All-In-One Oven Mitt Apron Only $3.79 + FREE Shipping (Reg. $25.00!)

Are you in need of a funny yet cute gift or maybe you are just sick of looking for oven mitts….If so, you may love this next deal! You can currently get this All-In-One Oven Mitt Apron for just $3.79 + FREE shipping! These are priced at $3.99 (Reg. $25.00) but when you use the code loyal5 at checkout it will drop to $3.79!

Dollar Tree: $1 Kid’s Disney & Character Swim Googles!

Yippee!! It’s summer time and it’s HOT outside (at least it is here)! This means, you may start swimming a lot more and if so, I have some great news…. You may want to check your Dollar Tree because it’s been reported they they have a ton of cute swim toys. Including these Kid’s Character Goggles which are just $1 and include Disney Cars, Nemo, Minnie Mouse, Spiderman and more!

That is definitely a great price because similar ones are priced between $5 – $8 at other stores!


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Topic Tuesday: How To Save Money When Planning a Birthday Party?!

Woohoo! Another Topic Tuesday! Today’s topic is going to be about How to Save Money when Planning a Birthday Party!

Check out the email I received from reader Tracy:


I’m throwing my daughter a birthday party for her 6th birthday.  We have always had large family parties for her in the past, and as a result have always told her that she can have a friends party once she gets into kindergarten.. Now its time to throw her a birthday party with her classmates, and of course I envisioned this big grand party, but its coming at the worst time for us financially.  We’ve decided to do it at home and sort of have a carnival/fair type theme since we are planning on buying her a blow up waterslide for her birthday and figured we’ll set that up for her and her friends.  Do you have any ideas or tips on how I can save money and still throw her a fabulous party?


Here comes my advice….*about decorating a party*….but I can’t wait to read your advice for Tracy on how to make her big kid party fabulous!

I personally get items from the Dollar Store! I love their decorations and have been able to find some great items there.

What I like to do for my little guy is to get one of their themed parties. For example, we did a Pirate Party and everything was Pirate theme and not too expensive at $1.00 for 20 party bags or 6 party hats!

For my older boy I like to get the non-themed party items. For example, just the Happy Birthday banners that are colorful, the blue paper cups, etc. Then, I will usually splurge on a Transformers Pinata, and table sheet. This way you can still have a “theme” and not have to pay $5.00 for a package of Transformers cups! Just buy the blue cups that will easily match.

This has been my favorite way to do the kiddos birthday parties. I still make the kids goody bags filled with items from the $1 store. Either way, they kids are going to be happy at the party…..they don’t care what the theme is as long as you have a couple items from that theme and LOTS of decor (which easily happens when shopping at The Dollar Store)!

Also, save the decorations (especially the Happy Birthday Banners) from the previous years. This saves me a ton every year because every year I have more and more and can use them for my little one!

One more TIP…..STREAMERS and BALLOONS (also found at the $1 store)!!! They are great and cheap for making it look like there are a ton of decorations everywhere!

So, now it’s YOUR turn….what are your tips on making a Kindergarten Birthday Party (or any other) just awesome on a budget?!

Target: Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Only $9.00 Shipped!

Today only you can head over to where they have this cute Charlie Brown Christmas tree as the Daily deal. It’s only $9.00 + FREE shipping!

This would be so cute in your kiddos room!

Plum District: $40 to Pear Tree Greetings ONLY $10 + FREE Shipping!

Yet another great card deal….right now on Plum District you can get a $40 Worth of Holiday Cards, Invitations, and More from Pear Tree Greetings for $20 + FREE shipping!! But, if you got the $10 credit previously available (gone now) when this will make it $10 for $40 worth of cards and more + FREE shipping!


Thanks, Hip2save