pair of designer jeans because they are the only kind that fit, a luxurious car because you want to feel safe and comfy while driving…you want the new Coach purse that was just released because hey, it’s just cute and makes you feel good….There’s my key point – it makes YOU FEEL GOOD. That’s what really matters right?

Basically what I am saying is there is a always a good and bad way to look at splurging. I like to look at it “the good way”. I personally believe it is OKAY and actually a very good thing to splurge….in moderation of course.

Now, moderation can vary for everyone. It all depends on how much money you have leftover after each paycheck, how many bills you have, etc.

I splurge…I splurge on things like vacation with my family (to me this is a great way to use our money I work hard to save. I love to create special memories the kids will always carry with them) I splurge on my purses – I am a sucker for Juicy Couture. Yes, these can be expensive but I feel that I work hard to save money and deserve to spoil myself when I want. And guess what, you know when I buy that purse I am going to try to find the best deal on it whether it’s at Nordtsrom Rack, online with cash back or with a store coupon and sometimes even used – if it’s in good condition it still makes me FEEL GOOD when I wear/use it.

If you have a hard time feeling like it’s okay to splurge or shall we just say “treat yourself” then I have some tips to help you out…

1 – Set aside a certain amount from every paycheck, yes, even if you live paycheck to paycheck. Be creative and think of ways to do this. For example if you pay $50 on your credit card every month maybe choose to pay $25 every other month. Yes, I just told you to pay half of your payment to your credit card. I am a strong believe that we need to live life to the fullest and spending all your money to pay bills will not make you feel good. Don’t get me wrong, it feels good to pay off debt but what if you can still do that and spoil yourself at the same time…that, FEELS even better! Take that extra $25 and save it – save it for your special splurge. Splurging always feels better when you do it big….I mean what sounds better, splurging on a dinner out or on a new purse? Save it till you reach $100 and can get that new purse.

2 – Spend some more time one or two weeks to really hit those sales up and save big on groceries using coupons. This is possible. I know that the more time you spend clipping, matching sales, finding deals, etc, the more money you can save. I mean some of those “Extreme Couponers” basically treat couponing as a job. This is something you could do for 2 weeks strong and all the money you saved by working that extra time couponing, SAVE it and SPLURGE with it! It’s almost it’s own form of making money.

Anyway, I hope you all feel like you deserve a great splurge every once and awhile because we ALL do.  What are some things you like to splurge on and please, if you have any tips on how to splurge efficiently please share for the people out there who feel “guilty” spoiling themselves. 😉


  1. Purses, iTunes, good wine.

    But I would disagree on taking the money from your credit card payment part of the budget. Me-Money, no matter how little or how much, should be it’s own line item in the budget.

    Better yet, save up those gift cards rewards from Target, etc!

  2. One of my main splurges are my Coach purses! I keep mine in really good condition so I only buy one every couple of years. I always go to the outlets & when you walk in they always give out coupons for your purchase which is even better!

  3. As my teen daughter says, YOLO (You Only Live Once)!

  4. I coupon and save money on other things so I can be ok with my splurges! Mine are purses and my high heels!

  5. I never find myself able to splurge on myself. It always goes to the kidlets or the man. My splurges and the great feeling I get from splurging usually is attached to using that on others. And being a part of the memory or happiness I’ve created for them. 🙂

  6. Tammy E. says

    I’m with you, vacations! My kids are growing up so fast! You only have that precious time with them, once!

    Also, I love a good relaxing pedicure with a fancy design! I only do this once a month. Thank goodness my polish stays on that long. I just slough my own feet in the shower and put a really good lotion on everyday.

  7. i splurge on vacations. we save and save and save then go nuts on vacay! we have a game. find the biggest ugliest vacay trophy. last year i was the winner with the bikini shirt!!

  8. I feel the best way for me to splurge is to not use my debit card. I cash my checks, stick them in my savings and then watch it grow. I pay my bills with my husband and at the end of the month we watch how much we were able to save by just stashing the cash instead of allowing it to stay on our debit cards, where we are more likely to swipe! This allowed us to get our projector!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing with us your concept of splurging. I enjoy splurging on family , but I think it is important to include ourselves in the splurge. I do like your thoughts, if we are saving, watching for the good deals and using coupons, we can save so much & sometimes its even free.
    So, whatever your likes or desires may be, you can still work to make the purchase a really good deal.
    Thanks again =)

  10. Getting facials!

    • Yes!!! Anything that has to do with relaxation- like massages, pedicures, or facials- is a great thing to splurge on. Skincare is very important! But I don’t think anyone should ever pay less on their credit cards for it (at least based on the example above). Paying $25 every other month would make it very difficult for a debt to be paid off. Pay off the debt and then splurge! For those who can afford it, definitely a nice facial or massage!!!

  11. Tina Woodson says

    I love purses and athletic shoes. Even though I am not a big fan of Coach, I did find one on a local blog shop page in my area (kind of like an online garage sale.) It is hot pink and large and I only paid $60 for it gently used. Because my purses are usually name brand they last longer, so I have a collection. Just take them to your dry cleaner when they are looking a little dirty and they are like new again. Most I buy at Marshall’s or Ross. If you follow the stores you like to shop at, you almost always have a coupon or code to use. I also ALWAYS use a rebate site when I shop online. Nike (my fave) have sales and promo codes and so does Eastbay. Places like 6pm (dot com) also have great deals. I also splurge on nice hotels, although I do get them through deal sites like Travelocity, Living social, and Groupon. I just think it’s important to have a good nights sleep so you can be ready for hitting the streets while vacationing. Even though I consider those things “splurges” I still always find the deals….maybe I am not splurging afterall 🙂

  12. my splurge isn’t anything fancy like purses or clothes.. it’s yarn!! i love to crochet, and how i make my money for my yarn splurges is to sell either things that i make or flip the yarn i find. like once i found 18 skeins of new yarn at a yard sale for $1. i sold 6 of those skeins for $18+sh. or i have a surplus store i shop at and i sell that yarn when i get a good find. next year i am doing craft shows. i take half my crocheting money and buy more yarn or save it for craft shows. i am such a frugal person i can’t even have a hobby if it doesn’t make me some money. haha!!

  13. I splurge on cloth diapers and scrapbooking stuff! I absolutely LOVE buying both and enjoy doing both! I

  14. I sell old purses,clothes and books on eBay and Amazon and use the money put in my Paypal as my splurge account! That way I’m decluttering, splurging and getting to actually order things when I online shop!

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