Feed It Forward – FREE $10 Restaurant.com Gift Certificates!

Wow this is an awesome promotion for Restaurant gift certificates! Now through 12/25 you can give 40 people every day a $10 Restaurant.com Gift certificate and you pay nothing! Please keep in mind, each restaurant has different “rules” for each certificate. Some require you pay an 18% gratuity which you would probably pay around that anyway. Just read about them for your specific restaurant.

Here is what the site says:

Feed It Forward is a celebration of the gift of giving and anyone can participate. Give to friends. Give to neighbors. Give to families. Give to co-workers. Give to those that would not otherwise make your holiday list. But most of all, just give. It’s FREE!

 This is very exciting and last year got to be very popular! I was thinking that you can add your e-mail address below in the comments if you’d like to have people send you one. Please do the same thing visa versa. So leave your e-mail but send someone else that has already left their e-mail a gift certificate! I figured this would be a good way for us to all get and give the certificates!