Opinion Outpost Openings: Get Paid CASH AND AMAZON Gift Cards to Test Products!



Did you know that  a LOT of people fund their Christmas with survey companies like Opinion Outpost?! What I love about Opinion Outpost is that you can earn Amazon gift cards pretty quickly….then I just add them to my Amazon account and save them for Christmas toys (which I post CRAZY deals around that time so you will want to do all your Christmas shopping on Amazon with me). 😉

Just sign up and confirm your email to start earning!

There are openings for a survey company called Opinion Outpost which you can get paid CASH to do product testing! Check out the picture below that was sent to a member to do a survey and test out disposable washcloths! Sounds good to me!



Also, check out what a Raining Hot Coupons’ reader posted on the Facebook page (thanks, Ashley!):

Thanks for posting about Opinion Outpost! I have only been a member for a week and already have earned $10. Most companies it takes me almost a month to do that!


I know I have posted about Opinion Outpost not that long ago, but this is my absolute favorite site!! I have only been doing surveys with them for about three weeks and I have already earned $37 in Amazon giftcards! By far the most lucrative site that I have been a member of!

Here is another review about Opinion Outpost:

“Once I received my first product test from them I’m getting surveys almost daily for product tests. Just in 2 1/2 weeks Ive received Woolite Dark colors Laundry detergent-32 load I believe, Ive received Baby Wipes, Fiber One Kids Bars, and took a survey that I will receive a new yogurt product test as well.”

Photo Credit, Couponin’ On Coffee and Coupon Clipinista, Photo credit

*HOT* Consumer Opinion Institute Limited Openings – Get $5 Cash in Mail Before Completing Surveys!

I am very excited that this survey company called Consumer Opinion Institute which has some very good reviews is now accepting new survey takers between the ages of 18-24 (limited openings so hurry over)! What I like best is that you will be sent $5 cash in the mail along with a survey and pre-paid postage envelope. You then complete the survey, send it back and they will send you more!

Important – in order to start receiving surveys in the mail, you will need to confirm your email address by clicking on the link in the email they send you.

  1. Go here to sign up
  2. Fill out your info
  3. Click on the link you are sent to your email to verify your email so you can start getting surveys!

Check out some of the reviews for this survey company:

I have been with them for about a year. I get more through the mail than I get online. They always include $5 cash in the envelope and I fill out the survey and mail it back in a postage paid envelope. Online they pay paypal very quick. Just wish I got more but so far they have been good. I would recommend them.
This is a great survey site. I use a lot of sites but this is one I look forward to seeing in the mail! They will send you $5 (sometimes up to $20) with the survey then you just send it back and keep the cash. I get them quite often too. Surveys can sometimes take a little time but worth it in the end so you can get another survey and more money.

Extreme Couponing TLC – Thoughts, Opinions, Clearing the Shelves?!

With the new Extreme Couponing show that’s on tonight on TLC (10/5), I thought it would be a good time to bring back some posts I’ve done from the past for new coupon users!! I also want to remind you all to remember that this show is indeed “EXTREME” and couponing is so much better on a more sane level and easier too! Just start out slow, get the deals you LIKE and remember….you are trying to SAVE money, not spend it!

I want to hear your opinions of the show, extreme couponing, stockpiles, etc! I will tell you mine…

So, I believe in the “Only get what you need/use, or what you can donate” theory. I do not believe in clearing the shelves or taking away from others. In fact, I have a personal rule of mine that I go by, I never clear the shelves…..I always make sure I leave enough for others, even if I have a TON of coupons for the item. If I show up to a store and there are only 2 items left and I have 5 coupons for that item, guess what?! I only grab one and leave the other for another couponer.

I always think to myself, “what if the person that grabs that last item is a newbie coupon user”?? They will get to feel the thrill and rush of getting it for FREE! Rather than finding out that the empty shelf they are starring at is the Crest toothpaste they would have gotten for free if they didn’t have to haul along their 2 kiddos. Ok, I guess it’s just a pet peeve of mine to find empty shelves. 😉

(Definitely don’t want to be couponing and end up like the lady above….or leave anyone feeling that way!)

Something I always recommend is to only get what your family needs (that doesn’t mean you can’t have a stockpile, instead only stockpile 3-6 months worth of items). When I first started using coupons I would run out and grab ANY deal I could…free ear plugs “hey, why not, their free”…..free baby food, “um, my youngest is over 2 but it’s free”…..free prunes, “umm yuck but hey it’s free”….free bausch…huh, what is that, I DON’T CARE, it’s FREE!! Ok, so I admit, that was a bad way to start couponing but you know we all do it. Actually, it was probably a pretty good way because it taught me that I really could do this and save money.

I stopped doing that…I stopped being such an Extreme couponer! I hated getting home and not having anywhere to put my free bausch, prunes, and baby food! I  had already filled my pantry with 20 boxes of free cereal and 10 jars of $0.50 pasta sauce!

I learned to only use coupons on the items my family uses!! When I did this, couponing was a lot less stressful. I enjoy using the items now and feel a whole lot more organized.

Those are my thoughts on Extreme couponing….what are yours?!