*HOT* Target: 2 FREE Movies (Just Pay Shipping) New/Different Offer!

I’m tellin’ you, Target is the place TO BE! Here is yet another awesome deal and guess what? You can still get in on it even if you already used your free $5 credit because this is a NEW and different offer!

Target has several DVD’s that are on sale for only $5.00 and Sony is having a promotion when you buy 2 select movies you will get a $10 credit making both movies FREE! Keep in mind, you will need to pay shipping but for 2 movies that is less than $5.00 total!

Here’s a list of movies included, just go here and search for the titles you want select the $5 one:

Resident Evil
A League of their Own
Dance With Me
Girl, Interrupted
Surf’s Up
Black Hawk Down
Bye Bye Birdie
Men In Black
Something’s Gotta Give
The Way We Were Restored
The Indian In The Cupboard
Riding In Cars With Boys
My Best Friend’s Wedding
The Sweetest Thing
Jerry McGuire
Ice Castles
Maid in Manhattan
Resident Evil 2
It Happened to Jane
Cruel Intentions
Murphy’s Romance

Thanks, Mommy Octopus

How to Save Money on Tires (My Tips + Your Help Needed!)

I received this email this morning from reader Stephanie who needs some help in getting some good tires for a GREAT deal! Here’s her email, anyone have any ideas to help a fellow RHC reader out?!

“I love your site and utilize it daily.  One question I have is if you know or if anyone knows a way to coupon tires?  I know it is wierd but I am sending my daughter off to college and we are in the construction industry so we don’t have much money to help her and I DO NOT want to pay full price for a good set of tires for her.  If you or anyone could direct me in my quest, I would very much appreciate your time.”

Here are some tips of mine…

Usually tire stores hold sales/events AND rebates during holidays! For example just recently I had to purchase tires and did it during the Labor Day weekend. By doing this I was able to snatch up a $100.00 rebate!

Another thing I did was had them match a competitors price. Here’s how I did just that:

1 – Went to the tire shop, had them give me some opinions of good tires for my specific vehicle.

2 – Went home researched those 2 specific tires (which forums out there also agreed were good) and then found them for the very least expensive I could. You can also call around to other stores in the area (some may be less or more).

3 – Now here’s the thing….you don’t generally want to purchase them online yourself because then you have to pay to have them installed and they don’t warranty out flats, nails in tire, etc.

4 – Take that price (a print out will usually work) to the store and have them price match it! This will save you a lot usually.

Now it’s YOUR turn, what are some tips you have to help Stephanie out?!

*HOT!* FREE Custom T-Shirt (Just Pay $4.00 Shipping!)

There is a HOT deal right now on custom t-shirts! You can get a custom shirt for FREE (just pay shipping and handling which is about $4.00!) Ready to get in on this sweet deal?

  1. Go here
  2. Choose your design
  3. Then, you can customize your shirt
  4. Skip all the offers
  5. Choose your shipping (I always choose the least expensive which says 21 days and it has NEVER taken nearly that long!