Target: *HOT* FREE Summer Beauty Bag filled with Samples (New Offer!)

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Hurry over to get a FREE Summer Beauty Bag filled with samples (see cell phone link below) from Target! This is a HOT freebie and I LOVE mine from last time!

Are you on a cell phone? If so, try this LINK HERE.

Here is my bag from last time (as you can see it’s a very nice freebie):

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  1. Kaytie says

    After you go to the Target FB page, it’s just white but if you wait a minute the form and stuff will load…

  2. Brenda says

    I have been trying to sign up as soon as I saw the add it said posted 2 minutes ago, I can not get anythign to come up I get a blank screen

  3. Ramona says

    I got that too, but I just left the page up and went on to surf web and finally it popped up. It’s just slammed I’m sure.

  4. Kelly says

    After multiple attempts, and getting tired of entering my info to see “service unavailable” I gave it one last try, and got it! Woot!

  5. Therri says

    I kept getting the service unavailable screen but I kept refreshing. I’m glad I didn’t give up because I was able to enter my info on the form and received a confirmation number. Don’t give up guys! Thank you RHC! =)

    • Therri says

      Tammy, same thing happened to me.. I refreshed a few times and suddenly I got a screen that said thank you and a confirmation number!

  6. Marie says

    OMG! Been trying to get a sample but always says site unavailable and when I finally get the GET YOURS HERE button to show and clickm on it, it goes right back to site unavailable! Ugh!!! This reminds of the Dominos offer for FREE Artisan Pizza awhile ago!

  7. Tracey says

    Be patient. Took me almost 20 minutes of refreshing and waiting. I finally got my confirmation number though. :)

  8. lauren says

    Took a little while, but finally got it, loved the samples I received last time! It takes forever to actually get it in the mail, but it’s still nice to try some new things.

  9. Miranda says

    I had to be patient, but I got through! I got one last year, and it was fantastic, so I’m excited this time.

  10. rk says

    Just got took awhile for it to load, I kept refreshing the page when it said unavailable..Thanks!

  11. Michele says

    Keep trying! It took me 15 min and finally got it. I got the last one and it was worth the 15 min! Keep trying ladies!!!

  12. jessica says

    OMG! Now its going to the page that says get yours here but it wont load the next page!!! OMG! IM SO MAD RIGHT NOW!

  13. kelly says

    Got mine, just be patient. Only issue I may have is no PO boxes and I live in such a tiny town there is no mail delivery. so I put both.
    I hope it shows up, crossing my fingers.

    • joanie sturgell says

      i know i live in west virginia in a small town near logan county and most of the houses around here dont have addresses we all have po boxes so i wish they would change that i hope mine makes it to goodluck

      • Erin says

        Check with your post office but you should be able to use your street address even though you dont get mail there because your po box will have it in there system and then “forward” it to your po box with most if not all items you order! Thats what my local post office lady told me and it has worked so far, i have recieved 2 things i ordered from groupon that way and the last target bag giveaway!!

  14. Sue says

    Clicked on the link several times and even “liked” the page. Nothing ever came up to sign up for the free gift.

  15. Sandra Huffman says

    You are right it does take a while but it is well worth the wait!! I got the last giveaway and loved it. Thanks!

  16. Tiffany Conway says

    Got mine.
    I also recieved the other one just the other day!! :) Love surprises in the mailbox.

  17. says

    I got one… 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.
    I also got the last one, with the pink bag…. it is a really good sample. I have gotten so many good deals from this site… thanks so much!

  18. Brandy says

    Awesome! I put in all of my info this morning but it came up with an error at the end, so I just tried again. As soon as I clicked on the link it had my confirmation # from this morning!

  19. Melissa says

    I got one!! can’t wait to get it in the mail, looks like an awesome freebie!! I did it on my cell pho!ne and it was SO quick!! Took about 30 sec. to get my confirmatiom #!! Love this website! Such great deals!! Thanks for sharing!!

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